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thoughts by pesychild
thoughtsby pesy ♡
am i able to just drown in my own thoughts ¿
  • rants
  • thoughts
  • depression
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polls and announcements by -reddie4byler
polls and announcementsby 𝒄𝒂𝒓𝒂 ✔️
random polls announcements and late night thoughts
  • cantsleep
Vents and Whatsoever More by mnstr_z
Vents and Whatsoever Moreby BelBoz
Venting book I guess? A thought library for all of those on the Internet to see? Yeah...pretty much.
  • life
  • stress
  • cantsleep
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shitty poetry and venty shit by punkrockghost
shitty poetry and venty shitby christopher
I used to be super into writing and then I have up so have some bullshit. I drew the cover btw (*cough cough* check out my art book) btw poetry doesn't have to rhyme lea...
  • shittywriting
  • cantsleep
  • poetry
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H A B I T S by wonderingwhyy
H A B I T Sby Leah
separation leads to desperation yet avoiding you is just one of my bad habits I can't rid of p.s. gonna contain some very lesbian thoughts
  • thoughts
  • thought-provoking
  • despression
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Meeting, Greeting and Never Leaving { Demi Lovato } by privateparking
Meeting, Greeting and Never privateparking
Bella is a run away, who's seen and experienced way too much harm for her age. The only thing giving her hope was Demetria. Bella was more than just a fan or a Lovatic...
  • demi
  • demilovato
  • inspiration
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Earphones by oceanggukkie
Earphonesby yeet me dad
She never really remembered her train rides. As soon as her ears heard a soft rhythm, when they felt the cold plastic of her earphones, she disappeared. --- ᴄʀᴇᴅɪᴛs ᴛᴏ ᴄ...
  • bored
  • music
  • cantsleep
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if you can't sleep, read this by canoche
if you can't sleep, read thisby sofia parker
if you can't sleep, here are my tips on how i usually make myself able to.
  • sleep
  • nopills
  • sleepdeprived
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Scary facts and Stories by Bisexual71102
Scary facts and Storiesby Kyrstyn❤
If you have any Scary stories you'll like to share feel free to Inbox your Story or Stories!
  • stories
  • shortchapters
  • scarystories
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Stuff I'm guilty about by TrueTaffy
Stuff I'm guilty aboutby I’m trash
This is to clear my consciousness so I can sleep at night
  • cantsleep
  • clearthemind
  • imtrash
Help me.... by EmoRedGay
Help EmoRedGay
This is all my mind-blowing discoveries.....
  • cantsleep
  • oof
  • thought
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Just Some Thoughts by somewhatwriter
Just Some Thoughtsby somewhatwriter
I guess I'm not like "normal" people.
  • socialanxiety
  • ellen
  • enjoy
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Lonely Thoughts by Cj66292619
Lonely Thoughtsby Snow Moon
Thoughts that keep me up at night
  • cantsleep
  • darkthoughts
  • randomthoughts
Apparently I was tagged... yay!! by AK-4701
Apparently I was tagged... yay!!by Aryana Kimball
Doesn't really need one...
  • cantsleep
  • whyme
  • tagged
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what am I doing  by Sylveondreamurr
what am I doing by Sylveon Dreamurr
expect very slow updates
  • cantsleep
  • random
  • slowupdates
short scary stories :))) by ArshnoorBrar5
short scary stories :)))by Arshnoor Brar
they won't let you sleep 📍
  • cantsleep
  • scary
  • thriller
We are Partners in Crime by UnicornLoverF1
We are Partners in Crimeby Summer
He could never get over his past, what he had done. He had thought it was 'fun'. At least his best friend understands. Understands the pain he went through. But, even th...
  • love
  • random
  • ohno
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Random Thoughts by Jiimin
Random Thoughtsby omelas
just some late night thought that always on our mind
  • sad
  • friendship
  • cantsleep
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Tragedy At A Glance  by amixoftoast
Tragedy At A Glance by amixoftoast
i hope one day when i'm finally over you i'll walk past you and make your heart break. Credit ayylexia for the cover
  • words
  • anxiety
  • sadness
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I N S O M N I A  by mylastnameisnotsquid
I N S O M N I A by mylastnameisnotsquid
when I can't sleep. lowercase letters are intentional.
  • obscure
  • sleep
  • relationship
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