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Empire  by herefornoreasons
Empire by herefornoreason
*READER WARNING: EXTREMELY HIGH SMUT CONTENT* Small town girl Camila Cabello is sick of her mundane 'average life' and strives only to become an employee at the infamous...
Expectations: Camren by x_sy6n3y_x
Expectations: Camrenby x_sy6n3y_x
Camila Cabello is a graduate struggling to find a job. With disapproval from her family, and little friends to confide in- Camila finds herself in a difficult situation...
Pretty Girl Tears by herefornoreasons
Pretty Girl Tearsby herefornoreason
Success is something desired by many.. Camila Cabello however knew that the very word was next to impossible to achieve.. so she created her own version with her abrasiv...
You Had Me At Hello (Texting Story/Camren) by nextlbird
You Had Me At Hello (Texting nextlbird
Lauren Jauregui happens to have received a text message from a mysterious person who reveals herself as Camila. What starts off as a playful conversation turns to someth...
Malibu Love by FakingCamren
Malibu Loveby antonela
Lauren just graduated from Political Science in Columbia University when her boyfriend Nick offered her to spend summer in Malibu with him, his brother Mark and Mark's g...
Lamp and Milo (Camren AU) by TobiJaurello
Lamp and Milo (Camren AU)by Tobi
"If I kiss you, would you believe me?" Highest rank: #3 - #camren (11/24/2020) #3 - #lauren (12/10/2020) NOTE: Currently on hold. ...
My famous little one by CamrenIsDating
My famous little oneby Camren for life
Second book to 'my little one' Lauren and camila have just left high school and are in a band with their friends, how will this affect their relationship? How will it af...
Should Have Known (Camren) by camzcaBAEo
Should Have Known (Camren)by CamzCaBAEo
Lauren Jauregui and Camila Cabello audition for The X Factor on the same day- by mere coincidence? Possibly. By fate? Who knows? Each girl has a dream similar to the nex...
She Stole My Heart. by RileyJCarter
She Stole My RileyJCarter
Beautiful summer day turns into every child's worst nightmare. What will happen to an abusive father that beat his young son? What happens when a dad loses it kills hims...
Girls Need Love  by LoveYou006
Girls Need Love by E
It was every weekend, usually every Monday as well. Seeing as, Lauren would fuck the brunette into her bed every Sunday night so good she couldn't walk the next morning.
The Bet on Camila (Camren)  by Fallen_Angel_1975
The Bet on Camila (Camren) by Fallen_Angel_1975
Lauren Jauregui was the most popular student at Freedmont High. She was class president, head of student council and the star basketball player. There is just one flaw...
The Next Big Thing  by thatjauregui
The Next Big Thing by That Jauregui
Lauren Jauregui is an out of work guitarist who has no idea how she's going to make next month's rent. Camila Cabello is the third-place finalist on X-Factor, a show Lau...
Strawberries and Cigarettes (Camren AU) by TobiJaurello
Strawberries and Cigarettes ( Tobi
"Strawberries and cigarettes, always taste like you." Highest rank: #1 - #camilacabello (10/27/2020) #1 - #camren (11/04/2020) #2 - #...
We still have the power by wowzars19
We still have the powerby wowzars19
Sequel to "We have the power" With Camila stuck inside a coma, the girls struggle to keep there powers and defeat "the boss" Not only they struggle...
Scar Tissue (camren)  by KCCELMJx
Scar Tissue (camren) by KCCELMJx
Camila's Cocky and player side is completely changed when she allows herself to be hurt by someone she never expected. When Camila goes away to war will Lauren wait for...
She's Dating The Badass by camrenaddict12
She's Dating The Badassby C+L= CAMREN
The school nerd Lauren Jauregui doesn't have alot of friends. Well to be honest, she doesn't have any other friends other than her two cousins Ally and Hailee. One day L...
In this together  by wowzars19
In this together by wowzars19
Lauren, a teenage girl who switches from juvie, jail and prison. Shes a badass that makes Students and parents fear the girl actually the whole town, but only one girl m...
We have the power by wowzars19
We have the powerby wowzars19
Normani, Dinah, Camila, Ally and Lauren. 5 girls who go on 1 field trip to the museum of power, superhero powers. Will these 5 unlock there powers? *Short Story* The gir...