HANDCUFFED | TAEKOOK by jiminspiring
jeonju. a city in korea. population : 650,000. "and out of every fucking body, it had to be taehyung." jungkook and taehyung are being investigated because t...
  • kimtaehyung
  • angst
  • taekook
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Rain || BTS x Child reader by KittyBlossomCB
Rain || BTS x Child readerby ✨Your Unnie✨
"The rain brought me sadness, but my happiness was you." One cold rainy night, a baby was left at someones door. That baby is a human, and the mother didn't re...
  • childreader
  • kimtaehyung
  • btsv
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Play With Me | myg by kimchiifriedrice
Play With Me | mygby Klaudia
In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕
  • agustd
  • taehyung
  • btsfanfic
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I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]]  ✔️ by IMSugaWonho
I Ain't Your Mama [[PJM]] ✔️by SugaryWonhoe
Kim Hana replaces her sister as Park Jimin's bride when she runs off with another man cover by: chimchimicorn HIGHEST RANKINGS #1 btsjimin #1 parkjimin #1 kimnamjoon #3...
  • btsarmy
  • jeonjungkook
  • kimnamjoon
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Reply Me Not || Taehyung x Reader by deadly_addictions
Reply Me Not || Taehyung x Readerby 🍍PIRENO🍍
"Do you wanna see bobs and vagena?" "I just choked on my champagne" It was supposed to be your crush's number. How on earth did you end up texting Ki...
  • jimin
  • romance
  • jhope
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Bang! • A BTS Gang FF by skrraaa
Bang! • A BTS Gang FFby aaarrks
When Park Yuna finds herself in a horrifying situation, how will she cope with the consequences? (WARNING : Will contain violence, swearing, and some kinky shit. Have a...
  • hostage
  • bangtan
  • rival
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Texts |Taekook by parqnormal
Texts |Taekookby 🌌💓
'You sent a dick pic yesterday.'
  • yoonmin
  • text
  • fanfiction
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strangest idol ◇ taekook by yoongisdickpics
strangest idol ◇ taekookby も メ て 方 刄
where idol taehyung texts an innocent boy named jungkook about his dick size. ©yoongisdickpics 2018
  • taekook
  • complete
  • bts
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Divorced to Jungkook ✅ by taehyungnation
Divorced to Jungkook ✅by hiatus
"one hundred and nine, I'd pick myself up first before anybody else." © taehyungnation 2018 [Highest Ranking in Fanfiction: #2] - 180913
  • beyondthescene
  • btsarmy
  • bangtanboys
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Out Of All Boys, I HAVE TO LIVE WITH JEON JUNGKOOK?! (completed) by ballisticchild
Out Of All Boys, I HAVE TO LIVE bangtan trash
  • bts
  • youngadult
  • teenromance
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My protective bully~                           (Min Yoongi X Reader) by JiminsMulk
My protective Yoongi’s my MAin man
Why is it he can say and do anything he wants to me, but if someone else dare say something or lay a finger on me he gets so angry....especially if I'm with Jungkook...
  • fanfiction
  • bangtan
  • bully
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Kitties and Cupcakes : pjm ✔️ by Born2beSad
Kitties and Cupcakes : pjm ✔️by 🌙 ~ moonchild ~ 🖤
"Y/n...can I bite you?" Hybrid au, Reader adopts a stray hybrid cat and he helps her out at the bakery she owns Features other members as well Completed 12/25...
  • jimin
  • btsjimin
  • btssuga
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SNS ➵ jeon jungkook au by reganriley
SNS ➵ jeon jungkook auby regan
she didn't know who she was texting. [mature content and themes] ______________________________ Jae is a twenty-one year old Korean-American university student whose lif...
  • jeonjungkook
  • fiction
  • love
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Kitty Comfort by Ace_of_Grace
Kitty Comfortby Ace
(y/n) is convinced by her friend to go get pets together, only they weren't just getting pets but hybrids. (y/n) finds out that going from living alone to living with a...
  • jungkook
  • hoseok
  • bts
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Milkshake Boy | pjm by peachykuk
Milkshake Boy | pjmby Theo
In which a girl who works in a burger joint finds a sudden interest in a customer who always orders only strawberry milkshakes. Best rankings: #1 in btsfanfic - 01/04/19...
  • bangtansonyeondan
  • btsjimin
  • kdrama
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Taken•Bts gang au• by The_unknown_reader12
Taken•Bts gang au•by Yoongi’s wife ❤️
"I don't want anyone else near you." "Why?" "Because your mine." Ranking: #22 in bts
  • btsfanfic
  • fantasy
  • btsgang
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HOUSEMATE - Jeon Jungkook (전 정국) ✔️ by raspberrymerkk
HOUSEMATE - Jeon Jungkook (전 정국) ✔️by ✖️ I S S U E ✖️
"That Jeon guy, he's so commanding." You complain. In which you move in with a hard-headed college student, Jeon Jungkook, and have to suffer until you find a...
  • jin
  • btsv
  • jungkook
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BABY MAMA | pjm by jiminiums
BABY MAMA | pjmby —t
❝i-i have a kid?❞ ©jiminiums started: 230817 ended: 021118 hr: #23 in ff 270818 hr: #1 in bangtan 130518 hr: #1 in parkjimin 190818 hr: #1 in jimin 280818, 191018
  • drama
  • bangtan
  • hoseok
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Mute | Jungkook 18+ by TaeismyTae
Mute | Jungkook 18+by Kookie's Love
"Jungkook she is first love ." Taehyung whispered . " Mine too hyung ." Jungkook said . A tear escaped his eyes . [ Started 25 August 2018 ] [ Ended...
  • rm
  • jhope
  • yoongi
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The Makeup Artist | j.jk by Ichiranramen
The Makeup Artist | j.jkby Everly
"Noona, will you touch my lips?" BTS Jungkook x Reader What do you think would happen if you were the makeup artist of your favorite idol?
  • jimin
  • kdrama
  • kpop
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