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Falling to Pieces by linekekei
Falling to Piecesby lindsey
Nicki Sobrino suffers from depression and abuse from her parents. She's constantly struggling with hating herself. Things get worse than she ever imagined they would. He...
  • abuse
  • alex
  • constancio
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Did I Find Love (My Outsiders Fan Fiction) by sheetits5sos
Did I Find Love (My Outsiders Raevyn
I give all credit to S.E. Hinton. I suggest u read the book or watch the movie before you read. I only own Kee-Kee and Jacob and pretty much everyone you don't recogni...
  • cailin
  • dally
Confident {Jailin Fanfic} by jxstinmsfts
Confident {Jailin Fanfic}by ashley
Cailin Russo. One thing I can tell you about Cailin Russo is that, she's confident.
  • russo
  • bieber
  • jailin
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Rebellion|on English and spanish| |youngwritersshortstory| by ilovetheDrugs
Rebellion|on English and spanish| CAPS✨
Rebellion is a story about the consequences receiving Cailin create a teen blog. Rebelion es una historia sobre las consecuencias que recibe Cailin por crear un blog ado...
  • alexia
  • justinbieber
  • cailin
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The Dangers of Love (Outsiders Fanfic) by Muke_and_Larry
The Dangers of Love (Outsiders Cailin :)
While going on a road trip, three girls come across a city, Tulsa, Oklahoma. It's filled with Socs and Greasers. After the truck breaking down, three brothers, Darry, So...
  • love
  • darry
  • ponyboy
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Welcome to Yesterday by theboatfromwindwaker
Welcome to Yesterdayby Jesse James
  • timetravel
  • jesse
  • cailin
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Brothers by Purefears
Brothersby theBadBitches
This is the story of a girl falling in love for a boy. The only problem. He's my brother. I'm Chloe Crawford, I'm 17 and I hope you like my story.
  • new
  • brasil
  • cailin
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inevitable by biebersOLLGirl1996
inevitableby biebersOLLGirl1996
~ Cassandra knows it's wrong and that she's heading for another heartbreak. Justin will never be able to give her what she wants…love. ~ After experiencing a humiliatin...
  • cailin
  • hot
  • man
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crooked ➳ h.s. [punk] {on hold} by cliffordsigh
crooked ➳ h.s. [punk] {on hold}by ଘ(੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ‧₊˚
There he was. This beautifully broken man standing before me. The outside of him looking stone cold. Tattoos and piercings covering the majority of his body. But, on the...
  • cailin
  • harry
  • styles
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Do what U want (JBFF)  ✔ by DoDoBiebs
Do what U want (JBFF) ✔by DoDo Biebs
Obyčajná stredoškoláčka, obyčajné problémy. No čo ak príde do jej života neobyčajný chalan? JBFF by ĐoDo Biebs Cover by Blue Kitten (fb - Blue Kitten Cove...
  • short
  • story
  • love
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My Protective Bad Boy || Justin Bieber by A-eazy
My Protective Bad Boy || Justin A
Justin Bieber is the towns typical bad boy. He sells drugs, been in jail, doesn't really care for anyone but himself, His family and the 2 friends he has. He hooks up wi...
  • butler
  • ryan
  • boyfriend
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Age of the Xenti: The Mirroring Realm by CailinLaufeyson
Age of the Xenti: The Mirroring Phoenix
Ivene Cerone had a less than normal life. Until she met Derek, a funny, kind, happy-go-lucky person who was always there for her. Then Ivene had a REALLY weird life. S...
  • magic
  • clean
  • actionandadventure
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A New World(my hero academia book) by cailinme
A New World(my hero academia book)by cailinme
The description of characters and backstory are in another book Cailin a student at Travis high school she is 14 and lives in America in this story the rest of the world...
  • izuku
  • cailinhirsch
  • myheroacademia
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Fallout by Gracie_Writes_Books
Falloutby Hatsune Gracie
We fell out, but we came together.
  • cailin
  • midevil
  • friends
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Unfaithful (Justin Bieber Fan Fic) by swaggicalruchi
Unfaithful (Justin Bieber Fan Fic)by Swaggical
Cailin Russo is a 17 years old girl living in a small town named Virginia, U.S.A. with her parents and her elder sister. She is much of a fun loving girl just like norma...
  • cailin
  • justinbieberfanfic
  • bieber
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chains → j.m by rauhlswoe
chains → j.mby cam;☆
"If I gave you the chance to run away, would you do it?" "Yes."
  • justinbieber
  • jasonmccann
  • cailin
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schizophrenia by itstayl0r_
schizophreniaby itstayl0r_
"this is justin." i gestured to the blonde boy next to me, smiling at my mom. he squeezed my hand that was interlock with his lightly. confusion covere...
  • blonde
  • justinbieber
  • bieber
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IAH by Aoden-lykos
IAHby Aoden-lykos
This story is one that is special to me. I am trying to write something that I would love to read. Iah feels lost, not only does he not remember where he's from... he do...
  • past
  • moongrove
  • cailin
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Chemistry by SamanthaJaye27
Chemistryby Sam
Gemma Smoak, cousin to Felicity Smoak, worked hard at her job as a C.S.I for the Starling City Polic Department which is where she meets Barry Allen. Barry is the cute C...
  • cisco
  • harrison
  • city
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