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My Dear...| Hamilton One Shots by LamsBaby
My Dear...| Hamilton One Shotsby 🤪Rat Boy🤪
Y'all REALLY think I'm gonna stop at 100?! >:3 Cover art not mine!
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Hamilton One-Shots/ Lams One-Shots by likeatable
Hamilton One-Shots/ Lams One-Shotsby clock it the house
okay okay let me burn this book... it's okay at the end for half a seconds but the rest is messy but ppl seem to not mind. if you're looking for oneshots and barley any...
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I love him by Gay1freckled5turtle
I love himby Gay Freckled Turtle
One mansion and six different guys, will they be able to resist the charms of their new roomate? Will they just fall for him? but most importantly...Who will he choose?
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Wonderland! (Jamilburrens) by Jamilams_BecauseIcan
Wonderland! (Jamilburrens)by Jamilburrens Enthusiast
Thomas, Aaron, Alexander, and John all shared a dorm room semi-happily. That is, until Aaron found a book under the shelf at the library and decided to take it home. He...
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Hamilton smooot by Local_Theater_Trash
Hamilton smoootby •Gay_uwu_bean•
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Hamilton ship Oneshots!  by burnlettersnightly
Hamilton ship Oneshots! by Home of sexual
Just a collection of short stories because i can never commit
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Hamilton Oneshots by Ansgty
Hamilton Oneshotsby Mess
Requests are open! Ships I probably wont do: Hamliza, Thomagelica, Lams, Kingbury. Ships I will do: Burrmads, Jamilton, Burrens, Hamburr, Marliza, Any ships other than t...
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Hamilton book of ships by tishchan
Hamilton book of shipsby Tish Chan :3
this has every single ship in Hamilton, and if I forgot one you guys can tell me mk enjoy
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Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships  by Nights_And_Stars
Hamilton Reacts to Hamilton Ships by Hunter FoxWood
Sweetheart.... Please... look at the title...
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Random hamilton oneshots (requests) by Fluent_in_FRENCH
Random hamilton oneshots (requests)by FluentInFrench
Random oneshots. Angst, fluff, smut. (Not good with smut)
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Burrens Shorts by Cat_Livingstone
Burrens Shortsby Cat Livingstone
Just a Few Burrens shorts, I'll Consider Requests if I get others
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And One More Makes 5 (A Hamilton Fanfiction) by EPIgirl
And One More Makes 5 (A Hamilton F...by AccidentalQueenOfTheUniverse
Alexander, John, Hercules and Lafayette are happy. Aaron Burr is not. (Or, the one where Burr is in love with every member of the Revolutionary Squad and is dying inside...
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Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story by RandomUsername666
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells You...by apprentice fluff
Everyone wants to be remembered, no one wants to be forgotten. Death can take some early though, before a legacy for them can be forged. Dying as a martyr isn't the wors...
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Hamilton oneshots by reyziec
Hamilton oneshotsby 🌹jay🌹
Hamilton A freaking great fandom One-Shot A short story •may contain fluff, angst, smut•
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Backstage  by Laurens_Interlude
Backstage by John
Whoop here's a book of random Hamilton one shots!
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Hamilton ship views (DISCONTINUED) by tryingtodiee
Hamilton ship views (DISCONTINUED)by Melody
My opinions on Hamilton ships, the reasons behind them, and basically thats it. Don't read this if you're not prepared for opinions that might differ from your own. Al...
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7 DÅYS ( poly.rev squad+ open relationship) by hannahscott12
7 DÅYS ( poly.rev squad+ open rela...by {°^°}LAMS{°^°}
7 days to save the world from King. 7 days to save my brother from King. 7 days to ask my boyfriend's for help to stop King. 7...... days. s.H.i.T......
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Love is Love || Hamilton One-Shots by AngelieFictions
Love is Love || Hamilton One-Shotsby 💛Angelie💛
(COVER PAGE IN THE WORKS CURRENTLY) Hey, pssst Do you like Hamilton: An American Musical? Do you also have a few favorite ships? If so, here's the book just for that! He...
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