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When Your Master Drags You Through A Bar by StrawberryChissCake
When Your Master Drags You vroom vroom
Anakin is meeting with Bane to make a trade for a shrink-ray gun. Unfortunately it takes place in a bar. Double unfortunately, he has to take his young padawan, Ahsoka...
Tall Tales From the Cantina: An Anthology by starwarsfans
Tall Tales From the Cantina: An Star Wars | Ambassadors
Ongoing user-submitted stories from the Star Wars Universe posted alphabetically by author.
The Boys In White by FrigidSalad
The Boys In Whiteby FrigidSalad
The musical adventures of the Mos Eisley's greatest band, The Modal Nodes.
Your Highness (On Hold) by Jedi_Smuggler
Your Highness (On Hold)by s e m i-a c t i v e
Han Solo was a smuggler, a pilot, and a very handsome man. Leia Organa was a princess on Alderaan. Han meets her when the two have a clash at a cantina on Corellia. Han...
smites by mightynuggets
smitesby mitchel musso
cantina was only nine when she joined a gang
Star Wars: A Modal Conquest by StephanWard
Star Wars: A Modal Conquestby Stephan Ward
While out on a nice trip to see the Jizz Band of Tatooine, Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes, a mystery goes on! Find out what happens.
Discovery: A Star Wars Story by 66Fulcrum66
Discovery: A Star Wars Storyby 66Fulcrum66
This is a project written by various Star Wars fans on the website FANDOM. We have all joined together, each taking a turn to write a chapter for this story. This story...
Scum and Vilainy by gethinjones
Scum and Vilainyby Gethin Morgan
The spacedock town of Sierra 9 reeks to high-heaven, and is full of the dregs of seven systems. Aliens of every muster gather, to hide, smuggle, make deals, or plan rev...
The Emerald Heart(on hold) by SilentPen2213
The Emerald Heart(on hold)by SilentPen2213
Ashlyn nu stie ca destinul are lucruri mari pentru ea in sac. Renasterea a adus schimbari majore in vietile oamenilor, iar acum bataliile se joaca dupa alte regulli pe c...
El Caballero y el Alcohol. by OscarMontao2
El Caballero y el Oscar Montaño
Juan, un joven que toma la peor decisión de su vida, y pasara por una cantidad innumerable de sucesos que irán cambiando poco a poco su vida.
Balance: A Star Wars Story by Katch1242
Balance: A Star Wars Storyby K.M. Hut
Kylia Dene, after learning of that her parents were slain by bounty hunters, takes the mantle of Gray Jedi to fulfill her parent's legacy. Her brother takes a much diffe...
I'd Die For You (Jassian) by Jedi_Smuggler
I'd Die For You (Jassian)by s e m i-a c t i v e
Jyn Erso goes from planet to planet trying to find where she belongs. After many years of searching she finally finds the Rebellion. Here the people accept her and she i...
Espejo de Cantina by RichardOlaya
Espejo de Cantinaby RichardOlaya
"Espejo de Cantina" es un poema de mi autoría que refleja lo que le sucede a muchos hombres, cuando el amor se les escapa de las manos... :'(
The Skirmish at the Bar by TrevorTse
The Skirmish at the Barby Trevor Tse
All is peaceful at a Bar until ....
Dawn Of Telos by Thejediplanet
Dawn Of Telosby Thejediplanet
Atton Jaxo is the newest and youngest member of the Telos security forces. When his first ever shift almost is over the TSF is getting a distress call from an unknown wi...