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Through the Maze Door  by Deseelyn
Through the Maze Door by Deseelyn
A trio of friends set out to the towns festival on what is their last Halloween as kids. At the festival a fortune teller see's what the future holds for the friends and...
The Cave Of Mystery by Nicole11782
The Cave Of Mysteryby Nicole Reardon
When Arabella gets a mysterious note telling her to go to the lake she is quite surprised. When finding out that the supposedly 'unstoppable' Onoza has escaped from Rave...
Help of a woman by Jessie12318
Help of a womanby Jessica
Ayla Henderson is in her second year of university when a stranger handed her a shocking letter during the first exam of the year. What did it say...
Event Horizon by Appleslica
Event Horizonby Bruce Zou
Life on Psion was peaceful after Earth fell; the artificial planet a paradise for the remaining humans, aliens and robots in the Milky Way. Until, a new threat emerges...
Journey to the Underworld by Watchez
Journey to the Underworldby Callan Murray-Brown
Thomas finds a mysterious letter and meets Brue who takes him to the underworld...
Command + B = Build by Felicenavidad18
Command + B = Buildby Felice
Hazel Velazquez is in her first year of University at Harvard when she comes across the adventure of a lifetime. The whole world's fate is in her hands. Will she rise t...
EarthLux's Great Distress Call by jaydenbzr18
EarthLux's Great Distress Callby Jayden Tee
EarthLux, a world-famous interstellar exploration company, has a serious predicament. Their most known space station, the EarthLux Space Station X, has been invaded by a...
The Pusheen Chronicles by Nanomi2018
The Pusheen Chroniclesby Nanogirl
When Sammy the Nyan Cat sees his friend, Alex, being sucked into a vortex of swirling colours, Sammy follows him to find a world of chaos and mayhem. With his only comp...
Odd Obsession by Christiner18
Odd Obsessionby Christina Wang
Jayne is kind of considered a normal person. She doesn't believe in anything to do with spirits or whatever. It was all nonsense to her. People say that all she cares ab...
Leos destiny-A New Beginning by logan8httd
Leos destiny-A New Beginningby Logan Turrall
A 14 year old poor kid named Leo embarks on a dangerous journey. Leo encounters friends and foes as he journeys deep into a cave. Will Leo live? Will this journey be the...
Dynasty of Summer by ticanazhu
Dynasty of Summerby Ticana Zhu
Summer is daughter to the Emperor's fourth concubine during the Xia Dynasty (Xia=Summer). After stumbling upon her half-brother's corpse, she finds herself faced with da...
The Ninja by Donuttcat
The Ninjaby Donut Cat
As Silent Knife is relaxing on his couch, he receives a urgent task that only he can stop before it brings destruction of the world. Can Silent Knife save the world befo...
The Other Side Of Fairy Tales by 0hMyWhy
The Other Side Of Fairy Talesby 0hMyWhy
Stella Ann always thought she was a normal girl. If normal girls wore grandpa glasses and carried a stack of books wherever they went. While every other girl in her clas...
The Gravity Gun is not at fault. by match81
The Gravity Gun is not at Matt
An abandoned human with a knack for machinery, adrift in a world of combative aliens and ancient technology that throws a myriad of races to compete amongst the stars, m...
カツチキンマジック ( katsu chicken magic) by ninjaregina
カツチキンマジック ( katsu chicken magic)by Regina Sutjahjo
Ryder Hendrix born in Glasgow 1999 has a strange katsu chicken addiction. One morning he was walking down the stairs and he tripped up, then he started rolling towards a...
Submerged by LunarMooon13
Submergedby LunarMoon
Nova Reyes & 5 other intelligent girls dive into the mysterious depths of the ocean, to find death below on the ocean floor. Will they escape the clutches of death or no...
The Momento Mori Polaroids  by c_d_and_life
The Momento Mori Polaroids by c_d_and_life
The news of the death of an old classmate has unexpected feelings for Stella. She never knew just how much her life would change with the discovery of a stack of Polaroi...