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Dark Angel by Gogaaa15
Dark Angelby Huntress
Clary and Jace break up. She leaves, and after few years she's been sent to the New York Institute. What will happen when she comes back? Is she still the same, scary l...
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Alery (Alec and Clary)  by fangirl354
Alery (Alec and Clary) by Angel Faye Stull
The legend goes for those who have marks that match or are connected then when they have a child the child will have the same mark of the matching marks or the seperate...
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I love You Clary Fray {Complete} by TheRandomWritter12
I love You Clary Fray {Complete}by TheRandom Girl
Clary never dated Jace, Alec was bi and broke up with Magnus. what happens when they fall for each other
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Calec by jadelnate101
Calecby Jade L. Nate
What if Magnus cheated on Alec and Jace cheated on Clary? What would happen to everyone's love life? All rights go to Cassandra Clare.
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The Darkness And The Light by claleclove
The Darkness And The Lightby claleclove
-You are a lightwood child -Alec and Clary are Parabati -Jace is Clarys brother -You are a shadowhunter -You and your siblings are very close
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TMI Drabbles and Real Stories by dudeIshipit
TMI Drabbles and Real Storiesby I Ship It
Exactly what the title says. Nothing much just Clalec, Sizzy, and other stuff. Rated M for mature, 18+ only PLZ, unless you're just really weird. Everything belongs to C...
TMI Highschool by kitkatsmeow195
TMI Highschoolby kitkatsmeow195
How would Clary's story be told if the Shadow World never existed? What if her brother wasn't part demon and was just a normal teen like her? (This is my first story and...
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The Dancing Shoes  by cassiopieamoon
The Dancing Shoes by cassiopiea moon
There story revolves around like how Zarrah Lopez dances contemporary where Calec Drew Jacinto was inlove of her ways. BUT The odds are not allowing their hearts to be a...
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Psychotic • Clalec by mattsdesire
Psychotic • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Feel something..." She begged me and looked at me with tears in her eyes. I stared for a while at her and laughed. "I don't feel anything." I said...
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Love & Revenge by LindseyStarkweather
Love & Revengeby LindseyStarkweather
Shadowhunters- Clalec: Fanfiction When a mission to dispose of misbehaving vampires goes awry for Clary Fray and she gets injured, what happens when Jace is not the...
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Calec by writeraudie
Calecby Audie
This is a Calec fanfic Jace cheats on clary and alec is there what happens next?
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Shadows • Clalec by mattsdesire
Shadows • Clalecby mattsdesire
"Emotions are nothing but a distraction, Clary." He said and I looked at him and knew that his heart and soul was filled with ice-cold nothing... Clary had be...
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