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Someday by khadijahhafil
Somedayby khadijahhafil
We're all caged in someway Trying to break free of the chains Straining against the shackles To lose sight of all the pain We're all lost in our own way Trying to find a...
  • sadness
  • way
  • power
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Outside by purpleflame23
Outsideby Queen Cookie
........ I just wanna go outside. Why won't they let me'll wait for me right?
  • papa
  • sky
  • punishment
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Scribbled thoughts.  by LindsyThonger
Scribbled thoughts. by LindsyThonger
Drown along with me, my love.
  • piece
  • him
  • distance
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CAGED {True cover to come via by NasukraBTsuki
CAGED {True cover to come via Nasukra Tsuki
A secret, seven mysterious people in cages, and one curious princess.
  • adventure
  • anime
  • fantays
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Demon's Caged Ingénue by midnight_metal041
Demon's Caged Ingénueby Tempted by Satan
"He will set the world on fire for her and will never let a flame touch her but will he be able to save her from burning with his own flammable desires ..." ...
  • manan
  • devil
  • parth
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The Caged Bird Sings by FlameObsidian
The Caged Bird Singsby Naga
The story follows a young boy's life as it turns upside down. His stepmother and stepsister hate him and he derives courage and hope from a bluebird.
  • prison
  • stepmother
  • caged
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The Ultima by secrethorselover1022
The Ultimaby secretHorseLover1022
In my world, it's not to bad in some people's eyes. You have different kinds of people. The Mei'fwas, werewolves, and regular humans. It's a terrible life for me. I'm co...
  • meifwa
  • caged
  • controlled
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A Caged Bird with A Broken Wing by claudiatoyota
A Caged Bird with A Broken Wingby claudiatoyota
Caspian Anderson is your school prince. He is tall, has a good looks, boys want to be him, girls want to be his girlfriend. He is that kind of guy, so you sure know that...
  • bl
  • younglove
  • psychological
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Poetry that touches the heart,mind and soul by Meganlee07
Poetry that touches the heart, Meganlee07
you cant define poetry,but poetry can be defined through emotions that are expressed ,words that are written
  • cheating
  • caged
  • shattereddreams
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The Truth by Toxic_Fury
The Truthby Toxic_Fury
This is the only life I have known. So why now... is it changing?
  • caged
  • trapped
  • lies
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Unwritten Destiny by TheSilverNeko
Unwritten Destinyby Ms. Neko
Disgusted stares trained on me as I sit in a cage of my own filth. Mother didn't want me, he left me out to die. To rid herself of the sin that I am. Mother would never...
  • caged
  • master
  • wolfshifter
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The Caged Thoughts by lazy_weirdo
The Caged Thoughtsby Mr. Panda
Just short poems I ever thought but couldn't speak out loud Every person has some caged thoughts which are pushed in the very back of their mind..... I just...
  • random
  • poetry
  • wattys2019
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The Huntsman by ScarletMoon0143
The Huntsmanby Kenzie
Evangeline Locke always knew who she was. She was the Princess of Norïa, the one and only daughter of the King and Queen Locke. She was their only child and only heir t...
  • queen
  • caged
  • arrangedmarriage
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Caged by maycrusade
Cagedby maycrusade
In an old rural town in Japan where technology is sparse and myths are considered true lived a girl different from the rest. With her translucent silver hair and blood r...
  • japan
  • myth
  • romance
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A caged flower will still grow by YellowRoses453
A caged flower will still growby Yellow.Roses
Haruna was born as a slave to the demands of men and woman, after they were done with her she was sold off. Can Haruna survive this alone or will she need help. This is...
  • dull
  • caged
  • auction
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Purchased by eryherd23
Purchasedby eryherd23
In the future, 3015, werewolves are the leading race now, they rule the world now. After the war between humans and werewolves was ended and humans lost, werewolves took...
  • luna
  • werewolf
  • thriller
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Caged by AngelicaPenney
Cagedby Samantha Dills
Sami and her twin sister Shay move to South Korea halfway through their high school career. Though as they continue to get closer to the people within the school and fa...
  • caged
The Sun's Children by Tinkygg989
The Sun's Childrenby Zoey A5
Mia the daughter of a nurse, and the sister of an older brother. A perfectly peaceful family that lived in a comfortable home away from any civilization. But that's how...
  • summer
  • mai
  • love
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Unsaved by Goodkagirl
Unsavedby Maganda lang ako
Being unsaved, and cage from the past hurts.
  • caged
  • gettingtoknowyou
  • past
Rantings Of A Rattled Mind by _claec
Rantings Of A Rattled Mindby Mia
Crimson poetry and gray paragraphs, just a canvas I've spilled my shades onto.
  • sad
  • caged
  • dark
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