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Winter Girls (real Story) by darcislove
Winter Girls (real Story)by darci love aurora
Dead girl walking," the boys say in the halls. "Tell us your secrets," the girls whisper, one toilet to another. I am that girl. I am the space between my...
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Low calorie recipes by Ilovedoggies35
Low calorie recipesby Ilovedoggies35
My other book got reported so here I am making it again. I DO NOT encourage pro ana this book is simply for low calorie recipes if you need to fix a craving while on a d...
  • calories
  • tasty
  • healthy
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Book of calories  by Chancered44
Book of calories by Max
If you're trying to lose weight or count your calories you can use this it'll help some
  • weight-loss
  • health
  • calories
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Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Lossby Tom Riley
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
  • fitness
  • healthy
  • lifestyle
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3,500 calories | myg [EDITING] by saltyagust
3,500 calories | myg [EDITING]by ari💫
"You have a choice. You can either let me love you and help you loving yourself for who you really are, or you can keep starving yourself until you realize a size 0...
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Calories by SwamiRunsotto
Caloriesby Satan
Gerard is self conscious about his weight. Frank wants to change that, but it turns out to be easier said than done. May contain triggering content. Cover made by kellic...
  • sad
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  • exercise
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my food log. by skinonbones
my food wanna b a stick
‼️tw: ed‼️ making this for me to stay on track! i do not encourage anyone to follow my eating habits.
  • foodlog
  • thismaddumb
  • fat
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Healthy body healthy mind  by boredxwriter18
Healthy body healthy mind by boredxwriter18
Just a helpful guide with all you need to know about - what food does for your body - the amounts of calories in different foods - nutrition info - healthy options - dai...
  • fitness
  • health
  • calories
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a long title (tw) by 5calgum
a long title (tw)by Kelp loves mha
I have an eating disorder, please leave if you are in recovery or don't have an ed... Okay, I'll continue.
  • warning
  • calories
  • skinny
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diary; by bxxybye
diary;by joshua
These are my thoughts.
  • storytime
  • deepthoughts
  • sadthoughts
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Le journal de Claire by ClaireReade
Le journal de Claireby ClaireReade
Salut, moi mon prénom c'est Claire. J'ai 19 ans et je souffre d'anorexie. Dans ce livre je vais vous raconter mon histoire, la vraie. Je vais vous amener avec moi, dans...
  • calories
  • depression
  • maigre
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Ana Diets by __WANNA_BE_SKINNY_
Ana Dietsby Miranda_meets_ana
Hello! :3 Not promoting anorexia. Don't be a dick and enjoy these are diets and the reviews and all about them c:
  • anorexia
  • exercise
  • noeating
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The Calorie Counter by caitling103
The Calorie Counterby caitling103
what would happen if we all had to count our calories?
  • birthday
  • calories
  • government
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Anorex Reflex by deardevill
Anorex Reflexby Anonym
"Minden egyes kalória után amit beviszek a szervezetembe elkap a bűntudat, nekem nem szabad ennem, ezt így nem lehet..."
  • gym
  • sport
  • kalória
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My Anorexic Diary by MyAnorexic
My Anorexic Diaryby MyAnorexic
This is my journey to losing all the hatred that i have on my body. Things I will write about is my *food Intake *weight *how I feel that day *exercised I did *calories...
  • weight
  • pounds
  • bulimia
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Believe by Pop1O1
Believeby Pop1O1
My wish is not to be skinny. But to be confident. (Basically me blogging about the day to day struggles of myself, trying to lose weight(as well as a few other things go...
  • blah
  • weight
  • healthy
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facts by Carissalolme5
factsby snap:lolme21melol
juat facts
  • pedo
  • facts
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My Friends Mia and Ana by XxemoxchickxX
My Friends Mia and Anaby Marietta
Ana and Mia become your minds best friend and consumes you but it is also your body's worse enemy as it destroys you. This is a book of poems about my struggle with Anor...
  • mia
  • bindingfears
  • calories
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my anorexic diary. by cuddlemelon
my anorexic cuddlemelon
trigger warning. this is all true and if you have any questions or comments, I'd love to hear. I'm glad you're here to follow me through my journey.
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