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Mark Tuan find out that Jackson Wang feelings towards him but he does not return the feelings back... - - I am inspired to write this book because of one of Markson Tex...
  • jackbam
  • jacksonwang
  • markson
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Sunt zile ... by LalaTc
Sunt zile LauLala
Avem şi zile când atunci când închidem telefonul începem să plângem,avem şi zile când fericirea atinge cote maxime,avem şi zile când vrem să ieşim în lume...
  • atunci
  • plângem
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Cans by iizaffro
Cansby iizaffro
I love cans.... cans are my love. I sleep with them, I eat them, I poop in them...they are life. I use the top to orgasum and I use it as a vibrator. One day.. a guy na...
  • condoms
  • cans
  • cand
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Transformers: il discendente di Optimus by GiarniTheBest
Transformers: il discendente di GiarniTheBest
In questa storia ( inventata da me) vi racconterò la storia del discendente di Optimus Prime: Stardust Prime...... Peró prima dovrete leggere il mio libro chi sono i Tra...
  • cand
  • mstare
  • optimus
Acel moment cand... by ImiPlacPisicile08
Acel moment ImiPlacPisicile08
Toata lumea stie despre ce este vorba, deci spor la citit!
  • acel
  • umor
  • cand
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Didi Damin meets Borrock Sobama by macdon35
Didi Damin meets Borrock Sobamaby macdon35
  • stories
  • politics
  • humorous
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Poem/I just can't no more by oreolla23
Poem/I just can't no moreby oreolla23
I just can't no more I just can't no more… So much feelings That can't be expressed I'm tired of hiding in the corners of our relationship Tired of you getting clos...
  • bae
  • girls
  • makes
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A Zombie Romantic by weirdo_for_ever
A Zombie Romanticby weirdo_for_ever
This stroy is about a 15 year old girl trying to save her and her brothers life from the infection. But not only does she protect her brother but her new boyfriend as we...
  • cand
  • exciting
  • cutting
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The Transgender Scientist by insane_writer0702
The Transgender Scientistby insane_writer0702
Candeline WAS just a normal girl before a scientist takes her womb and her identity. This scientist then has kids with a 'man' called Cup. What happens when all's reveal...
  • insane
  • crazy
  • cand
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Zodiac Trilogy by ZodiacSouls
Zodiac Trilogyby ZodiacSouls
This is a collection. Book one: Camp Book two: High school Book three: University Pisces and Scorpio dated for a short time, but broke up due to differences. Then they...
  • saggitarius
  • pisces
  • libra
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Momente jenante Și citate când ai un crush... by myrapopovixci
Momente jenante Și citate când myrapopovixci
Am scris această carte care conţine citate Și niște momente din viața mea când am un crush. Entry!<3
  • acel
  • moment
  • altele
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