Our secret//Shameron by xmendesxbae
Our secret//Shameronby xmendesxbae
La persona que amas ¿Merece esto?, ¿En realidad la amas?
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B-A-D L-O-V-E ||G/D by dolanprincesss
B-A-D L-O-V-E ||G/Dby Dolan Princess🌻
Nova is a bad girl with horrible intentions. She messed up and screw around to many times. She has always been alone. Will that change the day she meets her partner in c...
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Him & I. | H.G by -lovingDallas
Him & I. | H.Gby 🧡 ashley
in the end, it's just him and i.
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Pregnant//Grayson Dolan fanfic  by grayxethan_dolan
Pregnant//Grayson Dolan fanfic by grayxethan_dolan
Grayson Dolan is the hottest boy in Brooklyn Jone's grade. These two were almost meant for each other... They were friends in elementary and middle school but stopped ta...
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The Perfect Enemy// J.S fanfiction  by jacobsdiary
The Perfect Enemy// J.S fanfiction by Jacob’s fanfic world
He can control anyone with eye contact. He doesn't have a heartbeat. He loves to kill people and drink their blood. But in a sick way, I'm attracted to him. - He push...
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Living With Mr. Popular by a12b50
Living With Mr. Popularby 黑玲玲♡
Lilly Carson has been home schooled her entire life. She doesn't know how to talk to boys. She doesn't know how to make friends. All she had were her parents, but now th...
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The Core by marianazmmy
The Coreby marianazmmy
"What's your Name?" "My Name is Austen" "you look alot like the guy from my dream"
  • fantasy
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joey birlem oneshots  by stoptouchingmypenis
joey birlem oneshots by jaedenoleff
funny/loving/&sad joey birlem imagines/oneshots
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Viviendo con un Playboy by MacielmartiOFICIAL
Viviendo con un Playboyby MacielmartuOFICAL
- ¡joven pavaroth! -bajo un castaño de ojos celestes y piel dorada- ellos son los hermanos smith, el es cameron el hijo de un amigo de sus padres, al saber que estarían...
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Instagram  |S.M| by RonieMagalhaes
Instagram |S.M|by RonieMagalhaes
Shawn Mendes curtiu sua foto. Shawn Mendes comentou na sua foto. Como pode uma curtida mudar sua vida? Pois uma curtida mudou a vida de Camila Mendes.
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Instagram • J.M.B by BaebyBirlem
Instagram • J.M.Bby baebyJoEY?!¿¡
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Missing - 13 reasons why  by cakeosterfield
Missing - 13 reasons why by :))
Why am I hearing her voice? Why is this on a voice over? Why did I get set this? Am I on these? Michael (Tom Holland) gets messaged these voice overs over a girl that...
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My brothers best friend // S.M by realisticcam
My brothers best friend // S.Mby Danielle
"But what if he finds out" I asked him while panicking. "Shhh he doesn't have to know" he said coming closer to me. In which Amy, Jayden's little sis...
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Not Your Fangirl by -naturaldisasterx
Not Your Fangirlby whatevah
"We're the Magcon Boys." "The fangirling will come in a minute." One of them whisper-shouted with a smug look. "Well, surprise dudes!" I e...
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When Harry Met Blainey by lovelygirl107
When Harry Met Blaineyby 1-800-kity-boom-boom
When Blainey's ex sends her an invitation to his weddings a month after their breakup , she goes through an emotional spiral which includes: Grief. Denial. Anger. Depres...
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Bestfriends? G.D by dolantwins1781
Bestfriends? G.Dby dolantwins1781
Isabelle: a nerdy cute person doesn't have much friends Grayson: popular badass fuckboy. They are bestfriends well they were until something happened which caused Isabel...
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Daddy's Girl by PizzaGirlx_
Daddy's Girlby Lea
Conoce a Camila,la Hija de Cameron Dallas,Sí,Su hija.
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truth or dare {S.M.}✏ by mysticbenito
truth or dare {S.M.}✏by Sean Mendez
A group of friends decided to go to the beach for springbreak. After a while of swimming, tanning and making fun they are getting bored. So they decided to play the well...
  • teenromance
  • beach
  • lovestory
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Right In Front Of You by JustxMexlovingxbooks
Right In Front Of Youby JustxMexlovingxbooks
"Love comes from the most unexpected places, the most unexpected people." ------ Where can one find love? All her life Kailee Mendes got most of the things s...
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Life Without You ~ (A Cameron Dallas fan fiction;recreated)  by magneticcam
Life Without You ~ (A Cameron alyssa7/15
Ally is 16 years old. She's tough, silly, smart, and responsible. She hates the thought of having a boyfriend. She knows too well that every guy is just like the other...
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