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skin and bones ✓ by rxmination
skin and bones ✓by n.
❝hey, what's that?❞ ❝n-nothing.❞ ❝ that a food diary?❞ ➵ Nevaeh Anderson has been struggling with anorexia since the beginning of the school year. Sh...
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Abc diet meals ideas by user68620392
Abc diet meals ideasby
Heyy everyone this book is here to give you some meals ideas if you are following the abc diet . I'm gonna be posting the recipes with pictures and calories count . Hope...
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unnatural by imperio_xv
unnaturalby imperio_xv
"i'm not hungry" "Was there even a time when you were?" "They say I should burn the book with my calories. But...
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Ana Diets by __WANNA_BE_SKINNY_
Ana Dietsby Miranda_meets_ana
Hello! :3 Not promoting anorexia. Don't be a dick and enjoy these are diets and the reviews and all about them c:
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diet diary 2020 by PEACHYMANG
diet diary 2020by m a r i e
This book is about my weight loss journey. Giving it one more try. This time I'll try to be more consequent and disciplined. Photo credits: pinterest and @PEACHYMANG
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Healthy body healthy mind  by boredxwriter18
Healthy body healthy mind by boredxwriter18
Just a helpful guide with all you need to know about - what food does for your body - the amounts of calories in different foods - nutrition info - healthy options - dai...
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I've got it under control by AnnaNicolaou785
I've got it under controlby AnnieNicol
"YOU HAVE TO EAT HANNAH!!" "Just leave me alone Jonathan, I can't eat, I just can't okay?" "But, Hannah, If you don't you are gonna die..Do you...
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my food issues by user039622071774
my food issuesby dawns' life
here is my struggle with food and my appearance.
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The story of "Ana" by dezi12728
The story of "Ana"by dezi12728
this is a story of "Ana" ... soo there was a person in my class the other day joking about this as we were talking about it in health class and thos of you who...
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My Calorie Diary by BadAssQueenLiz
My Calorie Diaryby BadAssQueenLiz
Basically just me trying to lose weight . Full of workouts advice (I guess,)tips and information. Kind of a diary a bit . Sorry for my bad grammar. xoxo BadAssQueenLiz
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3,500 calories | myg ✓ by saltyagust
3,500 calories | myg ✓by ari💫
1 | (editing) "You have a choice. You can either let me love you and help you loving yourself for who you really are, or you can keep starving yourself until you re...
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Golden by Solarrflora
Goldenby Daughter of Something
poems I guess
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Ana & Me by _DyingToBePerfect_
Ana & Meby Fuck Up
You May Give Me The World, But She Breeds Perfection
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Diary of a disordered child by majaxvideos
Diary of a disordered childby majaxvideos
The public diary of my daily struggles
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