Female Imagines (GxG) by cloudsinabluesky
Female Imagines (GxG)by cloudsinabluesky
After 2 years of not updating my wattpad, I am back with some imagines! These are all imagines posted on my tumblr account - 'thefandomwritings'. If anyone has any reque...
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Positive-Emerald Fennell by sprinkleofsowon
Positive-Emerald Fennellby SprinkleofSowon
Emerald didn't know why this was happening to her. It could have at least waited til she found herself another boyfriend. But nothing was going to stop her from loving h...
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 My Girl Patsy x Delia by busbaby
My Girl Patsy x Deliaby dude
Pasty and Delia xx
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The new girl  by prankerkid2005
The new girl by prankerkid2005
This story is based on call the midwife series 4+ Cathrine Lee is a 20 year old midwife Set in poplar (east end London) in the 1950-60's
  • barbara
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We Are The Turners by arwenscott
We Are The Turnersby Arwen Scott
A story based on all the Turners and their life. This is a book of fanfiction mainly...however it does start as a story but I would advise reading authors notes througho...
  • drama
  • patrick
  • timothyturner
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The new girl ~*x*~Call The Midwife fanfiction~*x*~ by Bronzecrimson
The new girl ~*x*~Call The Bronzecrimson
Connie Parker begins her work at Nonnatus house in 1963, (Takes place after series six)
  • callthemidwife
Saviour by grayskies317
Saviourby grayskies317
Bad things happen, even to nuns. Sometimes they need a saviour that is right here on Earth. AU Turnadette - Set mid Series 2. TW: Mentions of assault
  • shelaghturner
  • romancefanfiction
  • shelagh
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Spiritul Liber by everlyfan96
Spiritul Liberby everlyfan96
'Spiritul Liber' is the Romanian translation for 'The Free Spirit', which is the title of these memoirs that I, Catherine Cromwell, have written for my own life as well...
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Bicycles: A Call The Midwife Fanfiction by TheWebsiteMystery
Bicycles: A Call The Midwife TheWebsiteMystery
Jemima Oswald is the newest nurse at Nonnatus.. this is her story. This story is set during and after series 2 (although it might go away from the plot at times) (it al...
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My opinions on the call the midwife characters! by Pure_pupcake_trash
My opinions on the call the Padelia💝💝
My opinions on BBC's favourite nurses and nuns... Please no hate this is my opinion, if you disagree you are allowed to.
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One nun to another by PJayBthefanfictioner
One nun to anotherby PJayBthefanfictioner
An affair with a nun? Possibly. A call the midwife fanfiction? Of course. ~PLEASE NOTE: This is pure fiction. Call the midwife is belongs to the amazing writers and prod...
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Raising Delia's Children by Emfennelobsessed
Raising Delia's Childrenby Emfennellobsessed
This is part two to Carrying Delia's Baby. Elizabeth and Hope are now two years old and most certainly in their 'terrible two's'. Having two children at the age of two t...
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Bethany Turner by L1GHTN1NGBL4ZE
Bethany Turnerby 🙌🏻 Beth 🙌🏻
this is Bethany's story Bethany's mother was just 16 when she found out she was pregnant she had faked her identity to get into a club where she meets Patrick turner a d...
  • tvseries
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  • turnadett
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Turnadette by jawgt15
Turnadetteby jawgt15
When Patrick and Shelagh's marriage is surrounded by fear and hopelessness, how do they recover?
  • patrick
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  • shelagh
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