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The Alphas Guard by bubblegumfog
The Alphas Guardby steve from minecraft
❝Her eyes spoke more than her lips moved.❞ After her pack is brutally taken over, Leila is forced to reside in the untamed lands of the Lycan kingdom where only those wh...
Hate To Love You by GlamoursMe
Hate To Love Youby ☆ 𝑅𝒶𝓎𝒶 || 𝑳𝒂𝒛𝒚 𝑩𝒆𝒂...
(Love Series#1) I fell on my knees on the floor and threw my phone on the wall after hearing him. I was too late to know what had I done. I laughed then suddenly started...
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi || The Runaway Bride by Queenly_JD
Kakuriyo no Yadomeshi || The Runaw...by Sunshine Jaycel ✔️
"Tsubaki Aoi, you have now ran out of time my dear.." As the last petal falls from Aoi's gift from Odanna, the Tenjin ya's master she realizes that she ran out...
Listen to my dark whispers (TAEJIN) by AkiracchiWonderweiss
Listen to my dark whispers (TAEJIN)by AstroloJIN JIN HAREM CANCELS...
#AzureAwards2018 #KficsAward #faceyourselfawards Heyyyyoooo people! I'm up again with my dark ol' tragedy story...cuz that's all I can make ?? but I can assure its good ...
WOMAN  by tejalgoyal
WOMAN by PoetrySmitten
A collection of poem on Women, their strengths, their perils, their desires, the crime against them and everything encircling women *Mention in the Mystical Awards 2018*
Stardust by luna_star21
Stardustby luna_star
Poetry written among the stars "Like stars, we dream to emit light and expel our energy, " "As one day, we will be lost in our own supernova." Starte...
BOOK COVERS ↝ CLOSED by Infectious_Mortals
Look at later parts to see what I'm capable of now :) ❧ Title of book ❧ Summary of the book - I will most likely read your book if published but just in case ❧ Genre/ T...
the Missing Memories by rudiemae
the Missing Memoriesby rudiemae
How is it possible to wake up with nothing to remember? When nightmares became part of reality. Would you still want to uncover the past even if it would cost the pres...
 Just A Little Too Not Over You (YoonJin/Namjin) by AkiracchiWonderweiss
Just A Little Too Not Over You (Y...by AstroloJIN JIN HAREM CANCELS...
#inspired. By David Archuleta's Little too not over you #faceyourselfawards They were happy. The happiest couple. Too perfect .....To be ...True... Wait till jealousy f...
Burning Passion 2018 Awards by BurningPassion_Com
Burning Passion 2018 Awardsby Burning Passion
Open (❌) closed (✔) judging (✔) Welcome to the Burning Passion Awards 2018! All genres are available! But for each genre, there are judges. Please follow he rules and re...
Mystical Cascade by AnushkaSharma3171
Mystical Cascadeby Anushka Sharma
A special tale of readers. This story is of early Mystiques. "One must always be careful of books and what's inside them, for words have the power to change us.&qu...
Shadow Wars by Wolf2590
Shadow Warsby Wolf2590
A young boy in the year 2107, is called "weakling", "weird" and also titled as a "curr" and "desgrace to his people".... He was b...
FANTASY (WATTYS2018)  by _Christy97_
FANTASY (WATTYS2018) by StellaAndrew ステラ
Leading a Teenage life could be a handful. Crushes, Girl friends, homeworks, dates, sibling war, Mom arguments and so much more to add up to the list. Having to go throu...
Always Only You (Rewriting) by Nikithasuz123
Always Only You (Rewriting)by Nikithasuz123
He found me. "You came for me," my voice cracks as I fling myself onto him. I feel comforted just taking in his scent. "Are you okay?" he softly asks...
STRANGERS by russel_kng
STRANGERSby Sahiko King
A normal guy named Harry Fordé is a person who have his normal life- having a perfect job as a model, contented on his apartment, happy with his dog named Eggsy, and alw...
A sneak peak  by outroshambhavii
A sneak peak by Shambhavi Kulkarni
Poetry is when your emotion has found it's thought and the thought has found it's words. ~Robert Frost🍃 Hope you guys enjoy this book:) Feel free to leave a comment an...
Quotes And Thoughts |🔵 by witzy901
Quotes And Thoughts |🔵by Witzy901
A book of quotes and thoughts - - - Quotes that inspires me ; thoughts that I want to say aloud. - - - Tried to make book with quotes of inspiration and my thoughts to...
Behind closed doors by dreaming4books
Behind closed doorsby dreaming4books
After Amy got kicked out of her house she moved to New York City. However, the first day on her own in a new place changed her life for good. Nothing can go back to norm...
The hidden truth  by alizehshah
The hidden truth by alizehshah
Katherine's life is a constant surge of twists and turns as her family decides to send her to a place far from the dangers of her village only to disclose a secret long...
Real Is Unreal  by AnushkaSharma3171
Real Is Unreal by Anushka Sharma
Strange isn't so much strange. Truth sometimes is a mountain on your heart. Maybe your whole life being a lie Isn't just a dialogue, because if something was never there...