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{COMPLETE} 100 Trainees - IDOL PRODUCER by blancesgods
{COMPLETE} 100 Trainees - IDOL follow @asianbabies
What happens when a girl does a survival show with 99 boys? Does she leave the first few episodes? Does she debut with the final group? Yuanwei wanted to be successful w...
In A Relationship With Mr. Perfect || Cai Xukun x Chen Linong by iKunCai
In A Relationship With Mr. iKunCai
Everyone knows that Chen Linong is in a relationship with the school's Rank 1-- Cai "Mr. Perfect" Xukun.But, cannot stop thinking that it was all for a show. ...
Rose among the Thorns>>Idol Producer ✔️ by r3esieee
Rose among the Thorns>>Idol kimchiyeon
A story in which Taeyeon's Little Sister joined Idol Producer. 99 Guys + 1 Girl ?! What could go wrong ? ~~~~~~~ Disclaimer : I didn't own anything aside my OC. It's on...
TRAINEE 》XUKUN by ryujinsyn
"To live your life to the fullest,you have to do what you love." 100 trainees,99 boys,1 girl like,what?! {Idol Producer s1} | highest rank: #1 idolproducer #...
Dream🌱✨🌸 by Martinetran03
Dream🌱✨🌸by HYUCKS_00
IDOL PRODUCER | cai xukun. by bubbleeyum
IDOL PRODUCER | cai bubbleeyum
"These trainees need you. They need you as their dance teacher." This was the email that changed your whole life. ⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋⚋ Important: - First Id...
Ethereal Beauty by ainarme
Ethereal Beautyby 拉莱恩
Zhu Zhengting aka Theo is known for his prince-like demeanor and fairy-like beauty and is way too handsome for almost everyone's point of view. He belongs to one of the...
My Eyes On You by _khatulistiwa_
My Eyes On Youby X
Having a perfect kid living as your neighbor could drive you crazy sometimes. And it's not an exception to Kunkun, though he's also an 'almost' perfect kid. His ambitiou...
That Summer (Xin X Kun) by unwrittenday
That Summer (Xin X Kun)by hayley
A blooming relationship between trainee and producer during the production show youth with you. I'm writing this to satisfy my own ship and mainly because I am bored.
99 + 1 | idol producer - HIATUS by suyunz
99 + 1 | idol producer - HIATUSby 💢
in which 99 boys & 1 girl compete in china's first survival show to create the nations newest cpop group. HIGHEST RANKINGS: number 1 in wang linkai number 3 in lin yanju...
My Baby Girl [C.XK] by iloveecandyy
My Baby Girl [C.XK]by L.Suji
"what can I do? I want you so bad baby girl. I will have you by myself, just wait and see." A story of a guy who will do everything just to get the girl he wan...
Forbidden {Liu Yuxin x Cai Xukun} by yu_08042
Forbidden {Liu Yuxin x Cai Xukun}by •欣yu
Forbidden love develops between a mentor and a trainee. Will they confess their love to each other or will it be forever buried? *please do not open if you do not like {...
Secretly a Princess by xXcheeryXx2918
Secretly a Princessby batrisya
*DISCLAIMER I DONT OWN MLB OR THE COVER PIC I JUST FOUND IT ON PINTEREST* Marinette has a secret, her class gets a trip to China, during their visit turns out theres al...
𝐼𝑑𝑜𝑙𝑠 𝐼𝑛 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒 « 𝐶𝑎𝑖 𝑋𝑢𝑘𝑢𝑛 by lilxcloud
𝐼𝑑𝑜𝑙𝑠 𝐼𝑛 𝐿𝑜𝑣𝑒 « 𝐶𝑎𝑖 未知
where the Chinese idol named Cai Xukun appearing in an survival show called youth with you: 2 to be a PD. Out of blue the asian woman who is also participating the show...
Xukun x Lisa Instagram story [COMPLETED✅ ] by moonxellxee
Xukun x Lisa Instagram story [ issa_ellxee
It's when two popular idols, met through a really popular show in China called < Youth with you > and start to interact with each other~ What happen next? READ IT...
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[KunYu] ANH TỐT NHẤT (chuyển ver) -Thái Từ Khôn x Ngu Thư Hân by KunYu_CaiXin
[KunYu] ANH TỐT NHẤT (chuyển ver) KunYu_CaiXin
Tác giả: Nghê Đa Hỉ Thể loại: Ngôn tình, hiện đại, thanh xuân vườn trường, sủng. Chuyển ver: - Từ chương 01-50: Min - Từ chương 51-hết: Rin Designer: Min ...
[KUNYU] - XUYÊN THÀNH VỢ  CỦA NAM PHỤ (cover) Thái Từ Khôn x Ngu Thư Hân  by KunYu_CaiXin
Cô xuyên thư, đã vậy nhân vật cô xuyên vào còn là trọng sinh. Đời trước nhân vật này trong lòng có một "bạch nguyệt quang" tên Thái Từ Khôn. Theo trong sách mi...
Cold || Cai XuKun by Jaytheacorn
Cold || Cai XuKunby jay
Irene's never had high opinions of Cai Xukun ─ the boy that the entire school seems to be in love with. In fact, she thinks he's stuck-up, always staying away from other...
A Little Bit by _khatulistiwa_
A Little Bitby X
A little bit bts (behind the scenes) around Liu Yuxin (Xin Liu : center of THE9)☔️ and Cai Xukun (as a mentor in reality survival idol show in China, Youth With You S2)�...
One Percent by LYX_THE9CENTER
One Percentby Yuxin Best gurl
Kun met an unexpected person from the past and now his life somehow starts to revolve around her. But the woman herself, Liu Yuxin didnt seem to remember him. The journe...