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It happened. | COLIFER FANFIC by presstheemmabutton
It happened. | COLIFER FANFICby Daniela, aka Satan
It all changed after Comic Con. Rated T+ // M in some chapters
Roommates  by __CaptainSwan__
Roommates by Jordan
Looking for roommate, must be non-smoker. That was what the ad online and in the newspaper said. Meet Killian Jones. A player who jumps around from woman to woman. but...
Just a Dare  by imakestories
Just a Dare by imakestories
Killian Jones (17 almost 18) is the schools most popular guy in school. Every girl wants him and every guy wants to be him. Emma Swan (17 almost 18) is the schools least...
Complete The Incomplete | CS AU by presstheemmabutton
Complete The Incomplete | CS AUby Daniela, aka Satan
THIS CAN BE USED AS A SEQUEL TO "I BEG YOU" But if you haven't read it, it's still okay. ⤵️⤵️⤵️ Emma and Killian used to date in high school. With Liam's death...
In A Crowd  by imakestories
In A Crowd by imakestories
Emma Swan was a girl no one saw. Killian Jones was the guy everyone knew. One day at a dance Emma pulled a Cinderella move and Killian became obsessed. Emma gave Killian...
hope.  by katieandrews98
hope. by katieandrews98
(BOOK I OF II) Emma Swan is pregnant. She had no idea how her newly wedded husband would react to such news. She decided to do what came naturally to her; run. Of course...
She's A Girl by imakestories
She's A Girlby imakestories
Emma Swan was a girl who wanted to be apart of the soccer team, but they only had a boys team. So she wants to join the boys team. Killian Jones is the star of the boys...
Married In Vegas  by imakestories
Married In Vegas by imakestories
Emma (21) went out with her friends to Vegas after a terrible relationship. Killian (22) and some friends to Vegas for a bachelor party. When they both get super drunk...
Friendship by imakestories
Friendshipby imakestories
The two groups live in the same building. Right across the hall. They have been good friends with each other ever since they all moved in. Their friendships grows as doe...
The Best Friend Pack by imakestories
The Best Friend Packby imakestories
Emma Swan, Snow Blanchard, Regina Mills, and Belle French are the best of friends. The girls have been throw alot together. They met in College and have been friends si...
OUAT Watches Themselves by Demigod747
OUAT Watches Themselvesby Witch_Girl
Read the title!!!! I don't own these shows and characters.
Captain Swan- Babies by AlainaCS
Captain Swan- Babiesby Alaina the Nerd
When Emma finds out she is pregnant, she couldn't be happier. But what if Killian didn't want it? All that faded when she told him. What happens next?
Accident by csduckling16
Accidentby Caroline North
Emma Swan true loves kiss was when she kissed the top of her son's head. It broke the curse and brought everyone back to the Enchanted Forest. A year after being there E...
Frozen heart (chapter one)- A Once Upon a Time (captain swan fanfiction) by AngelicProductions
Frozen heart (chapter one)- A Angelic Productions
It has been a month since the latest drama unfolded in Storybrooke. This story takes off after the third season finale. Leave reviews and comments to let me know what yo...
Benefits by imakestories
Benefitsby imakestories
Emma Swan (21) and Killian Jones (23) are best friends and roommates since they met their freshman year in college. They both have a hard time with relationships, but ev...
Our Way Home by littlecaptainswan
Our Way Homeby LittleCaptainSwan❤️
When the calm arrives to Storybrooke after defeating the Black Fairy, everyone begins to wonder if they will return to The Enchanted Forest soon enough to recover their...
A Lieutenant Duckling Story by CaptainSwanLove1995
A Lieutenant Duckling Storyby CaptainSwanLove1995
Princess Emma Swan of Misthaven has been living with a curse that turns her into a swan each day at sunset. Finding true love by her 28th birthday is the only way the cu...
Hope Is A Very Powerful Thing by alexannam16
Hope Is A Very Powerful Thingby AlexannaMarie❤️
Emma Swan suffered an accident that left her blind. After the accident she became hard and cold hearted. Her hope of being able to see again slowly dies with each passin...
Light Em' Up by shaVslife
Light Em' Upby shaVslife
Emma Swan is a firefighter , she puts her life on the line everyday. what happens when one day she crosses paths with a familiar face and her whole world changes Regin...
Survivors (Captain Swan) by believe__inmagic
Survivors (Captain Swan)by L
" I told you Swan, I'm a survivor " - Hook _______ I do not own Once Upon A Time. Thanks to ABC for this amazing show ! ~ First OUAT fanfic I wrote ~