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Mother of the Undead ✔ by Mnemoyne
Mother of the Undead ✔by Mnemoyne
When maternal instincts survive through death and zombie-fication, should you trust it? (Runner-up in the Buckle Up contest hosted by @WattpadZombies)
The Pursuit by Lol177117
The Pursuitby Marie P
The Pursuit is a collection of poetry that reflects the up and downs of highschool life. A few poems and letters I never thought I would be able to write and have people...
Crushed is not just a feeling  by Aliyavbh
Crushed is not just a feeling by Wendy._.yup
You know why they call it crush because that's how you feel when they say no
Buckle Up by 0liviaRose436
Buckle Upby 0liviaRose436
Is it possible that Zombies can find consciousness and even love? When Taylor is saved from a Zombie mob by one, she starts to questions everything.
Z-Zombie by CrimsonKarmaLH
Z-Zombieby CrimsonKarmaLH
[This is a short story, written specifically for the buckleupcontest] #BuckleUp #WattpadZombies
Pick your consequence. by listenhereyoulittle
Pick your consequence.by Wannabe Author
You don't know me, but I see you. You don't hear me, but I listen to you. You may read, but you'll never help me. And that's okay. But be careful which consequences you...
Precious Memory (TLS#1) by zylaaxx
Precious Memory (TLS#1)by Zylaaxx
Akados Kryo Bencivenga still loves her ex not until he met the woman named Vanezia Bianchi Perezosa.
As a junior, Olivia Kingston felt confident in her ability to navigate high school's many complexities. Her 4.0 gpa, Junior class president status, Reigning state champ...
Zombie Driver by Benzee55
Zombie Driverby Benzee55
Its short story for Zombie Contest - Buckle Up
Signed, The Phantom Thieves Of America (Marvel/Persona 5 Crossover) by chloeh928
Signed, The Phantom Thieves Of Ame...by Shitpost-Chan
You seriously didn't think that they were the only ones... Did you? Endgame is accepted, but only parts of FFH are as well. When I say Marvel, I mostly mean Spider-Man.