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Love wins in the end (Shubman gill x Ishan Kishan) by KangJenShi
Love wins in the end (Shubman gill...by Kang jen-shi
Coming up:::: "Take it off." Shubman demands. "What?" Ishan is confused. "Your shirt. I want it off, now." ... STARTED : 4/12/2003 ENDED :
Horrid Henry x Rude Ralph comics by DooDooPooKeye
Horrid Henry x Rude Ralph comicsby DooDooPooKeye
HELP IVE BEEN READING SND MAKING SO MUCH STORIES RECENTLY. Anyways I only made this bcuz I wanted to be the first to upload these pictures/comics onto here (like who wou...
Be (With) You by Sandeep1743
Be (With) Youby Sandeep1743
James looked at her, his blue eyes staring at her with passion and love. "I...I don't know," Nora said. "What do you mean?" James asked, the gleam i...
[BL] Sugar Baby // Second Generation Sugar by yoonimap
[BL] Sugar Baby // Second Generati...by Lulu💕♠️
Alternative Title: 糖二代 Author: 莫里 Status: 110 Chapters + 10 Extras Qiu Qiu comes from a scholarly family. He is handsome, has a good personality, and has excellent grade...
[BL] Lick Me Up If You Can by yoonimap
[BL] Lick Me Up If You Canby Lulu💕♠️
Alternative Title: 릭 미 업 이프 유 갠 Author: ZIG Status: 216 Chapters School idol, Ashley Miller. One day, Connor Niles, who has a timid personality and no friends, becomes d...
[BL] Gomtaeng Hunting Method by yoonimap
[BL] Gomtaeng Hunting Methodby Lulu💕♠️
Alternative Title: 곰탱이 사냥법 Author: 라쉬 Status: 18 Chapters Joo Heeseol is a rising actor who knows nothing except acting and his wish is to be crushed by a big man. Hees...
Through The Eyes Of A Wolf by DreamXD1092
Through The Eyes Of A Wolfby AmoLasFlores
Levi, a meek; but strong boy is accidently caught up in a fantasy world of werewolves. But memories start to pop up in his mind to make him think. Was he really human in...
Stranger things: New POV by Thegriffinpuff
Stranger things: New POVby Hj Cool Stories
Dylan Walker, Marcus Henderson, Julia Sinclair and Bruce Green are out cats High-school, trying to navigate the few years of their High-school life while also their peac...
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The Troublemaker by scarlett4509
The Troublemakerby scarlett4509
This story is also on Chapter Interactive!!! Dylan Young is Elkstown, a small town, biggest troublemaker. Everyone knew his name, even if he didn't know your name. He is...
Our Love Story [BxB] by JaviiGacii
Our Love Story [BxB]by Javii
Just like other Wattpad love stories where friendships turn into lovers and enemies turn into lovers. These 4 people, Nathan, Kevin, Aiden, and Zane are childhood frien...
HEART FOR BRAINS: the walking dead by JA3FILMS
HEART FOR BRAINS: the walking deadby JA3FILMS
The one where Daryl finds a kid who is, most definitely, not Sophia. "You shouldn't get attached to him, you never know what could happen, that's all." Daryl l...
As Old as time, second part by CoolCat3646
As Old as time, second partby Cool Cat :3
What would happen if Harry Potter had a brother and he is the boy who lived ? What if he had already had 22 lives and he remembers them all? Travel through time as he g...
roleplay book of my male subs by nightmartdragi
roleplay book of my male subsby nightmaredrago
has femboys and regular males
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Dark Secrets Underneath the Surface by Katsuki_Bakugo207
Dark Secrets Underneath the Surfaceby Katsuki Bakugo
Harry instead of being taken to go live with his aunt and uncle in the muggle world got taken to live in some rich wizard house when he was a baby for his safety and bec...
Yes Your Majesty by diekann
Yes Your Majestyby diekann
Minho woke up in a bright, white room of emptiness. A woman who serenely wears a blue dress gave him a smile. "Your awesome back there!" Minho sighs. "I...
Love & You - Ateez bxb oneshot by LinaWany
Love & You - Ateez bxb oneshotby ninasmall
Ateez ships oneshot and please don't judge hehet Ateez bxb oneshot!!!
Blossoming Bonds by EroticSensation
Blossoming Bondsby EroticSensation
In a society where the omegaverse dynamics shape relationships, we follow the story of Kazuki Sakurai, a diligent and caring single omega parent. After tragically losing...
Femboys. by 1-800-Alejandro
Femboys.by ☃️Alejandro
the reasons.
Silent Cry by aurora00325
Silent Cryby aurora00325
I'll listen to your silent cry So that you don't get tired in a lost corner of your heart Through the cracks in the door of that poorly closed space called 'you' There i...