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Shapeshifters by iliketowrite2580
Shapeshiftersby camillo
Rosita is a shapeshifter and a thief with a terrible past and stumbles upon the Madrigals. *All characters are owned by Disney
The Last Candle by alexxxfrost
The Last Candleby Alex Frost
Encanto is split into two parts- the upper levels and the outskirts. The people who live and depend on the Madrigals and the people who don't. The prosperous and the sel...
Camilo Madrigal ( Romance ) by miaglv09
Camilo Madrigal ( Romance )by miaglv09
This story is about Camilo's romance as a teen ( PG-13 ) contains explicit content
The Room Where Everything Happens by Kysaliara
The Room Where Everything Happensby Kysaliara
Camilo invites Reader-Chan to spend some time with him at Casita and helps her feel better. You guys get to know each other more and have an amazing moment together.
Encanto (゚∀゚)Camilo x reader( ・∇・) by chocolate_pigeon
Encanto (゚∀゚)Camilo x reader( ・∇・)by chocolate_pigeon
"Anyways that map thing you have my mom talks about that place" "ahh really now" "yup! They said that there's a magical village!" She look...
A Camilo Madrigal Story: Josephine's Dream by senioritacowboy
A Camilo Madrigal Story: senioritacowboy
The Irenes are a large family and they live in the beautiful country of Colombia. Josephine Irene and her family have been well associated with the infamous Madrigal fam...