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Must I Go..🚫🚫18++🚫🚫(vminkook sinhala) by akeerasewwandi
Must I Go..🚫🚫18++🚫🚫(vminkook akeerasewwandi
නෙලන්නට බැරි ඉසව්වක් පිපි මලකි නුඹ මගේ ජීවිතේ .... හඩන්නට ලොව උපන් ඇස් දෙකෙ කදුලු බිදුවකි ආදරේ... ( 18++ 🚫🚫 ආදර අන්දරයක් බව කරැනාවෙන් සලකන්න...😁😉😉 )
7 Deadly Sins (BTS AU) Taehyung ff by VaniV24
7 Deadly Sins (BTS AU) Taehyung ffby NOCHU
you were so in love with the Greek mythologies and anything that is related to the underworld, until one day you try one spell that you thought was only a joke in a book...
My Ex is an Idol || Jimin Fanfiction  by milkyypjmin
My Ex is an Idol || Jimin 𝐋𝐢𝐚
"I'm willing to sacrifice everything to her, Just I can't lose her again" A love story that involves jealousy, betrayal, happiness, sadness, misunderstanding...
Arrange marriage Jungkook ff Completed ✔ by averyyy_writes
Arrange marriage Jungkook ff Avery Decenity
you are y/n, your parents have their very own high rated company, until one day you met your childhood friend, Jungkook, he was pretty rich and every girl in school like...
hungry ghost festival ; pjm ✓ by parkswonders
hungry ghost festival ; pjm ✓by parkswonders
there was someone behind you, not really behind you, but beside you. the empty side of your bed sunk as you were about to sleep. you live alone. - "You made a deal...
When He was a She! : A Namjin Fanfic by ObsidiaShay
When He was a She! : A Namjin ObsidiaShay
Kim Namjoon is a high school English teacher who remembers his past life living in Ancient Korea as the Wandering Poet, Han Geonwu. In his past, Namjoon had fallen for t...
Jeon Jungkook Stories by jungkookiewrites
Jeon Jungkook Storiesby stories
Short stories of Jungkook BTS.
Mr . Handsome | °~kim taehyung ~°  (Completed✔) by jerslyn_23
Mr . Handsome | °~kim taehyung ~° jerslyn_23
A story between two people with different personalities _______________~~~°°°~~~~_________________ Kim Taehyung a cold hearted billionaire who was known to the world fo...
Accidental Marriage | JJK ff | BTS ff | Completed ✓  by jjeonpv
Accidental Marriage | JJK ff | Lucky⁷
Top ranks: #3 : btsstories #116 : explore When a top ranked mafia gang leader, Jeon Jungkook, and Y/N falls in love through a accidental marriage.😄
Pictures and Wallpapers 5*19*2018 For the ARMY Photos are based on fan chant: KIM NAMJOON KIM SEOKJIN MIN YOONGI JUNG HOSEOK PARK JIMIN KIM TAEHYUNG JEON JUNGKOOK BTS! ...
Truth or Dare | Jungkook by Molgeo
Truth or Dare | Jungkookby M George
"You're mine now, remember? You put yourself in this situation. Not me." "Because of what I did?" "Yes" --- I swear this isn't a high scho...
The 8th member is an INDIAN!!! by Tani2605
The 8th member is an INDIAN!!!by Tanishtha
Tanishtha is an indian girl who is now a member of BTS. She is very cheerful, emotional and hardworking. She is from Bhopal, India.
Y/n and her love triangle by BTSStories89
Y/n and her love triangleby POV
Pov you are dating Jin but other members take a liking to you
Mi Amor | Jungkook Fanfiction | JJKFF (On Hold) by RiverTuan
Mi Amor | Jungkook Fanfiction | River Tuan
Mi Amor is here to take you on a journey with BTS and an Indian woman, Anushka, who is not famous whatsoever. In a world where BTS are the usual worldwide superstars, An...
Mafia Sugar Daddy by ggukkfics3
Mafia Sugar Daddyby ggukkfics3
"Eva please help me just this time please I'm begging you"you said to your best friend Eva Because you get kicked out by the apartment owner cause you didn't p...
Priority ⭐Jungkook ambm⭐Jimin ambm⭐ by romanzepflanze
Priority ⭐Jungkook ambm⭐Jimin ambm⭐by TAPIOCA
in which Jason is in an abusive relationship with Jungkook and Jimin somehow is muddled into it alongside their kids and Kai.
•~°| CHECKMATE |°~•   JJK × NY [COMPLETED✅] by jerslyn_23
•~°| CHECKMATE |°~• JJK × NY [ jerslyn_23
#1 on naykook 16/06/2020 "your still the same Im Nayeon, a gold digging b*tch" he said every words with disgust "so what? your right im still the same wha...
How to Save A Marriage- Yoonmin Fanfiction *myg. pjm* by maxine_jung
How to Save A Marriage- Yoonmin Miss Wei Ying
You know My Name, not my story.. You see My Smile, not my pain. You notice my cuts, not my scars You can read my Lips not my mind. Start: Nov 18,2016 End: Ma...
wings || kim seokjin by andrenile
wings || kim seokjinby a.n
he was trying to say the word he hated the most "goodbye" a bts kim seokjin fanfiction; stick till the end. i mean it. highest ranking: #1 on kimseokjinfanfic ...
My Fairy by Ascella_95
My Fairyby Helia
" WHAT?!" he exclaims. " Jimin tell me you're lying!". " Hyung no! I swear I heard it..." Jimin states. "HA! Suckers! Told you the...