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Fake | Changlix by strayyxstayy
Fake | Changlixby ❦ 𝚢𝚞𝚞𝚔𝚒 ❦
[COMPLETED] He grabbed my wrist, pulling me and pinning me against the wall, whispering underneath his breath, "Lee Felix, be my boyfriend." "What the fuc...
Won't Let You Down (Book Two of The Unmatched Records) by WritersBlock039
Won't Let You Down (Book Two of Miss Moffat
"So, no matter what you need me for, no matter who or what you're facing, I will not let you down." ~ Oliver Queen, "One Call Away" Three months afte...
Love Bonds Us All by SamanthasExhaustion
Love Bonds Us Allby sam
What could one interview do for Kara? For Lena? A question everyone was asking.But Clark was with Kara that day, he saw the gleam in both of Kara and Lena's eyes, he had...
✧Wanda x Nightwing ✧ They didn't think that they could escape much less be rescued by a team of superheros. They were wrong. DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ✧Takes Pl...
Familie by sentient_bacon
Familieby sentient_bacon
Since Dick Grayson was five, he has been training to become an assassin. His mentor and father, is Slade Wilson; one of the most feared mercenaries in the world. Along w...
Faked - Supergirl AU by VY_Anti_Hero
Faked - Supergirl AUby AlexanderTheGreat
The final destruction of CADMUS begins with Kara having to make a difficult decision. She knows that Lillian will never stop trying to rid the world of Supergirl so what...
Alex Danvers by S3xySenpai
Alex Danversby S3xySenpai
Alex Danvers x Reader Aliens are on Earth. Not that you care. You just want to live in peace. And your doing just that. That is, until you get involved with a certain ag...
You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp) by superluthorcorp
You Are My Kryptonite (Supercorp)by superluthorcorp
At first, Kara and Lena both keep their feelings hidden from each other, but it doesn't last long. Falling would be easy, but staying together would be difficult.
Danvers Sister Stories (read description) by Haunteddays
Danvers Sister Stories (read Ghost
Stories mostly about the Danvers sisters, non romantic. These are multiple stories, in one book. I am working on the second one. #1 in Danverssisters 15/4/2019 Story 1:...
Lost, only to be found (Supergirl AU - Short Story) by VY_Anti_Hero
Lost, only to be found ( AlexanderTheGreat
Just a story in which Kara Danvers has a long-lost daughter. During a battle as Supergirl, she leaves her toddler unattended, giving Cadmus the opportunity to hurt Kara...
Injustice (Fourth Book: Faked, Truth, Justice, Injustice) by VY_Anti_Hero
Injustice (Fourth Book: Faked, AlexanderTheGreat
Here's the fourth book!!! Trigger warning, I'll explain in the Author's Note at the end of Recap Anyways, basically... Alex is grieving over losing Y/N, she takes out he...
The Reaper; Book Two by thatbookwormemily
The Reaper; Book Twoby Emily
Slick, the new guy Rose fond in her cell. He leads them through the snow, helping them survive until Batman and the others find them. What's his big secret? And will the...
Truth (Second Book: Faked, Truth) by VY_Anti_Hero
Truth (Second Book: Faked, Truth)by AlexanderTheGreat
In the Sequel to 'Faked', Kara must find a way to atone for all the pain she caused. That's all I can tell you, just read the book to find out what happens. I don't own...
The Other Experiment by enggirl27
The Other Experimentby Blue Jay
Superboy wasn't the only one Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad found at Cadmus. But why does she resemble the Batman? And what does The League of Assassins have to do with...
The Renegade by Ryan_McShizzle
The Renegadeby Ryan_McShizzle
Percy Jackson is the 12 year old half Brother of King Triton. He's Half Atlantean and Half Human. The only one of his kind. Which is why Cadmus took such interest in him...
Superlass (A YJ Fanficton) ON HOLD by drac_hoe
Superlass (A YJ Fanficton) ON HOLDby needs more coffee
All Subject S2's life, all sixteen weeks of it, she knew nothing besides what the G-Gnomes fed to her. She had never opened her eyes, never truly heard someone speak to...
Broken Hearts by KaraFanficAndStuff
Broken Heartsby KaraFanficAndStuff
||SEQUEL TO LENA FINDS OUT (ONE SHOT)||After a great tragedy between Supergirl, Alex, Cadmus, and the world, the Girl of Steel is dead. She was struck by the evilness of...
Renegade: Cadmus Is Home by sentient_bacon
Renegade: Cadmus Is Homeby sentient_bacon
This story is discontinued! But the rewrite is out! It's called "Familie". Go check it out! It's like this but a bit different! ❤️ Dick has lived at Cadmus for...
Red Death« (A Superboy/Conner Kent love story)  by ForeverLaidy
Red Death« (A Superboy/Conner ForeverLaidy
He had yet to meet the monstrosity he's invested millions into... That he helped create. She vowed to herself two things long ago. One, that she would leave the place...
Raiders of a Lost Heart by WallyBoswell
Raiders of a Lost Heartby Wally Boswell
Lena Luthor and Eliza Danvers were killed in an explosion ten years ago. Kara Danvers and Supergirl left National City for parts unknown a year later. She and Lara Croft...