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~By the Lion's Mane~ >A Narnian Fanfiction< by InkandArrow
~By the Lion's Mane~ >A Narnian Caroline
It is likely that you have heard the stories of a wonderful land in another world, a land called Narnia. And if you have, you have probably also heard of the four Pevens...
Lost and Found by MagicofNarnia
Lost and Foundby MagicofNarnia
"We will find him Peter..." "I know we will." He said. "Because I won't stop searching until we do." • In which Peter will do anything to f...
The Life of the Just King by banna9405
The Life of the Just Kingby banna9405
The Life of the Just King during the Golden Age of Narnia. My first shot at a Narnia fanfiction, this book aims to chronicle the life of His Majesty King Edmund the Jus...
it is a terrible thing to be alone by aclmohle
it is a terrible thing to be aloneby Annelies
aka the four times Edmund missed out on love, and the one time he didn't
The Daughter of Tash by belle_kafer
The Daughter of Tashby Belle Kafer
Tash the Calormen god is known and feared by many, but do they know of his daughter? Cozbi is far from innocent, in fact she is cold and hated by many, but can the morta...
Far From Home by NYCgirl123LEK
Far From Homeby Lauren
PLEASE READ CURSE OF THE WHITE WITCH FIRST! Everything is perfect. Lauren is finally free of the White Witch's control, King Caspian is alive, and the Narnians have...
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Battle of Calormen by valep1595
The Chronicles of Narnia: The valep1595
In which the Pevensie siblings are pulled to Narnia's aid once again, but they are not the only ones who respond to its call. The eternal struggle with Calormen and dark...
To Walketh Like Mine Brother: Emeth and Chaniya by TheLibertyKingdom
To Walketh Like Mine Brother: Alyssa
A heart-warming tale of a four year old girl looking up to her elder brother. Emeth is a Calormen Soldier mentioned in C.S. Lewis's the Last Battle.
The Regents : the Forgotten Chronicle [COMPLETED] by TheLittleStarflower
The Regents : the Forgotten May
After High King Peter and his siblings mysteriously vanished, Narnia was left without monarchs of any kind. Over the next centuries, the kingdom fell into disorder...
When you believe by EvaLarsen
When you believeby EvaLarsen
Susan, her mother, used to tell Bridget stories about a magical land she never truly believed in. But when she finds herself in a place beyond her wildest dreams, she wi...
Jadis of Charn: A History of the White Witch (of Narnia) by Wittig
Jadis of Charn: A History of the Alex von Wittig
C.S. Lewis died in 1963; therefore in Canada & other PMA-50 countries, such as Japan, South Korea, China, and New Zealand (or countries with shorter copyright duration)...