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Cayde-6 In Remanant (Fanfiction Destiny x RWBY) Volume 1 by HootMeOwl
Cayde-6 In Remanant (Fanfiction Loaf
What if Cayde never died? If Cayde wasn't in the Prison Of Elders. If he was thrown into another dimension by the Vex? If Cayde was never saved by our Guardian from the...
Remnants  by Goldengun2002
Remnants by The Gunslinger
The War between the light and the dark is over, though the toll was great. The moon shattered, planets decimated, and the continents of Earth reshaped. Many hundreds of...
Rwby x Destiny crossover volume 3 by saltybot
Rwby x Destiny crossover volume 3by saltybot
After the events of volume 2, the entire city of Vale is on the edge. The vytal festival is now just around the corner and The White Fang and the Cabal are planning some...
The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Hunter In Remnant) (ON HAITUS) by aceofspadeswielder
The Lone Wolf (Male Reader Skully1562
As a young hunter is patroling he finds a fatal Hive ritual that killed 5 gaurdians, but he gets teleported to an unknown land. How will the young wolf fare against unkn...
Destiny Characters X Reader Lemon Oneshots by MsChomperTheChomp
Destiny Characters X Reader JarOfDirtGang
Love the characters from Destiny? Here is a Fanfiction book full of your favorite characters.
The Undead Princess by ashleystagram
The Undead Princessby ash
Red Skull has formed a group of elite supervillains now known as the Cabal. They will stop at nothing to destroy the Avengers. Unknown to our heroes, the Cabal has a sec...
Cayde-6 X Reader  by _-Spyro-_
Cayde-6 X Reader by Parker-6A5
after waking up in old Russia and being told that she was supposed to defend the world with her light, (Y/N) was strapped in from the moment she woke up for a wild ride...
Death To The Cabal (A Destiny Fanfiction) by NamesWires
Death To The Cabal (A Destiny Wires is a tomato
This is a fan story of the popular video game Destiny. The three characters in this story are my three guardians from the game, in game, they'd never meet, but this is h...
Our New Destiny by XYZangel26
Our New Destinyby XYZangel26
When Naruto finds himself brought back to life with foggy memories of his past, he sets out to find what is going on. Along the way, he runs into a strange cult that see...
RWBY x Destiny crossover volume 4 by saltybot
RWBY x Destiny crossover volume 4by saltybot
Beacon has fallen. Our Guardians light, friends and even his Ghost, are gone. He only has one lead to getting some of what he lost back, and that's his greatest threat y...
Dark Guardian  by hellhound2356
Dark Guardian by hellhound2356
It starts in space let's go!
The Strongest Gamer became a Game Character by TranslatorSensei
The Strongest Gamer became a Blank
Have you been playing a game non-stop for 20 years? Me? Yeah but sadly it'll in end after being around for 20years. At least that's what I thought. Disclaimer: This Nov...
The Death of Hope: Shattered Past Book 6 (Destiny 2) by FactOrFunction
The Death of Hope: Shattered UWantARefund
The annihilation of the Hive from two years ago left the world at peace finally. With the death of James-17 hopefully being the final nail in the coffin, leaving the wor...
Inevitable Affection by MsMario317
Inevitable Affectionby Linny
This is a Destiny Fanfiction with Romantic Themes between a Female Awoken Guardian and Vafkis(The Fallen Vendor from the House of Wolves DLC). If you dislike these types...
The First of the Dead by abuchkowsky
The First of the Deadby Artiom Buchkowsky
The Red Legion is poised to attack the usurpers that stole the Traveler's light. But who will be on the tip their brutal assault?
Destiny 2: Guardians' Hangout by IronLords
Destiny 2: Guardians' Hangoutby The Iron Order
A book for guardians to find other guardians, set up schedules for raids, clans, and more! Also a place to share opinions, theories, newfound lore, or just hangout.
Authors & Scribes - The legendary late bloomer by Oren_L
Authors & Scribes - The Oren Lomena
David Anwar Robinson Quillen always felt disconnected from his life, almost as if he were living someone else's. Then came the book, and with it's release, the mediocre...
The Last Light by caution22
The Last Lightby Gatekeeper
(This is a Destiny fanfic so enjoy) The ghosts drones of the traveler, sent to revive the worlds best fighters. Warlocks, Titans, and Hunters. A newly resurrected hunter...
Destiny grimorio by DamianOlaveSkoljarev
Destiny grimorioby Chanchoman
el grimorio de destiny 1y2 lo mas ordenado y claro posible