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BangTanVelvet: GroupMessage  by starlight_joy
BangTanVelvet: GroupMessage by starlight_joy
What happens when you put the most popular boy & girl group together in a single chatroom? What could go wrong? JinRene•SeulMin•WenGa•TaeJoy•JungRi Check out my other...
love to hate you or hate to love you? by asrsmsy
love to hate you or hate to love A.R.M.Y
Jungkook and yerim have known each other since childhood.yeri's parents car collided with jungkook's parents car resulting in their death.yeri was their only child hence...
LOVESUCKER 一 seulmin. by kkimbapeu
LOVESUCKER 一 lesbians will dominate the wh...
Seulgi, a vampire fell inlove with a human, Jimin. Clichè story, right? But still, what will happen if Jimin found out Seulgi's dark little secret?
A Perfect Bad Girl   The Fall of My Bad Girl by francemontecillio
A Perfect Bad Girl The Fall of Kyle
Bae JooHyun better known as Irene in thier University. She is rich,famous,smart,and most of all she is a very beautiful lady,but she is a so called a perfect bad girl t...
Night Sea by ahsheed
Night Seaby Dea Has
Malam itu Seulgi mau jadi gila. Dia mengajak Hoseok ke pantai di tengah malam. Bisa jadi untuk terakhir kalinya...
Of You & Me by itsmedelilah
Of You & Meby Delilah
BTS x GFRIEND x RED VELVET ONE SHOTS Seven guys. One group. Different stories. Same experiences. What will love do and how will it change them?
Fate? Or Accident?-- Ft. Wendy(Red Velvet) & Jhope(Bangtang Boys)  by Joker991801
Fate? Or Accident?-- Ft. Wendy( KpopStory101
- Two idols from different groups, from different companies, and different genders. All so different yet so close of a friendship that nobody thought could exist from pu...
[BTS | RED VELVET] ( Seulmin ) Mật Ong Của Gấu by chf_1712
[BTS | RED VELVET] ( Seulmin ) Mậ Hà Phương
Gấu thì phải có mật ong. Mật ong bỏ Gấu rồi thì Gấu biết làm thế nào? --------------------------------- Fic đầu tay, mọi người hãy góp ý ạ:)) Nếu có nhu cầu edit thì inb...
Reason by Jkookh
Reasonby A l e k a
Liana Ayumu, Jeon Jungkook. Mereka telah berpacaran dan hidup bersama selama lima tahun, namun suatu kebosanan mulai mempengaruhi mereka, mereka telah sampai di titik d...
Secretly Dating (Jungri) by CindyIsna9
Secretly Dating (Jungri)by Cindy Isna
" aku hamil!!!" bagaimana ini? " aq tau kamu bakal tanggung jawab, tapi urusannya tidak semudah itu beib, kita punya banyak hal lain yang harus diperhitun...
Joy The Dragon Fire Princess🔥🐲 by popolihati
Joy The Dragon Fire Princess🔥🐲by popolihati
this story is inspired by akatsuki no yona,plus this is my first wattpad stories and i really love red velvet also my bias is joy or park sooyoung😍😍😍and yeay im sorry...
Cœur Brisé by Changingchangie
Cœur Briséby CauseI'm everywhereHoney
"우리 헤어지자 (Let's break up.)" One sentence three words. You left me alone. You, who made me laugh, smile, proud is now leaving me. And I... and I... was left alo...
Virene I Love You!! by ayesha123j
Virene I Love You!!by ayesha123j
A young girl with dreams and ambitious suddenly splits with her husband who is a mafia boss and dealer, due to some crises which happened 10 years back suddenly came aga...