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Summer //hood// by LongWayHomeLuke
Summer //hood//by AUDI
When Summer meets Calum in the summer. 2014 ~ 2015 © LongWayHomeLuke. All rights reserved Most Impressive Ranking: #1 Calum Hood FanFic (July 2018) #141 5SOSFanFic (Au...
Demons (5SOS AU) by hxxdwinked
Demons (5SOS AU)by Judge Judy
"You're a demon, just like me." Calum whispered. "A demon?" Mia asked. "The voices. They tell you to do evil. They are demons, and the doctors a...
his headspace - cth by romanticising44
his headspace - cthby romanticising everything
"in a city full of lonely people, i just want you all to myself" "why don't you just say goodbye now? it's only a matter of time now" both two sides...
calum hood imagines » headspacecth by headspacecth
calum hood imagines » headspacecthby 🕊
a compilation of calum hood imagines written by me! [warnings] the book contains smut and sexual content. there are mentio...
ALL I NEED by GypsyDreamer4
ALL I NEEDby Sandy
"You're all I need, today, tomorrow and forever" A story in which a a boy with a bad reputation finds himself falling for a girl he never expected to need.
i love you was my favourite - cth by romanticising44
i love you was my favourite - cthby romanticising everything
"of all the lies that she ever told me, i love you was always my favourite." prequel to his headspace - cth
Who's Gonna Love You Like Me? [Brother's Best Friend!Calum AU] by SumNawaz
Who's Gonna Love You Like Me? [ summer
Josie Hemmings didn't have the best track record for relationships. Calum Hood wasn't one for relationships, period. But one night spent together without the knowledge o...
princess // cth by morgan_lahey09
princess // cthby morgan :)
"hey princess." "i think you have the wrong number." /// a calum hood fanfiction where calum texts the wrong number
Daylight (Calum Hood fanfic) by OthiliaPedersen
Daylight (Calum Hood fanfic)by OthiliaPedersen
"I loved a challenge. And breaking a heartbreaker's heart? Well, that sounded interesting..." When Cami moves to Australia, her best friend Luke and her devise...
The Best Days - c.h by daywefellinlove
The Best Days - c.hby Cathy
& that’s the saddest part, one falls & the other doesn’t catch.
Unlikely // c.h by pfftclifford
Unlikely // c.hby lauren
Love is like wild flowers; It's often found in the most unlikely places.
Step Brother (Calum Hood Fanfic) by Jess_Amberger
Step Brother (Calum Hood Fanfic)by Jess Amberger
Dani has been through a lot her whole life. Being bullied for almost 8 years, divorce, and shielding herself away from the world. She only has one friend her entire life...
EX | calum hood HIATUS by -despressos
EX | calum hood HIATUSby 𝓁𝒾𝓎𝒶𝒽 ✩
HIATUS!! in which a 20 year old singer goes on tour with her ex-boyfriend and his band, when no one even knows why they broke up. - " HEADLINE: HAS THE COUPLE OF TH...
café et des notes [c.h] by flovvery
café et des notes [c.h]by flovvery
silly, isn't it? how a few cups of coffee and some notes brought us together?
A Different Summer (A 5SOS, Luke Hemmings Fan fiction) by --Bri--
A Different Summer (A 5SOS, Luke Brië
Bailey considers herself about middle rank on the social hierarchy. She has no issue with her social status and sworn she will never let it get the better of her. Luke H...
Come With Me || Calum Hood ✓ by malumwritings
Come With Me || Calum Hood ✓by sol☼
When a girl who doesn't believe in love and a boy who wants to fall in love, meet.
limited // c.h {a.u.} by lovelycliffordx
limited // c.h {a.u.}by zoanne
cause the hardest part of this is leaving you.
Beginnings • c.h by anotherslice
Beginnings • c.hby morgan
"Cal?" "-you're just really pretty and- wait, yeah?" "Shut up for a minute." "I'd love to." • Completed but undergoing editing. N...
5sos Imagines by thats1crazymofo
5sos Imaginesby Thats1CrazyMofo
ALL IMAGINES ARE MINE! Hope you like them as much as I did writing them :)
error || c.h by tangiblelxke
error || c.hby tangiblelxke
in which he sends her texts that she'll never read - @tangiblelxke 2015 all rights reserved [lowercase intended]