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HE HATES GIRLS Season 1by Melody Laurente
He Hates Girls Season 1- Class D "Hi Caeser!!" kumaway pa ako sa kaniya habang nakangiti ngunit hindi manlang niya ako tinignan. Binati ko din ang tatlo niyang...
An Eidetic Memory by orhfkhe_kzkz
An Eidetic Memoryby KK
A teenager after an accident travels back in time and gets to see his parents love story
You Ball Love? by triplesinday
You Ball Love?by triplesinday
Sharon Andrew is a petite girl who loves to read. Well she doesn't really like to study, but she score in her exams. Spent most of her time with her only best friend, Ek...
Us. by triplesinday
#4 triplesinday
This is a VERY short life story. A story about how 2 lives could be wonderful together and yet a disaster at the same time. She used to be lonely and helpless. Thinking...
Say A Little Prayer by Chowchooy
Say A Little Prayerby Michaela Lobo
Prayers work. That's what led me to him ❤
[ Oneshot ] [ JJP/Bnior] Chuyện phòng ngủ :") by theleiabebe
[ Oneshot ] [ JJP/Bnior] Chuyện The Leia
Au: Hx aka Xiu cute :") ( Má Điềm ) Pairing: JJ couple - JBxJunior Lời tác giả: Chỉ là nửa đêm qua tự rưng bỏ vid JJ/Bnior ra xem, thấy đáng yêu qtqđ :") Tên...
Campus Couple by borbe01_angel
Campus Coupleby 💛
Inspired stories from Teen Clash 1 & 2, The Trouble with the Rule & The Relationship Code, The Love Project and Wanted: Someone to love by iDangs; Bakit ba kailangan mag...
Chasing her demons  by Inaudible_whispers
Chasing her demons by Cloud passing by
In human skin, she was half war, half peace. - Noor Unnahar Ophelia has lost faith in love, she has difficulty trusting people easily. She has built walls high up for an...
In Case You Didn't Know by claidixx
In Case You Didn't Knowby claidixx
I am Kelsey Miyazaki and I am a girl with dreams. Kapag may gusto akong ma achieve, I really work hard for it. I really want to be a journalist. A credible journalist n...
I Still Like Men by Anonymous_Jelly_Bean
I Still Like Menby Anonymous Jelly Bean
Bao An Jin is your usual straight boy, the happy-go-lucky type. He had a good life with lots of friends circling him in high school, many girls confessing to him, rich a...
I Love My Bestfriend by paumntflco
I Love My Bestfriendby Mrs.Montefalco
Si Yana Dela Videz at Kaizer De Guzman ay matalik na magkaibigan. Simula bata pa lamang sila ay lagi na silang magkasama. Kung asan ang isa, nandon din ang isa! Hindi mo...
Where The Stars Land? by aprahmi
Where The Stars Land?by Annisa Paramadina Rahmi
"Bi, percayalah. Kapanpun kamu butuh aku. Aku akan selalu siap ada di sampingmu. Meskipun awal pertemuan kita kesannya kurang baik. Tapi, aku harap perpisahan kita...