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LAST NIGHT [Jungkook x Reader]  ✔ by momopeach12
LAST NIGHT [Jungkook x Reader] ✔by V's Bear
"So that's what you do huh? Make out with me and then leave like it wasn't a big deal" he said stepping closer. I stepped back and soon my back touched the wal...
Her Euphoria -Lizkook ONGOING April 2023 by PenTwoPaper
Her Euphoria -Lizkook ONGOING PenTwoPaper
Two idols. Two maknaes and one blinding passionate love. Buckle up your seat belt and join Lisa & Jungkook as they experience all things that come with being in love ❤️ ...
Your Hyungs Aren't Home, Maknae! [Jungkook Hurtfic/Oneshot] by SSears90
Your Hyungs Aren't Home, Maknae! [ SSears90
[Requested]The older members have some friends come over. These friends immediately take a disliking to Jungkook, thinking he's a spoiled little baby. When the hyungs le...
Get Lost, Maknae! [JiKook Hurtfic / Platonic] by SSears90
Get Lost, Maknae! [JiKook SSears90
Jimin and Jungkook get into the worst fight they've ever had, all over a misunderstanding. When Jimin screams for Jungkook to get lost, that's exactly what he does.
Apartment. [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Apartment. [Jungkook Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jungkook is ordered to stay home as a punishment over a misunderstanding while the members go on a vacation to America. A man with a gun breaks into...
Deleted [Taehyung Hurtfic] by SSears90
Deleted [Taehyung Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] An important file gets deleted from the computer at HYBE and everyone is accusing Taehyung, even the person who actually did it.
Home Alone [Taehyung Version/Hurtfic] by SSears90
Home Alone [Taehyung Version/ SSears90
[Oneshot/Requested] Taehyung has to stay home while the members go out because they're upset with him. Someone breaks in while he's home but when he calls his members fo...
Silent Scream / TK by busyreading_00
Silent Scream / TKby Laura Clover
Who said Husband can't be vulnerable? Who said It's only Husband's duty to protect their wife? Who said Man can't be assaulted?
It Was Almost Him {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
It Was Almost Him {Jungkook SSears90
{Jinkook/Platonic/Oneshot} A trip. A tragedy. Who knew having a panic attack could save someone else's life?
Jungkook- Why Don't You Listen?! [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Jungkook- Why Don't You Listen?! [ SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] The Jungkook version of my book by the same name about Taehyung. The members invite a new co-worker over to bond over some drinks and in an outburst...
Human Shield [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Human Shield [Jungkook Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Requested/ Oneshot] A shooter shows up at an awards show. While trying to escape he catches Jungkook and uses him as a human shield against the police. The members feel...
Get In Line [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
Get In Line [Jungkook Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Due to the way their birthdays fall, the members spend a lot of time with their fellow birthday-liners. Taehyung has Jimin. Namjoon has Hobi. Yoongi...
✔•MAFIA'S OBSESSION• by sevenmatefiction
A Cold Mafia Change Himself To Get His LOVE He Put Many Efforts To Get Her LOVE He Got OBSESSED With Her Each And Every Second To Let Her Know His Existence , He Bein...
My Six Strict Hyungs [JJKxBTS] by SSears90
My Six Strict Hyungs [JJKxBTS]by SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jungkook is scared of his six strict hyungs. While working on band work they hire a private tutor for him so he can spend more time out of school. Th...
No More Pranks [Maknae's/Hyungs] by SSears90
No More Pranks [Maknae's/Hyungs]by SSears90
[Oneshot] The maknae line pull a mean prank on their hyungs making them think they are dead. The hyungs get revenge by pulling the same prank back and they quickly all r...
Debut [Jungkook Hurtfic/JJKxBTS] by SSears90
Debut [Jungkook Hurtfic/JJKxBTS]by SSears90
{Oneshot} BTS just debuted with their first song, and soon to be their first album. The members are still figuring out the whole 'kpop idol' scene. After their debut the...
That'll Teach You [Jimin Hurtfic] by SSears90
That'll Teach You [Jimin Hurtfic]by SSears90
Jimin is constantly breaking rules and not listening to his hyungs. One night he sneaks out with some friends and they break into a trampoline park to have some fun. Whe...
They Didn't Want You, Jungkook. {Jungkook Hurtfic} by SSears90
They Didn't Want You, Jungkook. { SSears90
[Oneshot] Right before debut, the members are out for different schedules. While the others are doing photoshoots, Jin and Jungkook had free time so Jin takes him to a f...
"No, Jungkook." [Jungkook Hurtfic] by SSears90
"No, Jungkook." [Jungkook Hurtfic]by SSears90
[Oneshot] Jungkook gets hurt after hanging out with someone his hyungs warned him to not talk to .
Left Early [Jungkook Hurtfic/ JinKook] by SSears90
Left Early [Jungkook Hurtfic/ SSears90
[Requested/Oneshot] Jin drops Jungkook off at school, and is extremely angry when he goes to pick him up and finds out the school released him to one of their abusive ch...