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his headspace - cth by romanticising44
his headspace - cthby romanticising everything
"in a city full of lonely people, i just want you all to myself" "why don't you just say goodbye now? it's only a matter of time now" both two sides...
cool kids [c.hood] by flagrance
cool kids [c.hood]by flagrance
"if that's your way of picking up girls, I'm sorry to break it to you my friend but you're not doing very well." in which a boy tried with pick up lines but sh...
Come With Me || Calum Hood ✓ by malumwritings
Come With Me || Calum Hood ✓by sol☼
When a girl who doesn't believe in love and a boy who wants to fall in love, meet.
Reach For You [Dad!Calum Hood AU] by SumNawaz
Reach For You [Dad!Calum Hood AU]by summer
She left suddenly, without a word of explanation. Nearly five years later, Calum runs into his ex-girlfriend Aspen--with her daughter. Their daughter. Luna. Old feelings...
WILDFLOWER by calumsgreenhoodie
WILDFLOWERby calumsgreenhoodie
A story about Calum Hood inspired by a few of the songs from CALM, including Wildflower obviously ! This one has it all folks: angst, smut, fluff, and maybe even a happy...
Sweetheart [Calum Hood One Shot] by SumNawaz
Sweetheart [Calum Hood One Shot]by summer
"I love it when you call me that." "I know, sweetheart." ----------------------------------------------------- All Rights Reserved.
Possibility by huntwell
Possibilityby H
Calum's had a run of almost, almost a football star, almost didn't join the band. The thing is almost in life do the most damage. Olive is an almost for Calum and the on...
veiled valor | calum hood | pirate au series  by calpops
veiled valor | calum hood | E✨
"Not every pirate has nothing to lose." Notoriously known Captain Calum Hood was set to sail-ready to call anchor and cut into the ocean waves under moonlight...
What Do We Have? by huntwell
What Do We Have?by H
Based on the word: Onsra: n., the bittersweet feeling that occurs in those who know their love won't last. What happens when what you have with someone isn't quite what...
Tell Me If It Lasts by Notolose
Tell Me If It Lastsby Tu me manqués
"I'm sorry! What do you want me to do?!?!" I yell at her. "You could have not fucked my ex-best friend first of all," she takes a shaky breath. "...
Wonder [Calum Hood One Shot] by SumNawaz
Wonder [Calum Hood One Shot]by summer
You wondered if he felt what you did. You wondered if he wanted you as much as you wanted him. You wondered when you would stop having to wonder. *Calum Hood One Shot* ...
All The Broken Years by cakeinouterspace_5
All The Broken Yearsby cakeinouterspace_5
Mikayla the aesthetically pleasing loser and Calum the bitch "Eh.. did we meet in grade school?" "I've known you for years"
New Beginnings by Calum_is_hot_
New Beginningsby Calum_is_hot_
Being new to town can be scary, but what if you met a guy and he turned out to not be the guy you thought he was
riptide - cth by poisnpen
riptide - cthby elle :~)
"please be careful, for me." "you know I can't do that." - alternate universe (supernatural) [copyright 2015®kelly elizabeth]
Just My Luck by skybluehearts3
Just My Luckby Kate
Just my luck - Calum Hood University Fic In which Skye is a student in her hometown of Surry Hills in Sydney and Calum is studying music at Uni while the band writes new...
dusk; calum hood au by prettyboiluke
dusk; calum hood auby sunny .
a story in which a boy with a timer on his wrist is always set to 0, until he meets her.
Waking Up by huntwell
Waking Upby H
When Kamden first sees Calum in that bakery, she knew. She knew exactly was happening, that she had found her soulmate. However, what she didn't know is that she'd wake...
Redamancy [Calum Hood One Shot] by SumNawaz
Redamancy [Calum Hood One Shot]by summer
Redamancy-The act of loving someone who loves you; a love returned in full. --------------------------------------------------------------- All Rights Reserved.