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Buffy's New Home by Kat17wild
Buffy's New Homeby Kat17wild
What do you do when the person you love most is gone? When you have lost all hope of happiness? All sense of self? The Slayer finds herself on another jo...
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She Who Was My Love (girlxgirl) (Book 2) by AndrewHeard8
She Who Was My Love (girlxgirl) (B...by Forgotten Conscience
Sequel to Forgotten Conscience, Faith attempts to deal with the consequences of the events after the battle with Omega. But how well will she do? And what will her frien...
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Random Thoughts From A Fangirl by Blue_Mcnamara
Random Thoughts From A Fangirlby Blue_Mcnamara
since I can't update my books from lack of motivation and writers block. I created this...thingy? It's mostly me fangirling about stuff.
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"Anne..." by regertz
"Anne..."by regertz
In an alternate ending for Buffy TVS season 1, Anne, counterpart demon of Buffy, gets her chance...
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Twisted Tristan by xanderking1994
Twisted Tristanby The Self Proclaimed King
The worst thing that ever happened to Buffy Summers was losing her son when he was just a newborn baby until one day he returned to her only to prove the truly worst thi...
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The Vampires Hunter ~ Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries by Shelby_Salvatore
The Vampires Hunter ~ Supernatural...by Shelby_Salvatore
(This story will have a mash up of almost most of the supernatural like shows that I've seen or watched. If you haven't seen Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf...
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Multi fandom Dare or truth by Egdedeanime2
Multi fandom Dare or truthby Good as heck
First, credit 2 the artist. 2nd, You can dare all of the characters in dis.And truth dem.UwU. (XD... Lord save me)
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I will always find you  by tillowalber
I will always find you by tillowalber
Willow thinks Tara's dead. Tara thinks Willow's dead. What happens when five years later Willow promised her daughter they'd go to Sunnydale to visit her Momma's grave?
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promps/story outlines by TammyBrown026
promps/story outlinesby Tammy Brown
something i had to delete from another site. Mixed fandoms and characters ideas up for grabs to work from or give you an idea.
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Simba and Buffy by doomreaper1985
Simba and Buffyby Simba
Simba meets someone that will change his life. The story is set in season five after the episodes Buffy vs. Dracula, The Real Me, The Replacement, and Out of My Mind. Re...
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the day will come when you won't be by ManonTwd
the day will come when you won't beby Manon Twd
After Sunnydale, after Spike's death, find Buffy and the slayerettes for another adventures! Another Spuffy fanfiction ❤
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Don't forget me by deliawinters93
Don't forget meby Delia Winters
When the Oracles take the Day that never was back, not every thing go as per plan. Yes this is a pregnant Buffy story . The very first piece of writing I had written (qu...
Love and Sacrifice ※ an Angel Fan-Fiction by Mari_Mikaelson
Love and Sacrifice ※ an Angel Fan...by TħE DARҞ WIŦCħ
I ran away from my past so that I could live a normal life. Something drew me to Los' Angeles. What? Who? Was I meant for something greater than just normal? I don't kno...
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{ normal again. † From Ashes one shots. by anarchxst
{ normal again. † From Ashes one s...by A. J. Newton
A series of missed moments, thoughts, and memories. [one shots for From Ashes, book one in the Apocalypse Rising series.]
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Magical Upchuck by TianaSimpson
Magical Upchuckby Tiana Simpson
Xander is temporally turned into a girl by Willow. Before he turns back into himself he meets Chris Halliwell. The Chris from the future and Xander have sex. Now an very...
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His Ana by ChibsandChill
His Anaby Le Swede with no life
She had been his Ana every since they met and he had no intentions on ever letting her go. Spike x OC fanfiction Description is bad but the book is better!
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untouchables - Buffy the Vampire Slayer by piper246
untouchables - Buffy the Vampire S...by Piper Richardson
Camilla had been Buffy's best friend for as long as she could remember, and that wasn't about to change anytime soon. After the death of her parents, Camilla found a not...
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Buffy The Vampire Slayer Preferences by SidneyThinking
Buffy The Vampire Slayer Preferenc...by Sidney The Bloody ✔
All preferences about Buffy, Spike, Willow and Xander. I hope y'all enjoy!
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It's gonna hurt a lot by JoGiusydeJarjayes
It's gonna hurt a lotby Josephine
Questo potrebbe essere una sorta di Missing moment sulla puntata della seconda stagione "School Hard". Una giovanissima Buffy pensa, o scrive sul suo diario a...
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Out of Touch and Time by bitchyhippie
Out of Touch and Timeby bitchyhippie
Moving to a new town is great until finding out the murder statistics and constant strange happenings. It doesn't seem worth the trouble nor risk till you have a new reg...
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