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Beyblade Burst Series Scenarios And Randomness  by PutriAleya05
Beyblade Burst Series Scenarios An...by PUTRI ALEYA MAISARA
All of my followers are my OC's in this book....😄😄😄ENJOY....😊😊😊
Beyblade Burst by RosellaDeLaHoya
Beyblade Burstby RosellaDeLaHoya
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Would You LOVE me? (Valt X Lui)  by Call_Me_Aini
Would You LOVE me? (Valt X Lui) by Aini_Playz
What would happen if Lui is Valt childhood best friend before Shu become Valt best friend? What would be Shu reaction if he find out that Lui,his first enemy turn out to...
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I'm a dying rose and and your in bloom - suoh genji x reader  by gorgeouseLea
I'm a dying rose and and your in b...by gorgeouseLea
Via kristi is part of the beigoma academy bey club and one of Fubuki Sumieye and Suoh Genji's best and oldest friends Via kristi's has been the oldest member of the bei...
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os » beyblade burst ! by Takingyouruwus
os » beyblade burst !by 「Kashikoi」
Credit to @-anaxtaetic for this wonderful cover! Not gonna add the description, find out yourself = ̄ω ̄=
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Beyblade Burst Oneshots by xXGreatOtakuXx
Beyblade Burst Oneshotsby Anime Fan!
Here ya go. That's all I have to say. Wait, one more thing Please don't request lemons or smuts or anything like that, and don't ask for fluff unless you want to tell me...
How did she get here? by Actoroffoxes
How did she get here?by this is a sad h## so please l...
this is a book about my character and @Avanni_Cinders characters
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The Last Hope  by daisycutebird
The Last Hope by meh ships ;-)
You get the point here ;-) Also I added my ocs~~~ And this is my first story so be nice okay! There will music too.
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Journey Through Realization (Beyblade Burst God x Reader) by LuckyValt
Journey Through Realization (Beybl...by 蒼井バルト
After being recruited for BC Sol, Valt and [Name] head out for a brand new adventure! New friends! New rivals! New enemies! And new challenges! However, With the letter...
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(Multiple games x the rising of the shield hero) the sixth hero by newwolf303
(Multiple games x the rising of th...by geno 303
this book is inspired by The Gunslinger: Rise of the Shield Hero X Male Reader Erron Black, made by @Outlaw_hunter, so please read his book, I don't own any of the franc...
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Welcome To My Trash Book by Actoroffoxes
Welcome To My Trash Bookby this is a sad h## so please l...
This is in a new account so this is trash and unknown too okay!
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Eyes Only For Him by -OtakuDreamer-
Eyes Only For Himby teme&dobe
"It's been a while." "It really has, huh, (y/n)?" -------------------------------- After the God Blader's Cup, (y/n) (l/n), also known as the best bl...
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Battle Spirits Rising Soul by Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
Battle Spirits Rising Soulby Kaitou_Mighty_ZX
A boy named Kazuma Takeru went to Musashi. He is a S-rank battler that entering every battle and every journey he'll found new friend and new enemies. He is a burning fi...
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beyblade burst oneshots  by skcm3108
beyblade burst oneshots by Mithra kannan
I want to make some short stories so let's start reading!
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Random fantexts for Beyblade Burst by awwmaeeen
Random fantexts for Beyblade Burstby 何?!
A hobby writing. Critiques are appreciated. :) I'm no way professional at writing lol It's just for fun. I'm not taking requests until the otherwise is said in one of pa...
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BeyBlade Burst OneShots by Kyion_
BeyBlade Burst OneShotsby kya !!
Request is open !!
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The Scary Vsco Girl by MysticNightss
The Scary Vsco Girlby FloatingStars
this is a story about my scary vsco neighbor/friend.
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Rantbook d'une fille diabolique😈🖤 by otakudiabolique
Rantbook d'une fille diabolique😈🖤by ❤️ Otaku diabolique ❤️
Kikou les gens ! Bon j'ai décidé d'écrire mon rantbook car je m'ennuie et que j'ai pu d'inspiration pour ma fanfic !Alors voici un grand mélange de n'importe quoi où je...
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oneshots » beyblade burst (( DISCONTINUED!! )) by superoptimus
oneshots » beyblade burst (( DISCO...by heidi
REQUESTS ALWAYS OPEN! ( except now ) though i procrastinate too much on these heh i haven't been keeping up with beyburst anymore ( is that what the popular kids on here...
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Beyblade Burst Neo by Gemini1112
Beyblade Burst Neoby Gemini1112
Satoru dreams of becoming the best beyblader in the world. Along with his sister Valerie and his friends Rai, Winifred, and Daiki, they strive to the best but don't do i...
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