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I will always find you  by tillowalber
I will always find you by tillowalber
Willow thinks Tara's dead. Tara thinks Willow's dead. What happens when five years later Willow promised her daughter they'd go to Sunnydale to visit her Momma's grave?
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Twisted Tristan by xanderking1994
Twisted Tristanby The Self Proclaimed King
The worst thing that ever happened to Buffy Summers was losing her son when he was just a newborn baby until one day he returned to her only to prove the truly worst thi...
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Dear Friend ~ Meet my OCs by Christine-Grey
Dear Friend ~ Meet my OCsby Christine
"Don't let it end, dear friend" These are the characters I have made for stories I want to write someday. Please don't steal.
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Random Thoughts From A Fangirl by Blue_Mcnamara
Random Thoughts From A Fangirlby Blue_Mcnamara
since I can't update my books from lack of motivation and writers block. I created this...thingy? It's mostly me fangirling about stuff.
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Magical Upchuck by TianaSimpson
Magical Upchuckby Tiana Simpson
Xander is temporally turned into a girl by Willow. Before he turns back into himself he meets Chris Halliwell. The Chris from the future and Xander have sex. Now an very...
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promps/story outlines by TammyBrown026
promps/story outlinesby Tammy Brown
something i had to delete from another site. Mixed fandoms and characters ideas up for grabs to work from or give you an idea.
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It's gonna hurt a lot by JoGiusydeJarjayes
It's gonna hurt a lotby Josephine
Questo potrebbe essere una sorta di Missing moment sulla puntata della seconda stagione "School Hard". Una giovanissima Buffy pensa, o scrive sul suo diario a...
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Familiarity  by Scribes1015
Familiarity by Scribes1015
Just a simple one shot, that I couldn't shake after a recent re-watch. **Mature content**
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Out of Touch and Time by bitchyhippie
Out of Touch and Timeby bitchyhippie
Moving to a new town is great until finding out the murder statistics and constant strange happenings. It doesn't seem worth the trouble nor risk till you have a new reg...
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