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LOVE STORY - From Fighting Everytime With Her To Fight With Everyone For Her...  by Jenisundar
LOVE STORY - From Fighting Everyti...by Jeni...kutty...
This is a short story...this story is based on actual kumkum bhagya track...
ABHIGYA THE DELIMMA by blackee2001
pragya is mermaid deferent from humans but loves humans a lot... she always wants to get close to people but the fear of getting killed by humans don't allowed her to do...
FAITH ON MY TRUE LOVE ❤ by subagokul118
FAITH ON MY TRUE LOVE ❤by ❤SubaDharshini
A Episode in Policeman's Life Abhi Being a Police Officer (ACP) & Pragya Being a Teacher! What will Happen if they Crosses Path? To know More Peep In!
DROWNING IN YOUR LOVE ❤ by subagokul118
DROWNING IN YOUR LOVE ❤by ❤SubaDharshini
Both Abhi and Pragya Love each Other. They Married Each other without the Wish Of their Parents. To know More Peep in!
Gangster's Love  by Cutidevil
Gangster's Love by neeha
HE is a Gangster.. SHE is a...... What happens when they cross their path... Two individuals with different mindset... Can they be ever together.. Who is she... Wha...
ABHIGYA'S LIFE by JagyasheniRoy
ABHIGYA'S LIFEby Jagyasheni Roy
It's a collection of Abhigya os .
Hum dono kahin pey mil Jain gay ek din by Abhigyathebestjodi
Hum dono kahin pey mil Jain gay ek...by Abhilovehispragya❤️😘
Pragya is illiterate and marries abhi as her sister run away from wedding
Vivah  by Cutidevil
Vivah by neeha
Vivah... The sacred thing and the most beautiful thing in human life... It's the best moment in one's life.. It not only unites two people but two families... Such a...
HIS OBSESSION  by Cutidevil
A possessive Arrogant jerk hero... A psychopath villan... A understanding fiance.. And.... A innocent kindhearted angel.. What happens when the three boys are after...
Broken but Beautiful  by Cutidevil
Broken but Beautiful by neeha
Broken.... Beautiful... These two words are not related to each other... But.. Can Broken be ever Beautiful.. Let's join the journey of these two beautiful broken so...
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Forbidden feelings  by Cutidevil
Forbidden feelings by neeha
Life is not bed of roses We don't get anything so easily.. On the same way.... We will get what is us even after lot of difficulties... To know more peep inside
ABHIGYA FF ANGEL IN MY LIFE 💑 by subagokul118
Rewriting of kumkumbhagya story from the beginning... To know more peep in ...
WILL EVER UNITE??  by subagokul118
WILL EVER UNITE?? by ❤SubaDharshini
Rewriting of kumkumbhagya leap.. But not 20 years but 3 years......What will happen If Pragya And Abhi crosses their Path After 3 years?? Will they Come to Know about...
LOVING MY BULLY... by kannammakathal
LOVING MY BULLY...by kannamma
This is my third story on Abhigya... This is a story of college students.. He is a bully of her.. that's it... to know more.. sneek into the story..
Lovable Life by JagyasheniRoy
Lovable Lifeby Jagyasheni Roy
A simple easy going girl when got her soulmate.A simple short love story.No villain
Ishq   by Cutidevil
Ishq by neeha
The beautiful feeling in the world is "love". The beautiful experience or feeling of a person is being loved by someone.
A Question He Never Asked... by Jenisundar
A Question He Never Asked...by Jeni...kutty...
Abhigya Three Shot- School love is the most pure and innocent love... lucky are they who could print the same names on their wedding cards which they written on their s...
You Are My Destiny by shwathii
You Are My Destinyby shwathii
Pragya and Abhi, both have likely different pasts.. When both enter into a bond of marriage, what they will do?? they both don't like each other nor they do have atleast...
TS - TWISTED FATE  by subagokul118
TS - TWISTED FATE by ❤SubaDharshini
Its three shots story about our AbhiGya What will happen if pragya comes into Abhi's life before One month of his marriage??? What will happen in their Twisted Fate...