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Legends In Love {Legends of Tomorrow} by Lucinda2015
Legends In Love {Legends of Lucinda2015
Based off of the Legends of Tomorrow TV show...basically I loved the show and thought hey what if I wrote in another character? And boom. This happened.
Wanderlust ⇢ Legends of Tomorrow [01] by spider-barry
Wanderlust ⇢ Legends of Tomorrow [ J
❝Nothing is holding me back from traveling.❞ In which a criminal wants to travel through time without becoming a hero. In doing so, it turns her into a legend. ❝Let's go...
Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROW by hungryhippo-xoxo
Stressed Out ♡ LEGENDS OF TOMORROWby Lana Del Slay
She had to fight like hell, and fighting like hell had made her what she was. [LEGENDS OF TOMORROW; season 1] [Captain Cold/ Leonard Snart] 2016 ⓒ | hungryhip...
Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC] by Crazylizzy22
Ice Fever [Leonard Snart/OC]by CrazyLizzy22
"It's a pity these police officers are deciding your life span. To die so young as well." Snart said loudly, the police officers backed off a little as Snart c...
Into Time Itself ▸ Leonard Snart [1] ON HOLD by Chione
Into Time Itself ▸ Leonard Snart [ Sara :)
"And who are you?" "None of your business, MC Widow's Peak." [legends of tomorrow season one] [Book 1 of the Blare Witch series] [cover by me]
Frost Bite 》Legends Of Tomorrow by lovethebreeze
Frost Bite 》Legends Of Tomorrowby lovethebreeze
Ray Palmer: The Atom Sara Lance: White Canary Leonard Snart: Captain Cold Mick Rory: Heat Wave Jefferson Jackson and Martin Stein: Firestorm Kendra Saunders: Hawkgirl Ca...
Δ Immortals Δ Legends Of Tomorrow Δ by BeautifulVoid
Δ Immortals Δ Legends Of Tomorrow Δby ╰ Sara ╮
Δ "They say we are what we are, But we don't have to be." Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ Δ In which they may not be the heroes of today, but they sure as hell will be the Le...
canary[leonard snart x reader] by multifandom_imagine8
canary[leonard snart x reader]by Multifandom imagine
y\n is offered to become a legend along with 7 other criminals, heros and gods. she accept the offer and hit the road with them. leonard snart seem to be taken a liking...
Defeating The Darkness~ Legends Of Tomorrow by Mschafhausen14
Defeating The Darkness~ Legends Mariah Elaine
Demons run, when a good man goes to war. Night will fall and drown the sun, when a good man goes to war. Friendship dies and true love lies. Night will fall and...
Blackbird (Book 2) ON HOLD by neoqueenmalfoy
Blackbird (Book 2) ON HOLDby neoqueen
Two years have passed since the end of Nightingale. Veronica is now stronger than ever, she is ready to finally settle into her new life, a Supreme Sorceress. Howev...
Cold Love: Legends of Tomorrow by Princess_Zodiac82
Cold Love: Legends of Tomorrowby Princess_Zodiac82
What if Rip Hunter picked nine legends instead of eight? The eighth being Skye Hart, an immortal girl with super strength, telekinesis, and can also control minds. But o...
White Wolf (Laurel Lance) by MattisHaile
White Wolf (Laurel Lance)by Mattis Haile
A former assassin turned vigilante is approached by Rip Hunter to be a part of a team called Legends to protect history. Can the man who is known as the White Wolf earn...
Hearts of Ice and Fire | Legends of Tomorrow by mystichalo
Hearts of Ice and Fire | Legends mystichalo
"Every rose has it's thorns." Started -- 05/01/2017 Finished -- Disclaimer -- I don't own DC comics or their characters, plots, or dialogue. I do own my charac...
Cold Meets Fire by SushiSushi12347
Cold Meets Fireby Sushi
My name is Hayley Pluto and I'm the daughter of Hades, I was born 25 years after earth was made and I once I turned 38 years old I always will look the same age even kno...
MISTAKE  >>  L. SNART by kaylaxmay
MISTAKE >> L. SNARTby ♡-,'kaylaaaa',-♡
"will you forgive me if i buy you pizza?" leonard asked after trying a thousand different tactics. the short ginger's seemingly permanent smirk grew. "you...
Forbidden Love (Under Editing) by Janet_Agron
Forbidden Love (Under Editing)by Janet Agron
FKA Banshee Flash & Captain Cold Hazel Nora Allen is Barry Allen's little sister and she's a detective in the CCPD. She joined because of what happened to her mother als...
The Flash Preferences by Dude_iLoveMexican
The Flash Preferencesby A Winters Child
^^^^ . . . #53 - ciscoramon #42 - leonardsnart #193 - barryallen #6 - julianalbert #218 - theflash #32 - captaincold #918- preferences
Leonard Snart and Mick Rory Imagines by ariesaat
Leonard Snart and Mick Rory ariesaat
Imagines, One shots, whatever you want to call them. Captain Cold x Reader Heat Wave x Reader Each chapter is its own story! None continue on unless it says Part 2 in...
The Only One To Thaw The Ice by cold_jewels
The Only One To Thaw The Iceby Julie Jackson
Captain Cold x Diamond a.k.a Gaige Diamond hates being called by her real name unless it's Leonard Snart, which she soon realizes, and goes by Gaige. She got that name b...
Life of a Criminal (Slow Updates) by SuperWhoLocker99
Life of a Criminal (Slow Updates)by SuperWhoLocker99
Raven grew up a criminal. Her only family being Leonard Snart and Mick Rory. She grows up and becomes a cop after being separated from her family. What happens when she...