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Broadway Love by Rivernugget
Broadway Loveby Lota 👩
Betty and Jughead are amazed by the world of music and acting. That's exactly what brings the two childhood friends together. Or... When Alice gets a call from her best...
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50 Shades of Louise by yaspaz
50 Shades of Louiseby Bitch #1
Many of you might think Louise from bob's burgers was just another girl going through puberty and refused to believe that she had a crush on some guy in a boy band... WE...
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Seventeen || louigan by desmadres
Seventeen || louiganby 백현
you see people differently when you're seventeen.
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funny lines from bobs burgers  by simplygreaserlogical
funny lines from bobs burgers by simplygreaserlogical
Bob's burgers quotes
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𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐫   ⃔  ˢᵛᵗ by -vernun
𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐮𝐫𝐠𝐞𝐫 ⃔ ˢᵛᵗby 天使
for the last time we don't sell tacos!
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Secrets ♥~♡~♥ Chubby America X Reader by KittenSupanova
Secrets ♥~♡~♥ Chubby America X Rea...by Brianna Roe
WARNING: Gets quite ANGST at some points.
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summer love louise x Logan  by JasmynMurphy
summer love louise x Logan by idk
this is my second louigan story but I decided to stop the first one and right this one.
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Supernatural Imagines by xXxEmo_KittenxXx
Supernatural Imaginesby Jailyn M. Lucero
Some Supernatural imagines! Yay! There is no smut in this book and these are my first SPN imagines ever. Um yeah. Disclaimer: I own none of the spn characters or the s...
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The Best Lines From Bobs Burgers by Seashell1003
The Best Lines From Bobs Burgersby Sea
I have a slight addiction to this show and this is my book of favorite lines. ❤️
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Bobs burgers X reader by CandyFoxyWolf
Bobs burgers X readerby Soft Boy Deku
You're Y/n L/n, a famous singing pop star, and Boo boos older sister! You've decided to go back to school, conveniently at Wagstaff! You meet Louise first and that's whe...
Mille's Infatuation | Yandere!Millie Frock x Louise Belcher  by thatCutesyPie2
Mille's Infatuation | Yandere!Mill...by thatCutesyPie2
(16+) Mille's obsession for Louise grew even stronger as time passed. She has fallen completely in love with the black-haired girl and wants to keep her all to herself...
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Hamburglar self pleasure story by OHareAirfan66
Hamburglar self pleasure storyby OHareAirfan66
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Burgers by winnderful
Burgersby left twix
in which a boy orders burgers and a girl serves him. book three in the foodie series ☀ lowercase intended ☀
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My collection of lemons by iiKKennethii
My collection of lemonsby Kenneth.
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skater boy ⇒ louigan by ryuz6ki
skater boy ⇒ louiganby just a girl
a wrong number gone right.
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Mixed Emotions ~ Logan x Louise (Bob's Burgers) by MillionthRainbowSky
Mixed Emotions ~ Logan x Louise (B...by ☁ Zen ☁
Louise Belcher, the young burger girl, had a study date with some weirdo from school. She soon finds out that it was a big mistake; and an even bigger mistake to ask her...
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Bob's Burgers " meeting after 15 years later " ( Logan x Louise ) by Medinajezebel23
Bob's Burgers " meeting after 15 y...by Jezebel Medina
Logan and Louise are friends but what Logan didn't know was the Louise was in love with him. after Logan decide to marry at the age of 21, what would Louise do after fin...
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A Fine Line by xXHumanPotatoXx
A Fine Lineby HumanPotato
It was only a brush to the cheek, barely even a peck. But it was enough to make her want to slap him. A Fine Line Between Love and Hate. All Rights Reserved, I don't o...
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Bob's Burgers Fan Fiction #1 - Baby Maybe? by Shining_SHINee8012
Bob's Burgers Fan Fiction #1 - Bab...by Shining_SHINee8012
Linda Belcher is pregnant and the Belcher family is working hard to prepare for the new baby! Everyone is excited except for the youngest, Louise, she will do anything i...
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My littel Bad boy dancer❤(Tina×Jimmy Jr by Samanthagummybear309
My littel Bad boy dancer❤(Tina×Jim...by Samanthagummybear309
when tina goes to high school and meets new peapole and Trans form tina in to a new person and tina hasn't seen Jimmy jr in years because of that big thing ( read the r...
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