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cool kids [c.hood] by flagrance
cool kids [c.hood]by flagrance
"if that's your way of picking up girls, I'm sorry to break it to you my friend but you're not doing very well." in which a boy tried with pick up lines but sh...
voodoo doll // c.hood by dirtbagash
voodoo doll // c.hoodby hayley
in which an indecisive boy with a forged love for soccer meets a damaged but strong-willed girl who only wants to run away ➸ completed ©dirtbagash credits to @helloimind...
Dirty Little Secret // C.H. by Amadie
Dirty Little Secret // LastDream
"We can't tell anyone." She told him. "Luke would kill us." "Don't worry, babe." Calum smirked. "It'll be our dirty little secret.&quo...
Pieces Of Me ~ Luke Hemmings (IN NEED OF DESPERATE EDITING) by CakeMashtonLover
Pieces Of Me ~ Luke Hemmings (IN Shakila
Ashley has been the outcast ever since she moved to a new school 6 months ago....bullied and alone she has no one turn to...and yeah at first it bothered her, but now it...
Bullied By Luke Hemmings. by NiallHoransPerfect
Bullied By Luke NiallHoransPerfect
Being told that you have to tutor your bully never really sounds good. When Caitlyn is told she has to tutor the person who has bullied her for years, how will they both...
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU) by jumping-from-swings
Magic (5sos/l.h. Hogwarts AU)by Leila
Leila is your average girl. She reads books, does her homework and talks to her friends and family. But that's in the holidays. One big thing makes Leila's life differen...
café et des notes [c.h] by flovvery
café et des notes [c.h]by flovvery
silly, isn't it? how a few cups of coffee and some notes brought us together?
imagines ➳ c.h by chroniclesofaweirdo
imagines ➳ c.hby ginger head
Calum Hood Imagines originally made by me. | Requests are open | Recommendation: Demon Calum Series | 604k reads 12.3k votes
after midnight // m.c by yoongi4president
after midnight // m.cby yoongi4president
Love, can be found in the most unusual of places, with the most unusual of people. Mental Institutes aren't one of the normal places to find your prince charming, or is...
4 Years • c.h. by HarleyDeTourvel
4 Years • Patricia De Merteuil
A love with full of awkwardness and secrets behind. Both of them will fix the last memory of their 4 years past. Could they fall in love again? Their worlds had become d...
Summer Gang ➳ Hood a.u (ON HOLD) by lifeincolours
Summer Gang ➳ Hood a.u (ON HOLD)by r
Isabella's life collapsed once she joined the summer gang of 2014. © lifeincolours 2014
Relic by AvaAlbridge
Relicby AJ
Set in the Year 3112, the world is a much different place. The only surviving civilisation believes that strength is the most important thing, realising the Earth only h...
10.31.15 [ calum t. hood ] by catisk
10.31.15 [ calum t. hood ]by low quality dank memes
"Cassidy B. Febvre." "Calum T. Hood." i cant stop i wont stop calum hood fics r my life rn
Day in the life of Luke's buttcrack by Lukesbuttcrack
Day in the life of Luke's buttcrackby Lukesbuttcrack
It's not easy bring a crack on a famous guys butt, but I make it work.
story ideas ↠↠ by cuhlum
story ideas ↠↠by maegan ᵔᴥᵔ[hiatus]
❝i am a writer who came of a sheltered life. a sheltered life can be a daring life as well. for all serious daring starts from within.❞ - eudora welty. | © twenty-fourte...
Five // Calum Hood by retromalum
Five // Calum Hoodby Izabella
19 Year old Sienna Summers has struggled with mental illnesses as long as she can remember. When she moves to Sydney, Australia in hopes of escaping her troubled past a...
Bright Lights and Blurry Faces by LancedLaces
Bright Lights and Blurry Facesby LancedLaces
Just a fan. One girl in the sea of other adoring girls screaming for the Aussies. That's all you are isn't it. Part of the paycheck. But when he looks at you, when he ho...
Hemmings|| 5sos by xxwelcometomadnessxx
Hemmings|| 5sosby <3
Meet Griselle Hemmings. Let's just say nobody knows she exists.
Reglas :: a.f.i by bubblegumcashton
Reglas :: a.f.iby //niamh//
❝Why are you so afraid of me, princess?❞ In which a bad boy is fascinated by the good girl with the angel face in his English class, but all is not what it seems © Copyr...
You. // Calum Hood {au} by Lukeyhommo
You. // Calum Hood {au}by Ella
"When my time comes,are you gonna be ready?" "I hope so." You.// Calum Hood {au} By LukeyHommo (2014)