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I'm Zelda, and You're Link! (SMUT WARNING) by kevsghost
I'm Zelda, and You're Link! ( kevsghost
-Not a Legend of Zelda fanfiction-
  • nathan
  • capndesdes
  • destery
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Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith Fanfic) by mindthelipstick
Just A Fangirl? (A Destery Smith mindthelipstick
I grab his hand and look into those brown eyes, the ones I fell in love with the first day I met him. "I..", he quietly says, "I love you too".
  • destery
  • capndesdes
  • ahoynateo
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Trapped at Vidcon by lukesghcst
Trapped at Vidconby kaitlin
When Dan, Phil, other youtubers. a couple bands, and three fangirls get stuck at VidCon, what could happen?
  • capndesdes
  • cimorelli
  • 5sos
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I Noticed Your Batman Backpack (A Desandnate, Capndesdes, Destery Fanfic) by leandralovesit
I Noticed Your Batman Backpack ( Leandra
Being an 18 year-old girl who’s moving all by herself to Florida was not easy. I was going to study web designing at Full Sail University on Winter Park. I was worried a...
  • owens
  • desandnate
  • capndesdes
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Destery smith / capndesdes | 30 day smut challenge  by FarintheFox
Destery smith / capndesdes | 30 Destery trash no.1
So if you don't already know, destery is literally the sexiest being alive. So I'm writing about sex with mr. Sexy-pants. Warning this is my first smut book so it might...
  • desterysmith
  • 30daysmutchallenge
  • 30daychallenge
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The true life of Destery Smith Destery Smith x reader by Downworldergirl
The true life of Destery Smith MR. ITCHY
You think you know the infamous Youtuber, Capndesdes? You don't know the half of it.
  • action
  • story
  • capndesdes
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Various X reader by taylocruize01
Various X readerby Taynico
The title says it all
  • johnwaynecleaver
  • capndesdes
  • books
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yeah right! ★ destery smith imagines ★ by -ourbasorexia
yeah right! ★ destery smith 𝖎𝖓𝖘𝖊𝖈𝖚𝖗𝖊
one shots of your favorite emo: destery smith ¡lowercase intended! ★#1 in capndesdes! i can't thank you enough! ~no longer updating, thank you~
  • capndesdes
  • fanfiction
  • somewhatperverted
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Never Too Late by _MissMonster
Never Too Lateby Finn Mathis
It's been about three years since Destery Smith and Rayne Carter patched their relationship up back in New York. Things have been so good for so long, but when someone c...
  • mathis
  • sequel
  • capndesdes
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CapnDesDes Quotes by thatkidismitten
CapnDesDes Quotesby adrian🎈☁
Quotes from the YouTuber CAPNDESDES!!!!!
  • smith
  • destery
  • youtube
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"it started with a burrito" capndesdes x reader by nambooty
"it started with a burrito" typical.namjoon
"this is my first time wrighting" it all started with a burrito and now you think yall are falling in love but will he feel the same and if he does what happen...
  • youtuberfanfiction
  • destrysmithxreader
  • destrysmithfanfiction
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Capndesdes (Destery) X Reader One-Shots  by Masked_Vigelate
Capndesdes (Destery) X Reader Mrs. Evans!
CAPNDESDES!!!!! ONE OF MY FAVORITE FUCKING YOUTUBERS!!! So... yeah. This is some one-shots//imagines of you and Desdes. Also, I'm taking requests so...
  • destery
  • youtube
  • youtuber
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If it hurts this much, then it must be love. ~ A Dan Howell story. by ByeByeSocialLife
If it hurts this much, then it HELLO FRONDS
I didn't know what to think when I first saw Dan. He looked like the exact opposite of me; soft and kind, while I was rebellious and sassy. and I thought we'd never get...
  • howell
  • damon
  • phil
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emo nerds (Capndesdes x Reader x Ahoynateo) by hellofriends1234
emo nerds (Capndesdes x Reader x hellofriends1234
You are a nerdy girl who thinks no one will like her but one day at university she stumbles into two cute emo nerd who was in her school. This is my first fanfic so it m...
  • ahoynateo
  • capndesdes
  • fanfiction
The night shift (capndesdes X male reader) by -Mad-As-Rabbits
The night shift (capndesdes X Ur local homo
Destery suffers from insomnia, meaning he struggles to sleep. He does more at night than during the day. One thing he does at night is find new places to eat, usually no...
  • xreader
  • xmalereader
  • youtube
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Youtube saved my life, and brought me into yours. by inactiveaccountnow
Youtube saved my life, and inactiveaccountnow
  • capndesdes
  • destery
  • fanfiction
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Breakup Woes (Destery Smith x Reader Fan Fiction) by Ardhoniel_
Breakup Woes (Destery Smith x Em
When Destery Smith's most recent relationship comes to an end, who will be there to save him from himself? Well, you of course! [[Destery Smith x Reader - Oneshot]]
  • moore
  • capndesdes
  • desteryxreader
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"A young YouTubers Love" (Destery Smith FanFic) (Alex POV) by anna_loves_Batman
"A young YouTubers Love" ( Anna hill
A FanFic of me moving to a new town-and finding a youtuber as a roommate and also a lover??
  • capndesdes
  • fanfiction
  • youtuber
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The one that didn't get away by 281eirameissac
The one that didn't get awayby Cassie Beltowski
Kenna looses her best friend and first love Destery when she moves to Florida when she is 13.. They haven't talked for 9 years and have almost forgotten all about one an...
  • lost
  • capndesdes
  • florida
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