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We Weren't  (Nick Daniel/ Dance Moms Fanfic) by If_You_Knew_Me
We Weren't (Nick Daniel/ Dance Taylor
We were supposed to be enemies. We were supposed to compete against one another. We weren't supposed to talk. We weren't supposed to become friends. We weren't supposed...
scorose / rosius - the dancing queen by lefty17-LJ
scorose / rosius - the dancing LJ
Scorpious Malfoy is in love with he's best friend his best friend is rose weasly famous is both the wizarding ( cause her parents ) and the muggle world ( cause she's a...
Vivi-Anne at the ALDC by aldcsunshine
Vivi-Anne at the ALDCby ALDC Sunshine
What if Cathy's daughter Vivi was a talented dancer, and kept dancing at the ALDC? And what happens when Vivi becomes better than Mackenzie?
Are we here to stay?*Rewriting* by arfmckmctrm
Are we here to stay?*Rewriting*by arfmckmctrm
Brooke and Paige are expelled from the team due to Abby and Kelly's fight in New York. Abby decides to replace all of the girls with a brand new team. Are they here to s...
Torn between studios by mollykins1234
Torn between studiosby Molly Tremblay
Abby Lee Miller has opened a new studio in Claremont New Hampshire. Little to her surprise, Cathy has opened one too. Molly gets drafted by Abby Lee Miller. Kathy notice...
dancing with the crew by Bria4322
dancing with the crewby Bria Fishback
This is her 8th year dancing with Abby will she sink, or swim will she still be the favorite well see
Sailing to Hawaii (Dance Moms/Dance Mums UK Crossover) by TeamChloeTilTheEnd
Sailing to Hawaii (Dance Moms/ TeamChloeTilTheEnd
Abby, her son Andrew, Gianna, the moms and the girls all go on a cruise to Hawaii and while they're on the cruise, Jennifer Ellison and her dance team and their mums are...
The candy lust circus  by bubblybubbleslily
The candy lust circus by Lilly cross
Take a journey with a girl with her friends in a circus where you can be happy, peaceful, feel joy, feel part of a family, also be yourself with no one to judge you in a...
Dance Moms Season 4 Roleplay by -Starbursts_
Dance Moms Season 4 Roleplayby Cassie
8 elite spots open, and 5 mini spots
Drill Sargeant or Dance Instructor?! A DanceMoms Fan Fic by rainbowlanterns_07
Drill Sargeant or Dance dancemoms.fanfics
This book: based on the LifeTime reality show:: DanceMoms!! Probably wondering why it's called dance moms? Let's just say the girls aren't the only ones being reprimande...
dance for cathy justicexreader by Kittywittyandioop
dance for cathy justicexreaderby butter
kaydie falls for justice he dances for the candy apples and in the summer kaydie goes there and meets him will vivi anna and dance get in the way read to find out
Thrown in foster care  by paigeherre7
Thrown in foster care by paigeherre7
7 year old Ava Elizabeth was thrown into foster care with Why Don't We
QUEEN BEE by domsbooks
QUEEN BEEby domsbooks
When Maddie's two best friends start bullying and excluding her, will Maddie be de-troned as "Queen Bee" of her school & of her dance team?
Red Glass Magic by PinkCloClo
Red Glass Magicby Chloe
This is a book I wrote at school... Paige: An acrobat that loves animals, Chloe and Mackenzie are her best friends Chloe: A dancer who hates pizza and peanut butter who...
emma roberts \ aldc by Jjjjjjeeestori
emma roberts \ aldcby Jjjjjjeeestori
Emma maelyn Roberts has been dancing since she was 8months she is from candy apples Cathy wwants a new team
the project by dmfabfictions
the projectby you have no idea
Paige has made too many mistakes, but now she has a plan to fix her tainted reputation. But.. she needs some help.