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IQ148 // BTS Namjoon by GabbySLee
IQ148 // BTS Namjoonby GABBY S LEE
She was a wildfire of emotion that hid in the corner between the bookshelves. And NamJoon was curious as to why she concealed her flames. SYNOPSIS; [A highly intelligen...
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To The Moon and Back | taekook by chimiiki
To The Moon and Back | taekookby ❝ ᴋ ɪ ᴋ ɪ ❞
❝Jungkook's breath caught in his throat when Taehyung turned to face him. He was glowing; dipped in silver and gold by the moon. And when he leaned closer, Jungkook coul...
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Serendipity by gotmorejams
Serendipityby Alaska
[Third Place in Solo Yoongi Category in the 'Dark and Wild Awards' Emerald Award Winner for Solo Yoongi Category at 'NewGem Awards' ] "Can none of you understand? I...
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𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩 | K.NJ by plutohh
𝐌𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐜 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐩 | K.NJby — l e a
❝ This isn't just a game anymore.❞ - in which eight friends have to fight their way out of a virtual world. start :: 061218 end :: - ▏ A K.NJ FANFIC ©️plutohh ; 2018
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Dead Again | Jimin FF by mochi_love1316
Dead Again | Jimin FFby Swati
Cover credits to : @Army_and_lovatic (She makes really nice covers..check her covers book out) "Should I be thankful, that I got another life... Or should I regret...
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Fighter | j.j.k  by fairyiskth
Fighter | j.j.k by ☾↠⁞➵ 𝒹𝓇𝓊
Y/N is a person who despises violence. But under the force of her best friend she is dragged away to watch an underground fight. Somehow she stumbles into a secret that...
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soft - m. yoongi by lavenderow
soft - m. yoongiby ‎
♡ ❝ why do you call me gigi bear? ❞ ❝ because you're soft, just like a teddy bear. ❞ mafia/killer au a min yoongi short story by lavenderow ✨ milestones ✨ [ 12/18 ] #1 [...
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The Game of Love ~ BTS by bhwyng
The Game of Love ~ BTSby ✗
❝If you want to get rid of me you're going to have to play my game.❞ For as long as you could remember you've been followed by a man in a mask, a man who no one else cou...
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Gap || BTS Suga/Min Yoongi FanFic by junicorntheunicorn
Gap || BTS Suga/Min Yoongi FanFicby I am THE Unicorn
#363 IN FANFICTION (as of 2/21/17) "The result will always be the same. We can never be together. It's not us, Yoongi. It's the GAP between us. That's what's separa...
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HOUSE OF GHOST [Completed]  by dgtaelized
HOUSE OF GHOST [Completed] by divie⚝
What happens when BTS encounters a ghost haunting a big mansion since 69 years? Will BTS be able to live in that house? Or the ghost will be successful in making them le...
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Mr. J || Jung Hoseok  by Rose_Bullet3805
Mr. J || Jung Hoseok by |•M•|
(Updates are inconsistent because I don't have much time to write.) "I've heard that no matter what you're going through, someone has it worse. I don't like that st...
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When Shadows Fall | BTS Kim Namjoon by JustABaepsae
When Shadows Fall | BTS Kim Namjoonby JustABaepsae
Kim Namjoon - just one more problem Jeong Chunhwa doesn't need. He was the boy she fought with constantly when they were kids, and she doesn't want this grown-up, attrac...
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DREAMS[Completed] #WATTY2019 by TaEhYuNgHoLic
DREAMS[Completed] #WATTY2019by TAeHYuNgADdict
"please be with me forever y/n..." taehyung held your hands. You looked at his sparkling eyes... "No...i will not...lets grow old together. " But...
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BRIAR🌹ROSE⏐ⲧ💜ⲕ ✓ by looking4jams
BRIAR🌹ROSE⏐ⲧ💜ⲕ ✓by 🐯🐰
Once upon a time, there were stories to be told, battles to be fought, maidens to be rescued and happy endings to be enjoyed. That time has past and tales have now been...
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Story about a boy who wish to reincarnated to a rock and a girl who wish to cherish each moments in her life.😊
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Etiquette by lolacucaaa
Etiquetteby lauren ☕️
"In this competition, young ladies compete for the hearts of the kingdom's princes. They will be compared in personality, strength, and... etiquette." BTS prin...
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BTS Writers Awards by Sugasluv
BTS Writers Awardsby Sugasluv
•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙ Finished •̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙ If I didn't give you the prize, please dm me.。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ Thanks to all who participated and a special thanks to the judges who help...
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Connection || BTS Jungkook ✔️ by nativetomybedroom
Connection || BTS Jungkook ✔️by Comet🌠
A red string-invisible to all mortal beings-connects the souls of soulmates, tying them together for eternity. The connection of the red string allows soulmates to psych...
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The Dark Kiss {Jimin x Reader FF} by JimchiandJisooshi
The Dark Kiss {Jimin x Reader FF}by Jimchi~
Vampire AU All Y/n wanted was a peaceful last year of college, and that's exactly what she doesn't get. She somehow gets tangled up in a murder mystery, and the murderer...
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Translate| Jungkook x Reader by BurkahRae12
Translate| Jungkook x Readerby Becca
You didn't know what it meant, but your heart reacted in a way in which no translation was needed. "Saranghaeyo," he whispered, his breath light as he allowed...
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