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Shapeshifters by iliketowrite2580
Shapeshiftersby camillo
Rosita is a shapeshifter and a thief with a terrible past and stumbles upon the Madrigals. *All characters are owned by Disney
A Camilo Madrigal Story: Josephine's Dream by senioritacowboy
A Camilo Madrigal Story: senioritacowboy
The Irenes are a large family and they live in the beautiful country of Colombia. Josephine Irene and her family have been well associated with the infamous Madrigal fam...
The Last Candle by alexxxfrost
The Last Candleby Alex Frost
Encanto is split into two parts- the upper levels and the outskirts. The people who live and depend on the Madrigals and the people who don't. The prosperous and the sel...
The Room Where Everything Happens by Kysaliara
The Room Where Everything Happensby Kysaliara
Camilo invites Reader-Chan to spend some time with him at Casita and helps her feel better. You guys get to know each other more and have an amazing moment together.
Encanto (゚∀゚)Camilo x reader( ・∇・) by chocolate_pigeon
Encanto (゚∀゚)Camilo x reader( ・∇・)by chocolate_pigeon
"Anyways that map thing you have my mom talks about that place" "ahh really now" "yup! They said that there's a magical village!" She look...
Camilo Madrigal ( Romance ) by miaglv09
Camilo Madrigal ( Romance )by miaglv09
This story is about Camilo's romance as a teen ( PG-13 ) contains explicit content