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But what if it's meant to be? (Calzona) by Calzona-Jemily
But what if it's meant to be? ( Calzona-Jemily
Arizona is new to Seattle and starts her job at Seattle Grace hospital as the new chief of pediatrics. Callie is in a "happy" relationship and couldn't imagine...
Finding you by MeWritingStorys
Finding youby just me writing some stories...
Arizona Robbins grew up in Germany. She went to Hopkins for her Career and met Theodora (Teddy) Altman. They became best friends. Even when Arizona told Teddy she would...
Lies lies lies  by ameliashepherdslover
Lies lies lies by Paige
She had moved away but she is back in town with a four year old secret that no one knew about and a certain someone will be surprised
Family Adventures: Grey's Anatomy ✨ by drxpsofjupitxr
Family Adventures: Grey's Anatomy ✨by Fer 🌙
The adventures of the reader being the oldest child/youngest sibling of a surgeon from Grey's Anatomy. ✨ Weekly updates. ✨ Requests temporarily closed
CAPIREZ - FanFiction by Live-Differently
CAPIREZ - FanFictionby Infinity <3
• Jessica Capshaw / Sara Ramirez FanFiction • It's easy to play your character on screen, but what if your love interest on the show becomes your love interest in real...
CALZONA: The "Catastrophe"  by azcalliope
CALZONA: The "Catastrophe" by calliope
Arizona Robbins, a well-known pediatric surgeon from Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital moved to New York City together with her daughter Sofia to reunite with her now ex-wife...
Calzona FanFICTION by Faralex
Calzona FanFICTIONby Faralex
This story takes place after season 13th When Arizona was going to New York to meet Callie again.
Calzona Quarantined by eurcpas
Calzona Quarantinedby 𝙧𝙤 ☾
yes this is inspired by merder quarantined, all credits to @merdercriminds - Arizona jut got to new york, but what she and Callie don't know is that the pandemic is comi...
Stuck With You by MarleeGrey
Stuck With Youby ♡ ♡ ♡
One elevator ride may be the start of many things. When a group of Seattle's surgeons get stuck in an elevator together for the night, they are brought closer than ever...
The Girl in the Bar by sparshall58
The Girl in the Barby Sarah Parshall
Arizona is an 18-year-old college student who happens to be home from college for the holidays. Even though she's underage, She meets Callie during Karaoke night. One ni...
Hadley's Home by me_you_and_the_world
Hadley's Homeby me_you_and_the_world
A little girl name Hadley comes to Grey Sloan. The team of doctors working here don't realize she is about to change all of their lives, but especially the lives of two...
Where we belong by arizonaslesbianism
Where we belongby arizonaslesbianism
What would happen when Arizona moves to NYC to live with Sophia. Would Callie and Arizona get back together? What would happen in their future?! (This takes place after...
Sloan's Kid by delaney4real
Sloan's Kidby dmoney4real
Yah your my dad I say to Mark.
Meant to be  by Calzona2222
Meant to be by Calzona2222
This is a Calzona fanfic. It takes place after the divorce and right after Arizona gets full custody of Sofia. Hope you like it. Ps: I love a happy ending.
Do I still love you by uknowxzuser
Do I still love youby Show addict
This is a Arizona and Callie fan-fic. Sorry for my English, but I'm from different country. This takes place after Jolex wedding. I never wrote a fan-fic so i hope thi...
CALZONA: there are so many memories here... by _montgomeryrobbins_
CALZONA: there are so many _montgomeryrobbins_
Callie moved to NY without Arizona but what happens when she realizes that she can't live without her and come back to Seattle? Will Arizona still be available? Will the...
Arizona ❤️ Calliope by catiuska01
Arizona ❤️ Calliopeby Catiuska
This story is my take on what happens after season 14 when Arizona and Sofia goes to NY. PS Arizona and Callie are endgame so the will be a happy ending anything else i...
be safe, bambina by justtocreateforfuns
be safe, bambinaby mal
what will happen as Maya goes into her first fire scene after being demoted?
When it all Falls Down by charlotte_grace123
When it all Falls Downby charlotte_grace123
A Calzona Fanfic! What would happen if Arizona got on the plane to Africa and did not return to Seattle Grace until 10 years later.