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Kitty and the revenge of the baby-sat!  A masked singer story. by Getfeisty1
Kitty and the revenge of the Getfeisty1
Kitty is in charge of looking after Frog and Turtle. But they both got tricks up their sleeves. This story is inspired by the comic: Calvin and Hobbes. This is my ver...
The Mashup Awakens by BrianKesinger
The Mashup Awakensby Brian Kesinger
a collection of comics and illustrations that combine all things pop culture!
Calvin, and Hobbes, and Life by DailyDillyDally
Calvin, and Hobbes, and Lifeby DailyDillyDally
I do not own any of the Calvin and Hobbes characters, but I love them, so I'm continuing their story in book form. Welcome to Calvin's life as a teenager. And yes, in ca...
A Welcome Home by b28thomason
A Welcome Homeby 8rAd0n tH0Ma50N
Poetic Narrative #1: After a long hard day, I'm rushing to get home. Escaping that jail called "school", I'm now free to roam...
Calvin and Hobbes: A Surprise Destroys Reality by SpideyFanatic17
Calvin and Hobbes: A Surprise Gameknight17
Calvin is nearing the end of the school year, when his parents drop a bombshell. (For the record, I am Gameknight17. My Gmail account and FanFiction account locked me ou...
Calvin and Hobbes: Chapter 2 by AlexieRoseG
Calvin and Hobbes: Chapter 2by Alexie Rose Griffith
Calvin was diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 12. He was offered medications that would make the hallucinations stop, but he refused. He didn't like the idea of le...
Stripes and Shenanigans with Calvin and Hobbes by charlotterose33
Stripes and Shenanigans with Charlotte Rose
Take a peek inside the everyday adventures look like for the newspaper characters of Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes. Their adventures are endless and brilliant. I've...
Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie (pitch) by Mandrakon
Calvin and Hobbes: The Movie ( The Joker
My first film pitch. Pretty rough, but decent enough I think.
Dear Mr. Watterson by AnimalRights10
Dear Mr. Wattersonby John James
A tribute to Calvin and Hobbes poems.
Universe Chaos by WritingFanG7
Universe Chaosby WritingFan
An ordinary summer day quickly goes crazy after Calvin creates the Universe Teleporter. Heroes from across the multiverse band together to stop a new evil. But can they...
Calvin and Hobbes - Multiple dimensions by Needs6to20characters
Calvin and Hobbes - Multiple Needs6to20characters
Calvin and his imaginary friend, Hobbes go out on imaginary adventures everyday. One day, however, Calvin makes one of his 'inventions', but it actually works! But it wa...
Faded [ON HOLD] by walkrunjump
Faded [ON HOLD]by Ryan away
he hated the world. he hated himself. he hated the lie he had created so he could pretend he didn't hate any of this. but one lie leads to another and he is slowly fool...
Calvin and Hobbes by XxSkyressxX
Calvin and Hobbesby Skyress23571
This is actually a copy write of Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes Hope u enjoy
Alice Dee by XynComix
Alice Deeby Xyn Comix
Alice Dee, a girl of imagination, strives to conquer the world with her wit and magical aspirations. She happily invites you to join her adventures in this comicstrip se...
(cucumber quest X Calvin and hobbes)Caught Up In A Deal! by TattletailTeapot
(cucumber quest X Calvin and TattletailTeapot
When one of his inventions fail (again), Calvin and Hobbes find themselves in dreamside, how will they get back home? Read to find out!
Calvin And Hobbes x Reader by TattletailTeapot
Calvin And Hobbes x Readerby TattletailTeapot
you're the new girl who just moved into Calvin's neighborhood, but Calvin is not sure to welcome you into his imaginary world. only time will tell. (This was requested b...