Our hybrid (bts ff) smut & fluff by redcherrysoda
Our hybrid (bts ff) smut & fluffby redcherrysoda
Bts has a new pet kitty! What they didn't know she is a hybrid. After finding out they decide to become her new owner!! These are little scenes of bts members with a hyb...
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Saved || Jungkook x Reader ff by BTSKayy
Saved || Jungkook x Reader ffby BTSKayy
"Stop fighting it and let me save you." A story in which two complete strangers cross paths at the most perfect time. [Started 7/23/18 - finished N/A] **Highes...
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'One Story with BTS' by TeodoraTodorova1
'One Story with BTS'by TEDY
Това е една история свързана с БТС. Пуснете въображението си и се вкарайте във историята :) Надявам се да няма разочаровани .
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11 Wishes by COCO_KEKO
11 Wishesby COCO_KEKO
Warning: This fanfiction can cause: hunger loss, dry mouth, tired eyes and sleepless nights ...
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mister ♔ bts by jenspout
mister ♔ btsby jenspout
"mister" she whispered "what are you doing?" ∆ cover by @jorjakatex ∆ [ONGOING]
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My favorite student (Min Yoongi x reader) by Jamlessangel
My favorite student (Min Yoongi Angel
"You know I don't care about age all I care about is you Kim y/n! I'm obsessed with you." Yoongi careful touch's y/n face. "Please give me a chance."
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CLARITY by ottoke23
CLARITYby MarblePrincess✨
"If Our Love is Tragedy..... Why are You my Remedy?" -Taehyung -Jennie "If Our Love is Insani...
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Twin Triangles || KTH, PJM by SilverTongued
Twin Triangles || KTH, PJMby SilverTongued
"You've seen me shirtless before, you know," he whispered in my ear. NOT A SHIP BOOK. __ Being in love with someone and not having the feeling reciprocated ba...
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You're my destiny by V4Dprincess
You're my destinyby 지지
안녕!!First time kong gumawa ng story guysuee...pagpasensyahan nyo na gawa ko ha?!hehehe^~ "Kahit anong mangyari,ikaw at ikaw lang ang mamahalin ko.Kahit ilang beses...
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Tears (jikook/namjin) by kookminbtsjikook
Tears (jikook/namjin)by JikookBts
Jikook and namjin story 3 IN LOVEYOURSELFTEAR Jealously Bullying Romance Ect ...
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Roses and Thorns by MagicShop_20006
Roses and Thornsby nahian nusaiba
We all search for the perfect moment, perfect ending but do we get that? Does perfect exist? Life is beautiful like the roses but incomplete without the thorns.
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Magic Shop | yoonmin by purpleyourself_jkym
Magic Shop | yoonminby purpleyourself_jkym
The boy, still panting, said in a ragged voice "How do you say 'fuck you' in a bouquet of flowers?" The question immediately made Jimin wake up from his though...
  • fanfic
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star • gg af by molliermag
star • gg afby Mo Mo
star is JYP's newest girl group consisting of 7 members with a badass/cute concept. 4/7 spots taken
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Don't Look Back by armyfighter_
Don't Look Backby ArmyFIGHTER
Yoongi and Hoseok have been dating about 1 week before the invasion. Jungkook is a coldhearted person. Even cold hearted than Yoongi. Namjoon and Seokjin have been marri...
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Strangers (BTS x reader) by bts_love_forever_RM
Strangers (BTS x reader)by bts_love_forever_RM
Well you know BTS, heck you love them! But one accidentally throws something and it hits you... Now they have to make up for it aand get to know you better. But what if...
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Wrong. | RM x Reader by Evanescent_Light
Wrong. | RM x Readerby Megan 🤷‍♀️
*New unknown message* "Do you know who I am?" Another random number? "A stranger?" "Wrong." --- ❌WARNING❌ This story contains a few of the...
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küçük yalanlar by user57057534
küçük yalanlarby katil tavşan jungkook
dasi ....... neden hayat bu kadar zor olmalı sevdiğim kişi arkadaşımla beraber ama benim onu sevdiğimi bile bile onunla beraber ama bana umut verip bıraktı neden sen ben...
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My Cruel Wife - Kim Seokjin  by taesthetxc_
My Cruel Wife - Kim Seokjin by ㅡ
"I know you don't love me," the boy said, "but can't you at least get used to me?" ㅡ Where the cruel one is, the girl this time. ㅡ An AU fanfiction...
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Latte Art by lilylent
Latte Artby lilylent
A barista who hates coffee A girl who is holding onto coffee desperately to survive
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The Deep Ocean (Finished) by Violexyaaa
The Deep Ocean (Finished)by Violexya a
She taught that her life was just like the ocean -empty and silent. She taught that someday she will drown in this ocean with her dad pushing her more in and no one to s...
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