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Life Of Kels by FatherKelsc
Life Of Kelsby Kelsey Calemine ♡
In Real Life 💕
  • calemine
  • kel
  • kelsey
internet friends // ernst  by iwctgrande
internet friends // ernst by riley
**VERYSLOW UPDATES ernst: Not sure if you remember me, but we met at vidcon haha luna.r: i remember:) @ernst ernst: cool :)
  • alexernst
  • instagram
  • zanehijazi
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still chose you - david dobrik by koshysdiza
still chose you - david dobrikby koshysdiza
  • calemine
  • squad
  • love
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paper airplane || shawn mendes by hollandonuts
paper airplane || shawn mendesby z
the sad part is, we're slowly drifting away. - lower case intended - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2018
  • mendes
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
  • ross
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𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐃𝐄𝐒. in which, the well-known canadian singer/song-writer infatuates himself with a girl on instagram. accomplishments ↴ #1 under 'kelseycalemine' #1 under 'fat...
  • tour
  • kelsey
  • handwritten
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L.A (MAGCON) by MaraSolis116
L.A (MAGCON)by Mara Mendes
tres amigas consiguen una beca para ir a estudiar a los ángeles lo q no saben esa sus vecinos les van. a cambiar la vida ¿para bien o para mal?
  • kelsey
  • jack
  • squad
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instagram || s.m by rrejected
instagram || s.mby rrejected
shawnmendes: you look so good kelseycalemine: @shawnmendes who are you?
  • finn
  • herbinko
  • christian
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Instagram ft. Derek Luh ✔️ by -QueenMaloley
Instagram ft. Derek Luh ✔️by P R E T T Y M U C H
Part two of Instagram books. @derek_luh liked your photo!
  • hate
  • drama
  • derek
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Instagram//Kian Lawley Fanfic by ShotOfReality
Instagram//Kian Lawley Fanficby ASh0tOfReality
In which Kian Lawleys attention gets captured by his gorgeous girlfriends beautiful best friend who seems to attract problems and men like bees to honey ...
  • hot
  • madisonbeer
  • kelsey
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Is It More? *DISCONTINUED* by nxdrt__
Is It More? *DISCONTINUED*by nxdrt__
Can Mia keep her distance away from her best friend's "brother", or is it more?
  • fatherkels
  • deloera
  • ryland
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what goes around comes around | gc by issybelleh
what goes around comes around | gcby 💘
[sequel to two can play at this game] It's been a few years since Carl left for military school and now Vanessa's in college. She's got a job, a new boyfriend and a life...
  • fuckboy
  • gallagher
  • ethan
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"Friends"[PAUZA] by x_xBroken_Soul
"Friends"[PAUZA]by Atkins💫
She never looked nice.She looked like art,and art wasn't supposed to look nice;it was supposed to make you feel someting.
  • calemine
  • bieber
  • love
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She Sleeps Alone ~ L.H by mikeysvee
She Sleeps Alone ~ L.Hby venus
Zelia wasn't the type Luke went after. He preferred popular, blonde, wild. Zelia was the opposite. New, brown haired, mysterious. She made him feel different. He changed...
  • zelia
  • luke
  • mystery
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them✮5sos by calumsembrace
them✮5sosby izzy
when lily and Izabella are adopted by 5sos they have to face a lot of new challenges, drama, hate, and relationships, will they be able to hold their celebrity life and...
  • maggie
  • lit
  • vegan
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Clutz [on hold] by Mistifiyingly
Clutz [on hold]by Mistifiyingly
Venus Jones's life just took an unexpected turn. Apollo Hunt's life has been mapped out since the day he was born. She's kind, smart, gorgeous, and effortlessly clumsy. ...
  • teen
  • calemine
  • romance
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