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Invasion {Captain Rex x Reader} by ReadersX-
Invasion {Captain Rex x Reader}by Brin
When your planet comes under invasion from the Separatists, a small force of clones from the Republic helps. Captain Rex leads a small group of his 501st battalion in or...
Captain Rex x Reader  by takastrapi
Captain Rex x Reader by Taka
Rex x reader one shots! Some are set in the Star Wars universe and some are set in regular earth life. I am open for requests! I do not own any Star Wars characters in t...
Hidden Talents  by Debbiewick
Hidden Talents by Debbie
REX X READER Y/N was a waitress in a club on Coruscant. Just expecting to enjoy her simple life, until one night she meets Captain Rex. A clone of the Republic Army. The...
The Clone Wars (Reader Insert Oneshots) by Dorottya_P
The Clone Wars (Reader Insert D. P.
Reader insert CW oneshots. (REQUESTS ON HOLD)
Star Wars Characters X Reader by Willow_Stark_
Star Wars Characters X Readerby Willow Stark
I'll take requests for character x reader from: •Star Wars Prequels •Star Wars Original Series •Star Wars the Clone Wars •Star Wars Rebels •Star Wars Sequels Unfortunate...
The Clone Wars Preferences/Oneshots by crowsjedi
The Clone Wars Preferences/Oneshotsby リナ
Hey there, welcome to this book. I mainly write x reader, but I can write for ships if specifically requested. I'm a huge clone simp, so there'll be a lot of clone fics...
A 501st christmas by Mackstrut
A 501st christmasby Mackstrut
This is part of my wererex au Fear of the unknown. It's a Christmas special and will only be a few chapters long.
The First One  by TastierSleet
The First One by TastierSleet
Disclaimer: This series has been discontinued due to a lack of interest and motivation, so do not expect it to return. I also just don't really want to write down series...
My beloved captain  by marydiva_17
My beloved captain by Mary
Y/n skywalker- amidala is the baby sister of the jedi knight anakin skywalker and padmo had lived majority of her life on the planet of tatoonie with her older brothers...
Star Wars the Clone Wars Shorts by FantAsyDiveR0
Star Wars the Clone Wars Shortsby FantAsyDiveR0
Just some short Stories about our Beloved Clone Troopers.
A regretful Wolf and his Beauty.  (Beast!Rex x fem!reader.) by Mackstrut
A regretful Wolf and his Mackstrut
Summary: As punishment for his actions, young prince Rex was cursed to become a monster by a witch. The only thing that saved him from his fate was an enchantress, who g...
If the helmet fits... by ElleCreations
If the helmet Elle
*Captain Rex x Reader, slow burn, self insert* You're a Pantoran Junior Representative, your Senator is nowhere to be found, and you need help to track him down. You wea...
Clone Trooper One Shots by ghostofskywalker
Clone Trooper One Shotsby 💫 🪐 🥂 ✨
a collection of all the star wars clone trooper x reader one shots I've written. these stories can also be found on my tumblr and ao3, both under the same username.
Fear of the Unknown (Rex x reader) Old Version by Mackstrut
Fear of the Unknown (Rex x reader) Mackstrut
Your boyfriend Rex has been gone for a month long campaign and you can't wait to see him, but something has happened during the campaign that changes everything This is...
Second Chance by Black-Is-Iconic
Second Chanceby 👑HaremQueen👑
As a child, you'd always been obsessed with Star Wars, constantly pondering what would've happened if Papletine never tricked Anakin Fives never died and Obi-wan never s...
Morality: a Captain Rex x Reader Story by takastrapi
Morality: a Captain Rex x Reader Taka
Your most trusted companion in this world happens to be Captain Rex of the 501st. You've gone on countless missions throughout the war and have shared many a deep conver...
So Much For Shore Leave by KBear74
So Much For Shore Leaveby KBear74
Captain Rex x Original Character Jedi's Shaara Lin, Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and the rest of 501st company finally get to enjoy some long-awaited shore leave. But...