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4321 | pjm ✓ by kimflix
4321 | pjm ✓by kym [H]
❝ let me love you. ❞ ▂ a park jimin fanfiction ; short story based on serendipity + finished: 18년 8월 + [181102] Runner up at BTS Song Contest hosted by the BTS prof...
BTS Contests & Events by BTS
BTS Contests & Eventsby 방탄소년단 | BTS
A place where the @BTS profile will announce details of contests and events. Check back often to see what's going on in the BTS community and participate in our contests...
Paradise | Min Yoongi by anie_pl
Paradise | Min Yoongiby Anie L.
"Dedicated to the boy who taught me how to dream..." Min Yoongi fanfiction based on lyrics from the song "Paradise" by BTS. Winner of the BTS Song Co...
The Truth Untold [One Shot] by enseriolosientoalv
The Truth Untold [One Shot]by enseriolosientoalv
The only thing Taehyung wanted was to protect Jungkook from himself. But Jungkook could not let that beautiful flower die in that garden of thorns
Introspection | Kim Namjoon by bang_tansea
Introspection | Kim Namjoonby Sea
[WINNER OF BURN THE STAGE AWARDS] "In the pitch black abyss of my mind, twirls the darkest secret I've always wanted to hide from." __ "Your unconscious i...
Completion ||m.yg||[contest winner] by SoupCans
Completion ||m.yg||[contest winner]by san
In all of us, there is a damage to be fixed in our hearts. In some, it may not be possible to fix. Perhaps, that was the case with Yoongi. BTS song contest winner. #btss...
I Need You (We Need Each Other) by AvoniZ
I Need You (We Need Each Other)by AvoniZ
"I'm serious. You can't just declare that and have it exist. The world doesn't revolve around you." The spunk in Naya was returning. "Ah, yes. Of cou...
Fake Love by 1-800-Brokeness
Fake Loveby Waiting for Chan's live hugs
There is Fake love all around the world. Why do we do stay in the relationship?
Our Seesaw Game by luciferherondale
Our Seesaw Gameby luciferherondale
BTS fanfiction / short-story ''Just like the beginning when you weren't there, I walk on this seesaw without you.''
Wishing On A Star: BTS Short Story by LeynaBTS
Wishing On A Star: BTS Short Storyby LeynaBTS
"The constellations foreshadowed their future. If remained together, they will be forever bulletproof." Short story inspired by BTS "Wishing On A Star&quo...
Reflect Often by ThisLoveAlaina
Reflect Oftenby ThisLoveAlaina
This is a short story for the contest based on the song "Reflection" by Namjoon.
You Never Walk Alone  by _SnowAutumn_
You Never Walk Alone by Snow Autumn
A Bangtan Sonyeondan short story based on the lyrics of the Bangtan Sonyeondan song 'You Never Walk Alone'
N.O. by Unbeliebubble128
#13 A Cup Of WTF
"Mom, I want to write a manga. I have such a good idea and I want to share it through my art." "Don't be silly. Becoming an artist is a risky future. Jus...
Lie | Jimin ✔️ by RobloxHPFan
Lie | Jimin ✔️by Asuka Natsuyaki
This is a short story based on BTS' Lie by Park Jimin
Love Maze by jjoonsdimpless
Love Mazeby ♡dynamite!♡
Jimin, a boy who struggles with self love is called in to his doctor's office for a check-up. But really, he's set up for a secret mission with 6 other men to escape The...
Blue Flower {Truth Untold}  by jo_jo_purple
Blue Flower {Truth Untold} by 🌻 j o r d i e🌻
"She left, all because I was too afraid to open up to her." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Taehyung was used to putting up a façade, always saying he...
Lᴏᴠᴇ? | Sʜᴏʀᴛ Sᴛᴏʀʏ | RM by Daisies_and_Darkness
Lᴏᴠᴇ? | Sʜᴏʀᴛ Sᴛᴏʀʏ | RMby » Aᴘᴘʟᴇ Pɪᴇ
❝Trying to be a musician was a joke.❞ ―Namjoon is back at Dduksum Island, the only place where he feels completely secure and heard, even if he is talking to nobody at a...