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Cock destroyer (Makoto x Byakuya) by mmpickles
Cock destroyer (Makoto x Byakuya)by Pickles
This is first fanfic Probably gonna be cringe what am I doing with my life?? 😩
Help / Naegami story by That_one_catboy_
Help / Naegami storyby Oli
I don't own any of the characters in this story just the bad plot and terrible writing. I literally looked up the words naegami and chose the first photo as the cover im...
a perfect duo || naegami mastermind by emmaavstro
a perfect duo || naegami mastermindby ben
spoilers!!! there is also slight kissing scenes.
Genocider Makoto x Byakuya Oneshot by DanganronpaTrash0
Genocider Makoto x Byakuya Oneshotby DanganronpaTrash0
Sorry if I'm not the best. This is my first story. And I'm just Naegami Trash. No smut ever. This is a wholesome place. I guess Genocider Makoto x Byakuya? This is basic...
Too cute to comprehend [Byakuya x Makoto]  by iiginsimagination
Too cute to comprehend [Byakuya iiginsimagination
⚠️WARNINGS / TRIGGERS: I plan to write things with cursing, attempted murder, and torture in the future, but this story hasn't been developed very far so nothing extreme...
A cup of love by DA_Nagito_Komaeda
A cup of loveby DA_Nagito_Komaeda
Makoto Naegi was a young adult in his early twenties that worked as a barista in a coffee shop called 'A Latte Love'. Cheesy, yeah, but it was the best he could do at th...
Surprise! It's Me~ | AU Mastermind!Makoto Naegi by Detective_xoxo
Surprise! It's Me~ | AU 𝕂𝕒𝕣𝕤𝕠𝕟
The SHSL Despair/Lucky Student, Makoto Naegi has always wanted to cause despair! And he finally does with his two buddies, Junko Enoshima and Mukuro Ikusaba with a killi...
Library Love || A byakuya x makoto fanfiction ✔️ by Mak0t0Naeggi
Library Love || A byakuya x Offical makoto
This book is finished! I'm going to make a second book very soon so stay tuned for that! There is NSFW in this so I'll put warnings for that! Art is mine!
hanahaki » naegami by rqsievlne-
hanahaki » naegamiby 𓂃҂ akira✧˖˚ 🌷꒷꒦
❝ i love you! ❞ chapters atm - 14. , working on 15. ( planning on ending at chapter 16 )
💕💫 Danganronpa Naegami Oneshots 💫💕 by Bootsectorinfector
💕💫 Danganronpa Naegami bootsectorinfector
{OLD BOOK} title explains it all! i love naegami and i want to do some shippy things with it will take requests ❤💕
21 QUESTIONS | NAEGAMI by MsSleepyKiller
21 QUESTIONS | NAEGAMIby The Moonsickness System
Byakuya Togami has never felt particularly fond of Makoto, in fact, he may even say that he dislikes the boy. However, when they're forced together on a school project...
Master. by TaigaAisakaSimp
#12 mistki
hi this is the cringest thing i made forgive me for this you horny fucks
A Tsundere's affection by dahliamcmc
A Tsundere's affectionby dahliamcmc
A fluff story taking place shortly after Sakura's trial shipping Makoto and Byakuya, from Byakuya and the narrator's perspective
Trying His Luck by HoneyBuddah707
Trying His Luckby CEO Of Mahipeko
Naegami Oneshot as a WTIY prize for Dogey07 Never written Naegami before so hope this is cool aha. . .
Romancing an Heir? by RockinT765
Romancing an Heir?by RockinT765
Byakuya Togami definitely doesn't have a crush on Makoto Naegi. And, he definitely doesn't act on it. Definitely.
MAKOTO NAEGI IS MINE OWO - a Naegami and Naegiri story  by caca_poopie_shartOwO
MAKOTO NAEGI IS MINE OWO - a liquid Diarrhea
Byakuya Togami and Kyoko Kirigiri are fighting for Makoto Naegi's love. Who will win? Read to find out. SPOILERS FOR DANGANRONPA THH Don't steal my story smh Completed...
Just Another Danganronpa Chat Fic by reesecomic13
Just Another Danganronpa Chat Ficby reesecomic13
I know that there are PLENTY of Danganronpa chat fics out there but please give this one a read if you want to!
L-Word // Naegami by saihqra
L-Word // Naegamiby saihqra
"I love you, Makoto. I never thought I'd be saying this but I enjoy your company."
Just another love story by Sailor_riot
Just another love storyby sailor_riot
Cover art doesn't belong to me! If you know who it belongs to then please tell me so I can credit them. This is just another neagami story with Makoto and Byakuya have a...
Library Love 2 || a naegami fanfiction  by Mak0t0Naeggi
Library Love 2 || a naegami Offical makoto
Hii so this is book two to "library love". Basically this is them in the future, I'm still working on the cover and I haven't thought of a name for the book ye...