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Not A Prince Charming | {M.YG} by KabyHsu
Not A Prince Charming | {M.YG}by
A story in which a girl has a really bad luck in love and always ended up broken hearted in a relationship. So, she headed to the fortune teller for a tarot reading. Jus...
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Red Strings✔️│m.yg by SofiaKingsley
Red Strings✔️│m.ygby Sofi K
[COMPLETED/ IN EDITING] "A red string connects those who were destined to love," Fate brings together two completely unsuspecting opposites; Min Yoongi and Ast...
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Stolen Reality ✓ by rKingswood
Stolen Reality ✓by Ruiskya
What if Jungkook was never the 'Golden Maknae.' What if Jin was never the 'Third Guy From the Left.' What if BTS was never BTS. What if reality was rewritten. And it was...
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The Agonizing Love [[Kim Seokjin]] ✅ by Alltaelow
The Agonizing Love [[Kim Seokjin]] รɦเɳ รµɳɠɱเ
"I have waited for three years for this day to come--a day when I'll pay back for everything you've done," he said, smirking. ...
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Dawn(Magic-Jhope x Reader) by Aishu_MendesArmy
Dawn(Magic-Jhope x Reader)by Aishu💙
Jhope took a book from the shelf "Hobi-ya, dont read it here NO!!!!" Warning: 100% Fictional
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bleed me | jin ✔ by bangtancha
bleed me | jin ✔by bangtancha
He could still see her smiling in his dreams. He could hear her laugh, smell her fragrance, taste her savors. He could feel her by his side, holding his hand, touching h...
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Under The Rain  by Wendylogy
Under The Rain by G L O S S
"Love is like the Rain , The longer you stay , The more it hurts" ©wendylogy 2018
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limerence • myg by sugamyheartu
limerence • mygby xela :)
❝ i didn't know what love was about and I had no intention of finding out.❞ Copyright © sugamyheartu™ 2018
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Him | A Yoomin Fanfic ❤️ by JiminIsCherryBlossom
Him | A Yoomin Fanfic ❤️by 🌸JiminIsCherryBlossom🌸
God.... I swore to myself So many complex... But I'm looking for love I can be a fake as long as you embrace me... You are my beginning and the end will you finish me? ...
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Unbreakable Relationship by Bibie0903
Unbreakable Relationshipby B'bie
We were so happy... Everything was just too perfect for us. Until...something an unexpected incident happened and from that day, everything changed. (Highest Ranking) #1...
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Serendipity 1 /K.T.H/√ by ara__shi
Serendipity 1 /K.T.H/√by alien_v_tae
It was too horrifying . He collapsed,skin exposed to the cold wind. All was quiet ,except for the raindrops pattering on the ground. The night was long but still she tri...
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7 Billion People All Alive At Once by ASIWYFA
7 Billion People All Alive At Onceby ASIWYFA
Based on real life events. Jimin, Taehyung, and Jin are travelling around China after graduating from university and arrive at the third stop of their month-long trip:...
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cσmplícαtєd lσvє// 태경 by jeon_naziha
cσmplícαtєd lσvє// 태경by ;; jeonysus || Namjoon day
"ι ĸnow oυr love ιѕ coмplιcaтed вυт, ι wιll alwayѕ love yoυ"- Kth Started on- 3/3/2018 Ended on- Cover credits to- @MuriLexa All rights reserved to @jeon_nazi...
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BIASED by JiminIsCherryBlossom
BIASEDby 🌸JiminIsCherryBlossom🌸
I've traveled to China, Japan, India but never to Seoul. South Korea. I've wanted to go ever since I became Army and a fan to kpop. My first night in Korea I got ran ove...
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Promise | Jungkook BTS by Bunny_Junkook
Promise | Jungkook BTSby Jungkookuasnac
Meeting your childhood friend after 4 years of being apart? Will there be a change in your relationship, especially with him being an international idol?
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Stay With Me by Reign_lulubel07
Stay With Meby Reign_lulubel07
A story of Three person who has a love that which is gonna stay or stay with me. A one-sided love A love never mentions A love has realized to Stay with. Who's gonna s...
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Hope ~ Taekook by Nathaniel9808
Hope ~ Taekookby mostly Janna, sometimes Nate
"He moves with a dangerous crowd. The type of men I hope you'll never have to meet but you're on their radar now so it is safer if you stay with us."
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여덟 번째 멤버 | Eighth Member (Wings) Album Series √ by JiminIsCherryBlossom
여덟 번째 멤버 | Eighth Member (Wings) 🌸JiminIsCherryBlossom🌸
My friends got me into BTS. Once my parents found out my music style changed, from American pop to Kpop, they've grown curious and eventually didn't like it. I kept list...
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