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Bruised by kensy_lane
Bruisedby Kensy
Running. Ugh. How long have I been running? My small hands shove people out of the way the best I can but I'm mostly just twisting and turning through the crowds. Still...
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GIRL OUT OF TIME║ BUCKY BARNES by marveloushunterelf
steve knows two things for sure. one, holland is alive and two, hydra has something to do with it. ❝i won't tell you what we were because i don't remember anymore.❞ ...
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GIRL HE LEFT BEHIND║ BUCKY BARNES by marveloushunterelf
✔completed you know the story of steve rogers, the famous captain america. you know the story of bucky barnes, his loyal friend who stuck with him through thick and thin...
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Adoration | B. Barnes | *EDITING by Marvelmania247
Adoration | B. Barnes | *EDITINGby Marvelmania247
" every night i'm dancing with your ghost " Or in which a damaged soul finds refuge in a lost s...
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A Very Bucky Barnes Year by maliaaloha24
A Very Bucky Barnes Yearby Malia Corrine(Malia) Louie
After Steve comes back as an old man, his friend Sam Wilson hires you to look after him all the time. when you first move into the Avengers Tower, you meet Bucky Barnes...
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Collide by suzannahbee123
Collideby Suzannah
Alice Winters is a Vampire Slayer on the run from her past. Bucky Barnes is in hiding after the events of CA:TWS, trying to find his future. What happens when their worl...
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Bucky Barnes one shots by badassbuchanan
Bucky Barnes one shotsby sophie
A collection of many of my Bucky Barnes one shots. Some Bucky x reader, some bucky x fem reader; pairing specified at the beginning of the story. Enjoy xx
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A Strange Kind of Home by Iron_Khaleesi
A Strange Kind of Homeby Iron_Khaleesi
Bucky comes to after another one of his 'brainwashed' episodes. Only this time, he doesn't remember who you are.
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The Soldier and the Assistant by kensy_lane
The Soldier and the Assistantby Kensy
You run into a mysterious stranger on the street while running late for work and spill coffee all over yourself in the process. Later, you find out the man was none othe...
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Till the end of the Line [Bucky BarnesXreader]  by lazyoverachiever
Till the end of the Line [Bucky Ba...by T
Bucky Barnes, aka the winter soldier, one shots and x readers. both before and after TWS. Caution: expect fluffliness and EXTREME feels... And hopefully a few laughs. (S...
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Hydra's New Weapon (Bucky Fanfiction) by Queeny3
Hydra's New Weapon (Bucky Fanficti...by JH
Bucky is finally free from Hydra and Hydra is finally destroyed thanks to the advengers. Bucky can niw live his new life as an advenger with his bestfriend Steve. Bucky...
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The kiss by badassbuchanan
The kissby sophie
(Bucky x fem reader) You have to kiss Steve on a mission and Bucky gets jealous
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Impact by suzannahbee123
Impactby Suzannah
Final standalone story to Alice Winters and Bucky Barnes. Will The Winter Soldier and a Vampire Slayer finally get their Happily Ever After? *Book 3 in the SlayerSoldie...
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Ricochet by suzannahbee123
Ricochetby Suzannah
Alice has run away from Bucky but they are both in more danger than ever. Can she find him again after they have Ricochet apart? *Book 2 in the SlayerSoldier Series*
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The Three Date Minimum by justsomebucky
The Three Date Minimumby JSB
Reader is the last single person at her office, and while she puts on a good front, she's lonely. Will dating apps find true love, or will she swear off romance for good?
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A Hard Love by Sebbys-Girl-Writes
A Hard Loveby Sebby's Girl
Reader has telepathy and telekenisis which she uses to help Bucky through his nightmares. In doing this the two of them form a bond that eventually leads to something mo...
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Revival (A Bucky Barnes Fan-Fiction) by hbic_vixen
Revival (A Bucky Barnes Fan-Fictio...by mandy ☁︎
Maglenda Cherry Rodriguez-Stark did not live a normal life. Just by having "Stark" in her name should say something. She’s the adopted child of Tony Stark, an...
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Nightly encounter (Bucky Barnes x reader) by _eiki_
Nightly encounter (Bucky Barnes x...by _eiki_
Summary; Being one of earth mightiest doesn't excuse someone from nightmares. The reader is struggling to find ease after a night terror. In her search for answers, she...
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