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STEPBROTHER |G.D| by wavymarais
just read the book
  • dolan
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  • twins
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The silenced screams by starystar11
The silenced screamsby Star
Maddie Dempsey and Justin Foley were what people thought were the cliche highschool romance, and maybe at first glance they were, but when you look deeper into the story...
  • jessica
  • jeff
  • baker
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If Hannah Baker lived by BellaMurnara1101
If Hannah Baker livedby Titanicgirl
This is the story of Hannah Baker except she lives and she is pregnant with Bryce's baby will she find love and will she get a happy life also please read my titanic fan...
  • baby
  • unlimitedpride
  • zach
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My best friend's crush by AyeeeBitches
My best friend's crushby Anonymous
When Emma's best friend finds out about her new crush, Isabelle try's to get to know him to see what Emma sees in him. But, Isabelle will soon find out she likes her bes...
  • emma
  • bryce
  • crush
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°•Miss Perfect And Mr Handsome•° by bxll13
°•Miss Perfect And Mr Handsome•°by ~belli~^^
Hi loves hope ur okay....I'm just starting to write this book so later on I'll put a desc
  • brya
  • clara
  • teen
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The Calling by localsadgal
The Callingby alisa
What happens when a group of teens from different universes (fandoms) come together to save the world
  • jazzyanne
  • youtube
  • bryce
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Pretending With The Gangster  by Rye_Merald
Pretending With The Gangster by RsMrld_Kpt
"What are you a stripper?" Crop top and shorts stripper agad?! "Judgy much? matino kaya tong suot ko kaya tara na nga baka malate pa tayo ehh" nauna...
  • gangster
  • bryce
  • hate
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You're Different - Scott Reed by theeesecretfangirl
You're Different - Scott Reedby theeesecretfangirl
"You're different. Why do you let them change you?" "You don't get it... they're my team, my family." "Maybe I don't get i...
  • foley
  • justin
  • zach
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Heavens Child (Bbs x reader) (Editing) by NancyCasVill13
Heavens Child (Bbs x reader) ( Nancy
(y/n) your name (f/f) favorite food (f/t) Favorite thing You are 10 years old. You have a huge family. You have 2 sisters and 6 brothers, and 1 unknown sibling. Your bro...
  • mini
  • vanossgaming
  • terrorizer
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School {BBS x READER} by PrincessLuluPumpkin
School {BBS x READER}by PrincessLuluPumpkin
School.....A place where your suppose to feel safe and happy.Well not in this case for Y/N, she is bullied because she does not speak much and is known as a mute.She had...
  • nogla
  • cartoonz
  • delirous
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Just Jessie by wYmMyUsErIsToOlOnG
Just Jessieby wYmMyUsErIsToOlOnG
Bryce's life has been controlled by his father ever since his first day in preschool. Jessie is a mute girl just trying to find somewhere she belongs. Can they both fi...
  • romance
  • mute
  • bryce
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13 Reasons Why | Imagines | Hannah Baker by RyderImperial
13 Reasons Why | Imagines | Ryder
Romantic Imagines & gif series of Hannah Baker from Thirteen reasons why. These imagines are: -Romantic 🌹 -Dark 🌑 It's all mixed so enjoy reading! CHECK OUT MY OTHER...
  • 13
  • reasons
  • funny
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13 Reasons Why by slytherinmember57
13 Reasons Whyby Marine Thirion
Et si... Lors de sa tentative de suicide Hannah Baker avait échouer, et si...les cassettes avait quand même était écouter, et si...Alex et Jessica n'avaient jamais tourn...
  • alex
  • viol
  • hannah
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Kidnapped  by vontmeme
Kidnapped by vontmeme
This story is about delirious getting kidnapped by vanoss and his friends (that's all I'm gonna say if you want to know more then you can read it!)
  • miniladd
  • h2odelirious
  • iamwildcat
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Friday The Game (Cartoonz X Reader) by Mane_Larson
Friday The Game (Cartoonz X Reader)by FanfictionIzGud
(Cover by ??? Probably Ducky.) You're a smart and rich teenage girl who's family hates and ignores her accomplishments. You're the heir to a fashion empire, but want to...
  • stockholm
  • minicat
  • phsycotic
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To Be Loved and To Be In Love by SincerelyDJ
To Be Loved and To Be In Loveby DJ
College is the start of something new. New friends, new hobbies, new surroundings. What will happen when Parker and Sarai take new beginnings to a whole new level? Two b...
  • collegestories
  • taylerholder
  • brycehall
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Sports Imagines by Dukie1540
Sports Imaginesby Maggie
Imagines for all Sports Write for NHL MLB NBA NFL Premier Soccer Bundesliga
  • mlb
  • mitch
  • harper
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Enemies with Benefits | Tayler Holder & Bryce Hall | by una_loca_como_tu
Enemies with Benefits | Tayler una_loca_como_tu
Jade ovalle, a normal teenager living her life. but obviously there has to always be that someone who's in the way. Tayler Holder. the two biggest enemies. but all the e...
  • teenage
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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I was a reason  by PhoebeBott
I was a reason by Phoebe Bott
Bryce's sister who is dating Monty has a perfect life at least that was everybody thinks....
  • bryce
  • monty
  • hannah
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Drunkards for tonight (SwapFell Papyrus (Mutt)  x Jessica) by RubyChanTheGreat
Drunkards for tonight (SwapFell RubyChan
Leaving the Ruins to meet new friends, and find 2 family members, Jessica strides on to win Papyrus' heart, but being a Tsundere makes it hard. Jessica is a cat monster...
  • swapfellsans
  • swapfellpapyrus
  • fellswap
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