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Future Girl⇤ | Marty McFly X Reader by TeamAlucard21
Future Girl⇤ | Marty McFly X Readerby 𝓅𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓉𝑜𝓂 🥀
{ C O M P L E T E D } (Y/n) woke up due to a loud noise, and bright lights. It wasn't aliens that abducted her, but the past itself. She finds herself in 1985, complete...
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The FUTURE Mrs. WONKA (On Hold) by DreamyKawaii
The FUTURE Mrs. WONKA (On Hold)by Heather Moon
A Charlie and the Chocolate Factory/ Back To The Future fan-fiction.
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In Due Time (Back to the Future xreader Imagines) by trendycupcakeslover
In Due Time (Back to the Future Queen Big Hauss/ Anne Stein💜
A book about imagines with the characters from the Back to the Future movie trilogy and the characters from the game. Oneshots with Marty, Doc, Edna, Biff, Young Emmett...
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Michael. J Fox Character Preferences by futuregirl-
Michael. J Fox Character Mackenzie
I recommend skipping ahead to the chapter "Well Damn."
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Marty McFly imagines! by marilynsoda
Marty McFly imagines!by 𝐁𝐞𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐲
These aren't mine unless I say so! So many Marty McFly books have awful grammar, so I'm making this! For all of you BTTF fans, welcome to the holy bible :)
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Blast to the Past by storiesRrandom
Blast to the Pastby Lost in Neverland
Daniella McFly gets herself caught up in the adventures of time traveling with the famous DeLorean. When her families existence may be in jeopardy, can Dani make it bac...
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Hill Valley { bttf } by Mikefox61
Hill Valley { bttf }by Jane Smith
-Book 1 of Back in Time: The Series- "Welcome to my latest experiment! It's the one I've been waiting for all my life!" Doc. cheered suddenly beside an ominous...
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BAD ROMANCE [George McFly] by InTheFormOfWords
BAD ROMANCE [George McFly]by Fletcher
The story in which one of Biff's goons is found slowly but surely starting to fall for the slacker, George McFly OR The story in which George McFly tries his best to cov...
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Caught Somewhere In Time [Back To The Future] by heartpunker123
Caught Somewhere In Time [Back Stephanie
Amelia is trying to survive high school at Hill Valley High just like any other teenager. She's at the top of her class and in the lead for valedictorian. Marty McFly i...
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For Those Who Give Shall Receive(art,rants,and other things) by deannaplays_88
For Those Who Give Shall Receive( 🎵shalalala🎵
This is just I book about my stuff my art and any questions you readers might have
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The Outsiders Go Back To The Future by pegdalainia
The Outsiders Go Back To The Futureby Peggy
Alexandrea steals the DeLorean from Universal Studios and ends up in one of her favorite movies, The Outsiders. What happens when the DeLorean breaks down and she change...
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(-Back to the future memes-) by BackToTheHetalian
(-Back to the future memes-)by BackToTheHetalian
Memes off back to the future
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The Big Eight Spies in Their Past by nanni2712
The Big Eight Spies in Their Pastby ♡Heiress At Heart♡
Sequel to The Big Four Spies in High-school The AGA and ABA have united into the RSA-the Reticent Spy Agency. It's been four years since the RSA was first founded, and...
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TIME!  |  ❖  marty mcfly by Joker_011
TIME! | ❖ marty mcflyby |Psycho|
when a particularly odd and peculiar girl teams up with a boy who likes rock and roll and his guitar to travel back in time to the year, 1955. they find themselves in a...
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THE END OF ETERNITY ━ steve harrington (stranger things) by roman-tique
she's the only kid to ever get into trouble before she was born. ↝ steve harrington x female oc ↝ stranger things season 3 + back to the future © roman-tique | 2019. al...
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Great Scott! Another Back To The Future Fanfic! by Creepsgirl502
Great Scott! Another Back To The Creepsgirl502
(Long and stupid title, I know.) You're a teenage fangirl in 2015, and your parents were teens in 1985. Your life is terrible but will things turn around on the night of...
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Time Traveler's Mistake { mjf }  by Mikefox61
Time Traveler's Mistake { mjf } by Jane Smith
Jude Smithers is someone who will alter the course of history. In a good way though. She uses her wits and her father's brilliant idea to make her very own time machine...
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Back to the Future: Get Back in Time! by TurkeyMigz
Back to the Future: Get Back in Migz
A CONTINUATION OF THE BACK TO THE FUTURE TRILOGY. October 21, 2015, 4:29PM- same day that 17 year old Marty McFly traveled from 1985 to the future and same day his teen...
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The Century Between You and I (Uncompleted) by EVANSTUDIOS
The Century Between You and I ( EVAN STUDIOS
An 18 year old, Sean Smith, is trapped a century ahead of his time, because of Love, insanity, and The Time Paradox Agency, he struggles to get back home
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Back To The Future || Part Zero by JUSTATIMETRAVELER
Back To The Future || Part Zeroby Katharina
Back to the Future - Draft 1980 - Novelle This story is based on one of the first Drafts of the movie Back To The Future. So therefore be some slight differences betwee...
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